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Nokia 9290


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Better than expected


Aug 27, 2003 by MICHAEL JL

Wow! I have to say I expected a bulky brick that was more like a house phone than a cell phone. I was wrong. This phone is slim and not bulky like I thought. Yes it's larger than most phones, but most phones don't allow for wide screen Internet, voice recording, faxing, emailing, video playback, infra red transfer, the list goes on and on.

One of the coolest things is simply the fact that if you have it closed and are on the phone, you can open it and it switches to speaker phone allowing you the option to surf. the battery is amazing too. i have been using it for 3 days and I am still fully charged. the reception on the phone is awesome. I have been told that people thought I was on a land line. I was torn between the Nokia 6800 because it is small, and flips open to become an Internet surfing phone...however the screen is so tiny. I was also contemplating the Treo 270 but the 9290 has a bigger screen and more options as well as a keyboard designed for someone larger than a smurf. I have to say that I obsessed about what to get and have no regrets about getting the 9290. It is the best combonation of a computer and cell phone on the market. If you want more phone and less computer I suggest the 6800 or treo 270..if you want more computer and a better phone get the 9290. oh yeah.I should also include that the retail on the 9290 is more but the eBay retail is less than the others. By far the best bang for your buck. Got mine for $275!! Good luck.



Mar 1, 2003 by Salman Chaudhry

This a great phone,It gets an awesome signal in most areas,I love this phone and how it works,also the only thing I dont like is the size,other than that its GREAT.



May 30, 2003 by TDLicious

What is this phone missing?? Still asking myself that one! Saw the review that said get a small nokia and a PDA - don't agree. Has pretty much anything a pda offers PLUS HTML web surfing, FULL-COLOR screen, microsoft compatible programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook), communicates GREAT with your computer and SIMPLY DOES IT ALL!

Is it small? No! Is it Big? Not when you consider what it does! Great, user-friendly keyboard. Overall operation on ALL applications is a BREEZE! Setting it up for my personal email account was EASY! Five minutes, tops! It has removable 64Meg mini-discs so there is NO LIMIT on memory! Speakerphone (w/5-way conference calling) works GREAT!

Want a True Business Tool that will allow you to sync up seamlessly with your outlook, access your email ANYWHERE, surf the web in color and do everything else imaginable? Well, Nokia's 9290 is as far as you need to go! Nothing yet can remotely touch it! It is a true engineering and technological masterpiece! Well...what are you waiting for? Go and get one!

Nokia 9290


Oct 24, 2002 by T. Lee Horne, III

I am Nokia fan. I have used many Nokia phones my most recent former was a 7160. The 9290 is a logical upgrade. I use the built in cell phone modem feature on the Nokia phones and the interface with Outlook 2000 to turn the Nokia into a PIM, email appliance. I really like being able to receive and send faxes on this phone. It is about the size of cell phones from 3 years ago and I now do not have to carry my Palm nor my laptop on most out of office short trips. For long trips, I still have to bring the Laptop.

If all you need it a phone, this is overkill. If you need a portable office with full communication abilities, this is a great choice. It also has a speaker phone function and you can switch from regular handset held to your ear to speaker phone and back just by opening the clamshell case. The PIM is fully accessible while you are on speaker phone.

Look before you buy it!


Jun 2, 2003 by jmastrol

I had one of these phones briefly after waiting for *so* long to get a Symbian based phone and PDA combination. It was a big disappointment for me. The size, weight, and screen layout did not appeal to me. Battery life was pretty good and it is possible to expand the phone's memory (to add games, utility programs, or expand how much info you can store on it). Transferring data to and from a PC is quite an exercise in patience. The connection is terribly slow through a serial cable. Backing up data on the phone takes too long (IMHO) for the same reason.

If you want a cool gadget, take a look at this phone and see how you'd use it (talk to the back side where it feels like a brick to your head). But do yourself a favor and go see it, use it, test the menus of the PDA .. *before* you shell out a ton of cash.



Nov 7, 2010 by narn3049

constant dropped calls, but it was good for texting

Think of it as a PDA first, phone second.


Jun 23, 2005 by Paul H

OK I want to tell you about my 9290. The 9290 is the best PDA I have ever owned. I said PDA not phone. I have owned a Sharp PDA and a Palm Pilot. The Sharp had Windows CE. It was suppose to be compatible with Word and other Windows products; It wasn’t. Sometimes Word documents would come out gibberish. I should say, most of the time. The Palm was nothing more than a glorified organizer. I never even bothered to hook it up to my PC.
The 9290 does everything a laptop can do except read a CD-Rom. But you can’t call home on our laptop. I have been using MS Office 2003 on my IBM, and the 9290 has not failed to read any Word or Excel Spreadsheet yet. I have made corrections on my 9290 and sent them back into my PC. The Documents come back perfect. I have created Logos with Word 2003. They show up when I read the Documents on the 9290, and they travel back and forth without missing a beat. I think this is amazing because the 9290 runs on a Symbian Platform. And Nokia says that they’re Office is only compatible with Office 95.
Jug heads who say this is a big phone, have warped perception of how small a laptop should be before it should become a phone. I will say I feel self conscious when I sit next to somebody pounding away on their laptop, and I am typing on this little keyboard. But it is so satisfying when I get a phone call. I push a button, start talking, and then keep on typing. I’ll tell you what else is satisfying; when I pick up my PDA laptop, close it, and put it in my ten dollar belt holster from Home Depot. And they have to pack it up in to an expensive padded back pack or leather satchel. That satchel would have paid for my phone and then some.
I think Nokia has taken the PDA to where it should be. Phone or not.

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