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Mar 28, 2006 by dagone12

this phone is amazing, the battery life is superb (seeing that I'm on the phone all day), music player is great, camera and camcorder look real nice. i cant complain too much. there are a TON of features on this phone.

the only cons are the fact that i have no clue in how to transfer my pictures and movies to my computer WITHOUT sending them to my sprintpcs on-line album. it would also be nice to have bluetooth but w/e... i don't use that anyways.



Jan 30, 2006 by cutter2668

Im a big fan of Sanyo phones, were it not for sanyo, I would have left sprint long ago.
Ive had the 8100, vm4500, mm7400 for a short time(had to return defective unit and couldnt buy another 7400, bummer)and ofcourse the 7500. I was excited about the 7500 since I sorely missed the 7400 but this changed after I bought it, I quickly realized that the internal lcd screen was of a higher resolution but on a smaller screen than the vm4500 and the 7400, this is my primary reason for returning the 7500 and going back to my trusty vm4500.
Another disappointment is the fact that the great design features of the 7400 were abandoned, the full sized removable faceplate, the size (the 7400 was a perfect size, fits well in the hand, just right).
I would like to choke all the people who call these phones too big or too heavy, you dont know what youre talking about!! Also, the nice raised bezel around the external LCD is missing on the 7500 leaving this area more prone to scratches than the v4500 or the mm7400. Having said this, the 7500 is very comfortable to hold and operate, the keys are raised instead of being recessed and are fit in nice channels that make it easy to hit numbers without keeping your eyes on the keypad though the finish of the menu button and function keys is not as good as the 7400. The 7500 has excellent signal reception, a great speakerphone and the wireless vision is very fast however I found no practical use for it as the screen is too tiny to watch any visual programming and powervision is far too expensive, I wont give up my unlimited vision plan. Furthermore in addition to the higher price for powervision, you have to pay extra for any tv programming which no one in their right mind will do, better off using a broadband connection on your computer. The camera is much improved over previous models.
Final thoughts...had Sanyo incorporated the faceplate of the 7400 into the new 7500 and kept the larger screen of the 7400, they would have a winner

Good Buy


Feb 6, 2006 by EBFoxbat

Much improved over 7400. Traded in a (software) buggy a900 for this.

+Rugged, heavy duty, snap open/shut
+Camera is above average (keep in mind it's still a cell phone)
+Physical Macro lens
+"Send Text when signal is available" feature works almost as soon as signal returns, unlike 7400.
+Screen is bright and sharp and big enough, no matter what other reviews say, the internal screen is not tiny.
+EVDO... it's that great.
+Favorites desktop shortcut can be set to anything, really anything, including specific URLs (must be bookmarked)
+When Ready Link is disable it's out of sight and out of the way.
+GPS can tag pictures with Latitude and Longitude where the pictures was taken... that's just cool.
+Loud, Nextel loud, ringers.
+Supports Sprint Themes... they're cheesey though.
Battery life its fine and is great if GPS is disabled (when disabled GPS is still available for 911 services just not applications)
+Multimedia with EVDO is increadable.
+Stupid Voive Memo feature is tucked out of the way.

-Error 3000 (timeout error) when on the fringe of EVDO coverage. Phone has trouble connecting to old 1x vision when EVDO Power vision isn't available. Tech assured me it was because the system was overloaded from the Super Bowl, I think it's buggy, time will tell.
-Macro Lens switch is a bit trough, must use finger nail.
-External display (while bright and clear) is an irregular shape... rectangular.
-External rubber gets slipery when greesey... dont eat pizza and talk on ur phone.
-Sanyo still lets the volume get too lud for the speaker. At maximum loudness the audio quality is really bad. However the sound is plenty loud enough and high enough quality when backed down one or two settings from max.
-Thick and squat design, but it's the same style as 7300 and 7400.

A good improvement. Still some ways to go but I like it better than the A900.

Best Phone Yet


Dec 18, 2005 by BigTime89

This is the best phone that sanyo has released. I love the themes. There is a huge improvement in signal since the 7400. Sanyo really out did themselves this time.

sanyo 7500


Jan 5, 2006 by THEBEERGUY

Sanyo does it again. I have 2 agree with others that is just a cell phone. If you want all those crazy must have features, you might just wanna carry around a laptop, a camera, a video camera, and a cordless phone. this is the next best thing though. the ev-do works great in some areas. The only thing that i dont like about this phone is the battery life. The battery works good, if you just use the phone, but when you start using the rest of the features, it sucks down the battery. other than that this is an excellent phone. ENJOY!

A True "Guy" Phone


Nov 15, 2008 by K.Midas

I used this phone for my 2 year contract with Sprint and it was a joy. The Sanyo MM7500 was a powerhouse of a phone.


-Built tough. I like the rubber trim for a rough, firm grip. I've dropped this phone countless times and it kept working flawlessly. However, I work in a kitchen and, over time, working with greasy hands will eat away at the adhesive holding the rubber on causing it to slowly but surely peel off.

-The flashlight on this thing is Omega-Bright. I've used the phone's light to work on my car, search for my keys in the dark, blind people. (You know. Stuff that flashlights are important for).

