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Great Phone, poor Verizon restrictions


Jun 24, 2006 by Misticx


The phone is cool, nice interface, nice stereo sound, though I have an interesting qualm:

Of the 128MB in this Verizon phone:
* 55.43MB is allocated for Applications (Get it now purchases)
{I am using 10% or 5.55MB}
* 55.94MB is allocated for Content Memory.
{I am using 15% or 9.03MB}

Tones: 0/200 (purchased from Get it Now)
FLIX: 2/100
PIX: 45/200


So, now I have a phone, I have to keep for 2 years, and to put it bluntly,
is only a tool for Verizon to make money.

It's unfair that they reserved 90MB for Purchasable content.

**SINCE nothing about this is advertised. The customer is Fooled.

Bulky but gets the job done.


Dec 27, 2006 by adams10462

Pros: Very loud clear speaker phone

easy to operate (find it much easier than the old kyrocera that verizon had a couple years ago)

Has very long battery and talk time life.

can be operated without opening the slider, just press and hold a buton to get it going.

Don't need to have the key lock on because it takes several seconds of holding the button down to do anything

Camera is very clear and has a very bright little LED light for night or dark room shots that actually useful when used at a relative distance.

has a very bright display, though you cant adjust it at all.

has a crazy amount of memory for a phone that cant transfer anything via usb cord.

Cons: No Bluethooth!

Stick up anntena

somewhat bulky

Screensaver comes on too fast and isnt adjustable.

This phone for the most part is a very good comfortable yet bulky phone with alot of nice features and battery life along with verizons usual shenanagins taking the good features out of phones and stripping there personality.

Like so many have siad before me, if you dont like verizon dont buy there stuff! it you do dont whine online about it. Ive had verizon since there were Airtouch cellular and they have almost always had by far the most far reaching coverage of any service. My family has just about all the different carriers and verizons service works beyond all of them.

This phone is as far as Ive heard is only available at Circuit city verizon stores.

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Great Phone


Oct 8, 2006 by jfrehs

I have had over 40 phones this year. The BB 8700g, 3 razrs, slvr, v635, treo 650, etc..so I know phones. This is my first cdma phone. The network restrictions on this handset are it's only setbacks. I have free sites for downloads, and i am unable to use any. I am not used to having to pay for everything on my phone, but since this review is about the phone and not the network, the phone itself is perfect.
Solid Build
Reliable Reception
Loud Audio
Speaker phone is Loud
Beautiful Display-among the best i have seen to date.
Excellent internal memory
Design is different, not your average cheap slider, this looks like money, and feels like money.
Camera and flash rocks, you'd think it was 2 Mega-pixel

You have to pay for everything but the pictures you take!
I live in Youngstown, Ohio so V-cast is not even available here, i have to wait until i get down into Columbus, Ohio.
No B.T.
No External memory, but that would take away from purchasing ring-tones!

Better than what you'd expect.


Sep 21, 2006 by fathafricke

I constantly check this website for new phones and reviews. I was using the LG VX6100 which was a decent phone but my new every two came up so I was looking for another phone. I don't live in a V-cast area so that is really an option that makes much of any difference for me. But I read the reviews of this phone and I wasn't sure. I don't need anything that plays media because I have an iPod so I ended up driving to Circuit City and picking up this phone. So far I am not disappointed. This is my first slider and really the only major con I have is that it didn't come with a belt clip (I use those on my car visor for when I'm driving with speaker phone). The reception has been great and I'm not a picture or video freak so the alloted memory isn't a big deal. I mean this is supposed to be a phone not a swiss army knife. I would recommend this phone to anyone, the screen has great color and is quite a bit larger the the rest I've seen out there that aren't handheld mini computers. Just took me awhile to get used to not being able to hang my phone out of my pocket since it's not a clamshell.

Good phone, too expensive


Sep 12, 2006 by jskrenes

I don't own it, but I work at a Verizon retailer, and have played around with it quite a bit. Here is my rundown:

PROS: great reception, solid design, the absolute best 1-megapixel camera I've seen on a phone to date.

CONS: slightly larger than similar phones, no bluetooth, no memory card slot, very expensive, especially considering its limited features.

If you want an mp3 player for your phone, get the chocolate for less money and put the difference towards a memory card. If you want a high end camera phone, spend the extra money on the samsung 3-megapixel. If you can deal with a slightly out-of-date phone, the LG VX-8300 is also a great alternative.

Solid Build/Outstanding Performance


Jun 8, 2006 by Eliminator

Please bear with me as this will be my first review (although I have been using this site for it's reviews for years). Quick background is that I deal Verizon, so I have access to all the phones and I try and use each one for at least 2 weeks at a time to get a feel for them. No punches pulled, if I go on vacation or travel, they come with if they are in rotation with me. I live in rural area of the ND/MN/Canadian borders so these phones get a workout on reception and battery life...no creampuff city towers with 5 bars of reception for us!

For the phone itself here is what I have found after 2 weeks of use (not a long time, but better than "2 days" I see sometimes here):
Beautiful Screen...best since my Audiovox 9900 (still my benchmark phone for a lot of things!)
Battery Life...I got 8 days of battery life off the first full charge out of the box. I don't live on my phone, but I do talk on it each day. This is better than any phone I've tested out of the box in the last year.
Reception...Outstanding. I had service the entire long weekend including trip to ND/MT border and into Eastern MT. Very hilly terrain with intermittent reception at best. Phone never left me hanging.
Sound...excellent sound from ear piece and stereo speakers, on par with LG VX8100.
Camera...nice and clear (higer end screen helps here). Shots w/flash were very good as well.
Build...I know it wasn't built by Nokia, and it shows. More "solid" feeling than the Nokia 6256i with nice "snap" to the slide function.
I never thought I'd say it, but I liked Nokia's UI better than the new Verizon UI. But as we all know you can't avoid it anymore anyway.
Overall this looks to be an outstanding phone on several levels. Great reception, outstanding battery life and solid build quality w/o the add-ons that Verizon thinks everyone needs. No Bluetooth or expandable memory is fine with me. This phone frankly is the best "phone" I've come across since the Audiovox 9900.

not so comfortable phone


Jun 2, 2006 by harryoberoi

when i saw this phone as a dummy unit i was sure that , it will be a good phone , but after a week when i saw it i was a little upset . from my point view 6256i is a better phone ..

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