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3g is what u want


Mar 27, 2006 by prodigal13

This phone is definitely a good buy. If you want a practical phone at a good price this is way to go way better than the V557 or V551 for a fraction more. Takes a min or two to get use to navigation from Motorola. once you got it though its cake. Camera and video is great, Just ask the boys on Watchmeslapmyfriends.com website in process. Working with Cingular I see allot of phones this one is what I use.

Fast Fast Fast
Clear calls
Good Pics
Phone still works great out of UMTS markets

No Bluetooth
Mono chrome outer, pointless for pic id's who wants to flip open phone to see pic id.

Great Phone!


Apr 14, 2006 by Justin5117

I have had many phones, and this is one of the best.


- Great Camera 1.3 Megapixel
- Sound Quality is great
- Reception is good
- 3G


- Speakerphone could be louder

But the phone makes up for the cons! A+ 5*****

Ok phone, terrible reception, poor battery life


Jun 8, 2006 by RHPF

Most everyone has already covered all the important things. I just wanted to add my .02.

I have been using a Siemens SX-66 for most of a year now, and while its big and bulky at least it gets decent reception.

This phone has terrible reception, where other phones gets 3-4 bars (up to full), this phone had no reception or 1 bar. The battery life is also extremely poor, on one day not even lasting until bedtime (about a 14 hour day from when I unplugged it).

The IRDA was also moody/picky, and worked sometimes and not others. Overall I was disappointed, so I returned it.

OK Phone


Mar 16, 2006 by Enrique3G

The phones is great looking, and it feels really good in your hand. I love everything about it besides the following:

1.No bluetooth
2.Speakerphone is OK. Not to quiet, but not as loud as the Razor.
3.When watching Cingular Video, you can barely hear it. If you aren't in a room that is absolutely quiet, you wont be able to hear the volume, unless you stick it up to your ear.(which means you wont be able to watch the video)

I bought the phone for the Cingular Video, to keep up on the NCAA tournament, and I'm pretty disappointed in the volume level.

Other than these three things, I love the SD card and MP3 Player, the rotating 1MP camera/video, and the form. Its a beautiful phone.

REALLY GREAT PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mar 19, 2006 by jessarudy

This is one of the best phones ever! I am 15, and I purchased this phone as an upgrade from a Sony Ericsson T237 today, and I am completely satisfied! even though i didn't pay for the streaming video, and STILL don't know how to COMPLETELY work it, I love it, all the same! I do have A FEW pros and cons though...

-cool style
-flash can also be used a a flashlight
-rotating camera is nice
-u can customize the front!
-ringtones are clear as day
-very fast

-" word on LCD display that cannot be deleted....kinda interferes with customized wallpapers
-long delay while opening phone
-video can't be wallpaper
-kinda hard to personalize

but overall, this is a REALLY nice phone!!!

Pretty good, with a few minor annoyances


Mar 10, 2006 by Superguy

Overall, I'd say it's a pretty good phone.

I like the clamshell style and the mono outer screen doesn't bother me. I like having it give me the basic info, and that's it.

Screen's pretty good. However, the clock sits in a big orange strip that has the shadows for the number like a typical LED clock. It's annoying as it makes the time hard to read if you look at it straight on. The orange strip takes up WAY too much space on the screen.

Calls sound pretty good. I think 3G sounds a little clearer than GSM, but that's just me. Speakerphone's a bit quiet. Has a faint "tinniness" when you're talking ... something I hadn't experienced with other phones. Not terrible though, and you get to the point where you don't notice it.

IR works well for moving files to and from the phone from a laptop. Haven't tried the memory card yet.

Camera's decent ... much better than the .3MP cameras most come with. But I think it's a good camera for impromptu moments when you don't have a real camera.

Headphone jack is proprietary. It looks like a mini-USB port that you would plug into a digital camera. So no standard headphones.

Like LG CU320, it seems to want to hold onto a weak 3G signal instead of bouncing over to a stronger GSM signal. I dropped 3 calls on my way back from work. So there are definitely growing pains with 3G. Signal penetration isn't that good indoors either. I live in the Baltimore/Washington area, so the network's been around for a few months.