-One of the best 1.3 mp cameras I've seen on a phone and you can use the external screen for a view finder. And video clips aren't bad either.

-Great signal everywhere I go. Nothing less than 3 bars.

-The phone clicks when you open/close it to let you know it's staying open or closed.

-Faceplates (I like the silver one personally)

-Menu interface is easy to navigate

Not too many Cons but here are some

-No bluetooth
-No gps but Google Maps is the fix for that
-No expansion for micro sd
-No 3mm headphone jack

That's about it. Overall a great phone regardless of cons. I recommend it if Sprint still offers it. But if not you can find it online for probably cheap. Thanx for reading.

one of the best phone i have ever owned


Jan 1, 2007 by Christofc7

as i have noted in my previous reviews, i have had 31 differnt phones in the past 4 years. i stuck with this one the longest...about a year and two months. here is why

*as one of the first evdo phones it had a lot of new features and programs made for it.
*phone is VERY durable. i threw it once angrily and put a hole through a wall, but no phone damage...just as an example
*the speaker is so nice, and "OMG" loud. lol.
i could hear it from anywhere.
*accent plates, while not helping the overall look of the phone-you could still add a touch of "you"
*superp signal! hardly ever dropped calls. but did have a few.
*picture quality was that of a 2mp. the pictures were so sharp clean and nice. almost always pict-bridge printable
*lol-pictbridge capable!
*the advanced voice recognition was about flawless!
*standard flashlight feature
*mp3 player-so nice

*no bluetooth-wasnt important when i purchased but it became inportant
*evdo was tempermental sometimes, not wanting to work or suddenly cutting out. this problem decreased over time

overall one of the greatest phones i have ever had. upgrated to the fusic

Great Phone


Dec 10, 2006 by jtusa415

1) Very durable built
2) 1.3 mega pixel camera
3) Good Speaker phone
4) Awesome reception
5) The antenna for once does what it's suppose to do...get better reception
6) Easy menus to follow
7) Fast internet with EVDO
8) Garmin GPS is a PLUS
1) Buttons are small
2) Weak standard battery

I have had this phone for 10 months, and it has been pretty good. The reception is awesome, but the standard battery does not last too long. I recently had to purchase the Sanyo extended battery for the phone. The key pad buttons are a tad small, so if you have big figures this phone may not be fore you. The rubber gaurd around the phone is great. I've dropped at least a hand full of times since I work in construction, and the phone works as good as the day I bought it. I recently used the Garmin GPS 30 day trial application and it works great! Overall it's a great phone. For some reason I don't see many people with it.

Better Than Any Sanyo I've Used!


Jul 21, 2006 by bry1974ny

I purchased this phone a few days ago, this being one of the few phones left over after it's been discontinued (at least from Sprint's website). Previously, I've owned Sanyo's RL-7300 and the MM-7400. The MM-7400 was such a huge improvement over the old RL.

The MM-7500 is again a great improvement from both the 7300->7400 and now the 7400->7500. The main LCD is smaller but it seems of higher-resolution. The "digital" theme is most impressive, the graphics and the fonts used are among the best I've ever seen.


- Awesome rugged design
- Changeable faceplates (blue/silver/red)
- Brilliant blue backlight keys
- Excellent reception
- Excellent call clarity/range
- Excellent speakerphone
- Excellent graphics/user interface
- Great camera capabilities (1.3MP)


- No bluetooth

At this point in time, there are few of these still available in Sprint stores. By the end of this year (4th quarter 2006 or 1st quarter 2007), the even newer MM-7600 will surface, which will most likely promise bluetooth compatibility.

Worth mentioning too is that the phone comes complete with a stereo headset (previously the MM-7400 had only mono compatibility), and also a USB cable is included for you to transfer photos from phone to computer.

In short, this phone is one of the best for Sprint, don't hesitate to buy it! You'll be amazed at the landline-like quality from the earpiece, calls are crystal clear! Reception and battery life are also at the top.

As Sanyos go, it's pretty good


Jul 12, 2006 by DenverBrian

I haven't been much of a Sprint/Sanyo fan over the years - voice quality is usually subpar compared to Samsung models. But, after losing my beloved Samsung A700, I've had to face a choice of either the Samsung A900 (icky battery life) or the Sanyo MM-7500. For the first time in years, I'm going with the Sanyo.

- Small, compact clamshell with a sturdy, positive open/close

- Rubberized grip; no case required to keep in pocket

- Keypad glows in a sexy cobalt blue

- Battery life is quite good

- Easy transfer of Outlook contacts into the phone via USB cable and SnapSync

- Typical Sanyo fuzzy/distorted voice quality; always a perception that the speaker is overdriven and too loud (compared to most phones' absolute clarity)

- Alert icon must be cleared manually via multiple key steps (unless I haven't figured out the "magic" button yet)

- Exterior LCD is small and available options for displaying the time are all needlessly too small

- Limited, boring, crappy default ringers and music (Samsung wins handily on this aspect), and quite difficult to find business-style ringers online

My lost Samsung has been found, so now I have an interesting decision: go back to the A700's excellent voice quality, or stay with the sexier, more compact Sanyo MM-7500. As usual, the cell phone makers never make it easy, as they never create a phone with all the best features.

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