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Very Good for Motorla


Nov 18, 2007 by smashme101

I bought this phone for Net10 and I got to say that this phone is the best ive bought for Net10

Camera is very nice
Clear speaker phone
Get signal everywhere
Games are somewhat fun
texting is easy
Long battery life
Price was right
Charger port cover
No visible antenna
Very Durible

Is very easy to scratch
Internet browser is so-so
downloaded ringtones suck

Over all its very nice and I think it was a good buy

I love it!


Sep 2, 2007 by Hello

*Very stylish
*Fast Activation
*Thin and small- fits easily in hand or pocket
*Loud ring tones

*Battery life seems shorter than claimed
*Hard to keep screen smudge-free (I recommend some sort of cover or case)

Overall this phone is great! For me, the experience with tracfone was fast and easy, and the phone itself is great! My friends, who all have very very good phones themselves, were quite impressed with this phone!

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Great Phone


Aug 3, 2007 by dayspassions91

- Stylish and compact (My friends say it looks a bit like a mini-PlayStation Portable when turned sideways)
- Good call reception outdoors
- Bright, vibrant display
- Downloadable ringtones and graphics via web browser
- Built-in VGA camera
- Calculator, stopwatch, alarm clock built-in

- Video not supported due to low memory size
- Subpar call quality indoors
- Ringer is a bit too soft, even at louder volume levels
- Slow web browser, takes forever to load pages
- Keys scratch too easily
- No Bluetooth or infrared (or any connectivity means for that matter)
- No built-in calendar

Bottom Line:
Great for teenagers, the budget-minded, and first-timers. Not as great for everyone else.

Motorola C261 Tracfone, Review from Tucson, AZ


Dec 29, 2006 by calhounbafoone

LOOKS: I'll start out by addressing the shell of this package, its looks. I adore the appearance of this phone. People AROUND me love the way this phone looks. Mine is red, and people think it's a high-class couture phone. I am often asked if it's a SLVR. It's sheik, slim, and modern-looking. Picking the right ringtones also helps with giving positive impression.
COSTS: I bought this phone for $60 at Target, it was an upgrade from my last Tracfone. I already had the Double Minute deal, so my units are 10 cents/min (provided that I purchase the 250/400 unit cards), the texting costs on this phone are 0.3 units to send/recieve, pix messages are 1.00 units to send/recieve. Web access is 0.50 units/min, and is used to send and recieve multimedia messages, pix/sounds. You can purchase ringtones from www.tracfone.com through the C261's web browser. The ringtones ARE recreations, so beware of that.
RECEPTION: Tracfone has excellent coverage, WHILE OUTSIDE. Everywhere! But I have the most DIFFICULT time with the other party telling me I'm breaking up during almost ANY call I'm on while inside a building. Very frustrating. Could be the phone, could be Tracfone. That's where the 4.5 instead of 5.0 rating comes in.
FEATURES: Vibrant screen, cute menu setup, you can even personalize the colors and intensity. There are all the basics, but the missed calls log is a little confusing. It's under 'Received Calls', when it first shows you that you missed a call, it says "0 Unknown." Weird. The camera is actually pretty good; no flash though. You can send texts or pix with a small sound file attached, which is kind of cool. The alarm function is nice, you can set any of your sound/ringtone files to go off instead of that annoying repetitive buzz we all hate, and you can set multiple alarms throughout the day. I just don't play phone games, so I have nothing there.
OVERALL: I researched the C261 heavily before purchasing it, and ended up getting more than expected. Brava.

good for the price, great Cingular Service (Net 10)


Nov 10, 2006 by NocheBoy

Right. So I got the phone a month ago. And I love ot loads over my old VZW samsung a850. to clear up some misconceptions. THIS IS NOT A ACTUAL MOTOROLA PHONE "Per se" for these reasons:
-Animations for gfx are slow and old-gif like
-The startup is also a choppy animation, and does not play the typical scale like song
-the themes are simply gradients, they are not solid colors.

The phone is great though, but You will need a Case, the one net10/tracfone provides SUCKS! I saw a polycarbonate one on ebay, just search c261 and you'll find em'
By The Way, Net 10's c261 will cost about 100 bucks, and isint available in stores typically, but the Tracfone one is and is usually cheaper. GO WITH NET10 YOU WILL BE HAPPIER PAYING 15 CENTS LESS PER MINUTE


Great phone and service and PAYG rates (Net 10's 10 cents, Tracfone's about 25 cents a minute)
Motorola! Love the fact that people will ask me if it's a slvr
You can get free ringtones if you find the Midi's address and point your WAP browser to it

Polycarbonate material that the keys are made of will scratch and marr very easily.
not technically made by motorola.

This phone has never let me down.


Sep 25, 2009 by idesofmarch23

Just starting my 3rd year with the C261. It does everything I need it to do. It doesn't take particularly good pics (not high enough resolution) and the browser is marginal but basic functions are fine. It's cheap and it does the job.

Nicely Pocketable Phone


Jan 11, 2008 by zelenka

The main attraction of this phone is the Tracfone service it goes with and double minutes for the life of the phone. Not that it's a bad phone at all. The RF performance is a bit weak but audio performance is exceptional. The case has a nice rubberized feel to it and the form factor is perfect for pocket carry. The VGA camera is, as usual, only marginally useful but the user interface is simple and intuitive. The slightly domed plastic keys have a much better feel than the printed keyboards on many slim phones.

Good Phone for Net 10


Dec 18, 2007 by Linz0323

I have had this phone for over 6 months. Service is Net 10.

-Good camera (with enough lighting)
-Camera has cool features such as Inverse, Binarize, Contrast, Gray Scale, Cold, Warm, Sunset, Sepia, Emboss, and has different lighting conditions including Sunny, Cloudy, Indoor, Night & Automatic.
-Can be very Loud, when needed.
-Comes with good ringtones.
-Comes with cool games. I think it has the best games I've ever had for a phone.
-Can assign soft keys.
-Can personalize menu.
-Ringer ID & Picture ID.
-Vibrate & Silent Mode.
-Calculator, Alarm, Stop Watch.
-Can personalize. Color Setting, Screen Savers, Can take pictures then set as Wallpaper.
-SIM card.
-T9 for Text Messaging.

-Memory is small.
-Cannot delete icons that come in the picture folder (they take up space/memory)
-When phone is on Silent, Alarm does not sound.
-Phonebook memory is small, cannot assign Picture ID to all entries, if have a lot of entries.
-Does not show date on home/main screen. Has to go through menu to find. (MM/DD/YYYY)
-You need a LOT of lighting to take a good picture with the Camera.

Internet just plain doesn't work


Sep 21, 2007 by Globhead

Motorola claims my phone is defective, but after digging around it turns out a lot of people have that problem. Correct settings and internet plan, but the phone still says the network is down, both Tracfone versions and unbranded phones on another network.

Awesome Phone!


Jan 3, 2007 by WDcisco

Just as good as a SLVR!

Another great phone by Motorola...


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