Keypad feels a little rubbery. Doesn't bother me. However, the middle button brings up the wireless internet, and I don't like that. I don't subscribe ... don't have much need to right now.

Lack of bluetooth can be a drawback if you use BT devices, like headsets. It definitely does lock you into buying specific headsets to fit Samsung's jack.

Overall, it's not a bad phone. It's pretty easy to use and has a lot of nice features. Does some have a few annoying issues, but it's pretty good overall.

Looks Good - Functions Poorly


May 2, 2006 by celnut

The main complaints I have about this phone are:

Battery life is terrible (does not last 1 day)

Does not switch from 3G towers to Non-3G towers quick enough, calls are dropped;

Monochrome sub-lcd display - no picture I.D.

Mic is not loud enough - people always complain they can hardly hear me (never had this problem with my Nokia);

Earpiece volume is average - could be louder;

This phone is getting returned since it does not function well as a phone. Dropped calls, poor volume on mic & earpiece make for unhappy calls.

Absolutely Awesome


Mar 26, 2006 by cpazurek

When it comes to data transfer capabilities this phone is amazing. If you live in one of the 16 areas offering UMTS you will be beyond impressed at the internet speed of this phone

ZX10 < CU320


Mar 22, 2006 by Djanifer9512

My overall impression of the initial Cingular 3G phones (I own the Samsung ZX-10 as well as the LG CU320 in Was/Bal), is that the CU320 is the better phone in more ways than one. After a weeks work of usage with each phone I'm going to compare how one ranks next to the other...

Battery Life - CU320 lasts about 2 days on normal usage w/ BT enabled and in use. The ZX-10 gives you about a day and there is no BT option. ADVANTAGE CU320.

Screen - Both devices have very very nice 262k color screens and are about the same size. PUSH

Speaker Phone - Neither phone sports an awsome speaker phone, but the LG is a little better than the Samsung. The other party can hear you little more clearly, and it's a little louder. ADVANTAGE CU320

Camera - Both devices sport a 1.3MP camera w/flash, however both are fairly underwhelming when it comes to overall picture quality. Compared to the s710a, w600i & 6682m the pictures don't look as nice but they are passable. PUSH

Headset Ports - The Samsung ZX-10 has the same annoying proprietory headset that the e316/e317 supported. This means that the usage of stero headphones is completely out of the question. The LG, on the other hand, has a standard 2.5mm headset port and you CAN use the expansion slot to hold your MP3's and use the phone as your MP3 player (you might want to purchase the stereo headsets that are for the E1 Rokr if you can find them)! ADVANTAGE CU320.

Bluetooth - Since the ZX-10 DOES NOT support BT, it's kind of an unfair comparison, but I think its unfair to have a 3G phone w/o BT. The CU320 supports BT headsets as well as file swapping. ADVANTAGE CU320.

Overall, both phones are solid entries in the Cingular 3G. However the LG CU320 does go the extra step to add BT and the standard 2.5mm headset port for those of us who don't want to purchase a Rokr or Slvr but want an MP player phone. The signal stregnth for 3G for both was fair (WAS/BAL) and the Cingular Video in exeptional even w/o 3G coverage.

interesting phone


Oct 11, 2006 by lil_wayne_1029

This phone is ok, I never really was a big Samsung fan because you cant sign a mp3 as a message alert. But that isnt this phones fault but the manufacturer. This is a 3g phone and I live in a non 3g area so i was not able to really test out the 3g features of the phone because of this. This phone looks really slick and you can really customize the phone.(messages,internal screan.) You can even customize the outter screan with one of three still images(penguins,a analog clock and two other images i cant think of)

1. This is the best 1.3 megapixel camera ive come across in a long time.
2.the customization you can do on this phone is crazy.
4.The look of the phone is different than whats out there.
5.the keypad is large and is easy to type numbers,and to text

1.No bluetooth
2.Cant change the message alert tone to a song but a annoying sound that came from the phone.
3.Cant put a picture u took from the camera on the external LCD
4.The outter Lcd is useless really they should of made this phone into a bar phone or slider.

This phone was ok for me since I got it for free to replace my w600i. But since i couldnt really use the 3g features because I was not in a 3g area it really sucked.

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