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this phone is SOLID!


Jun 19, 2007 by sopasesos

anyone looking for a reliable phone, this is one to keep in mind. i've had this phone for about a year now and i can't complain. no bells and whistles, but it does what it was made to do, and does it well. it's solid, sturdy, has an easy grip, and buttons are easily accessible. the great reception and long battery life make this phone great for the long haul. works great with a headset/earpiece for hands-free use. i also use a data cable to organize my contacts, load midi and picture files, and access my sms text and pic messages from my pc using free third-party software. having a dedicated speakerphone button also comes in handy. i can also do some basic web-browsing while on the bus... catch up on the day's news, sports scores, check email...

-exceptional battery life
-great reception (and that's with the extendable antenna not extended!)

-speakerphone audio clips a bit when set to the highest volume level

remember, this is not a media phone, not a pda phone, not a camera phone... but it wasn't made to be one! this is a functional mobile phone that's made to last. (it's lasted so far...)

Great phone


Nov 16, 2005 by Sprint.

Another awesome Sanyo phone. I personally like the look of the phone. Bar phones have never been very eye appealing no matter who the manufacturer, but the colors work nice and the rubber on the side is definitely a plus. Long battery life and awesome reception as found in all phones from the 4000 to now the 4930. Most definitely continuing as the best line of phones Sprint has carried.

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Love it so far (1 week)


May 16, 2006 by brady47

Great phone. I have had it a week and have only charged it on first night all night and it still shows full battery. I don't talk all that much, maybe 10 calls per day and a few text message alerts from servers, but still that is pretty amazing.

Great Battery Life

Great Reception(one of the only sprint phones I could find with Analog anymore which is still necessary in parts of rural NC I work in)

Very durable feeling, we will see how it holds up. Everything just feels real solid

Great alarm setup-You can set to repeat daily, weekdays only, or specific day of the week. 5 alarms. Each can have a name as well. Not sure if this is common, but no phone I have had yet as had this.

Voice recording - 130 minutes available- wow! You can also record a 'Call Memo' from another party while in a call. very handy if you need to take part numbers or something while on the road. I just say hold on a second, press the button, OK, tell me what part you need. Never seen a phone that does that.

The phone is loud enough(ring and speaker) to use most anywhere.


pretty minor stuff.

I have pressed the voice record button by accident a few times. You can disable the side button, but I do use it so I will live with accidental recordings.

No camera. That is not a must have for me, but it seems like most phones have them now.

Not pretty, but very solid


Nov 3, 2005 by MilesToGo

The 4930 replaces a RL4920 and MM 7400. The MM 7400 was abandoned due to poor battery life. The RL 4920 had good battery life but creaked because the battery did not sit tightly in the handset.

So far the 4930 is able to get a signal in places that the other two phones did not work. (I live in an area in LA that has enough hills to make signal reception tough.) The sound is clear even under these conditions. The speaker phone is quite good and does not have the same distortion issues as the 4920. The speaker on the 4930 is a good alternative to using a headset in the car.

The keypad on the 4930 is a vast improvement over the 4920. It has a nice positive feel to it similar to the MM 7400. Sometimes with the 4920 it was hard to know if I had pressed the keys enough to get right response until it was repeated on screen. The keys on the 4930 are not as slippery as the 4920.

So far, the battery life seems to be excellent even though the phone is on all the time and in use a good part of the day.

Aesthetically, this is not a pretty phone. But, it is very solid and and easy to use. It looks like it will be a good phone for the long haul. It has no camera but can receive downloaded photos through the Sprint picture mail service. Since I was interested in a phone that works well as a phone and has a good battery life, this seems to be the right phone. It's not pretty, but it's very solid and performs well as a phone.



Feb 19, 2006 by Jorin

This phone is in a word, PERFECT! It does exactly what it was designed to do. Its simple and easy to use, yet very functional and ergonomic. The rubber provides not only protection when dropped, but a nice comfortable grip that feels natural in your hand. It does not have a glossy, shiny, paint job over the plastic, but this can be a pro since this keeps scratches a little more hidden.
If you`re thinking rubber sounds very "masculine" or a little too rugged, keep in mind its a fairly thin coat of rubber. Its not going to look like you`re having a conversation with a tire or anything. Which in effect makes it a lot more "attractive."
Bottom line if you`re concerned about looks, this isn`t the phone for you. But I would by no means call this an ugly phone. There is a fine line between durability and visual attractiveness, and in my opinion Sanyo has mastered it with this phone. I`m even going to get this phone for my wife!

Push-to-talk switch too easy to push


Dec 12, 2005 by maylillie

I like everything about this phone except the switch on the side. It is much too easy to push, and it is difficult to pick up the phone without pressing it. When pushed, it activates the record feature.

I suggest a software update with an option to disable the switch.

Almost perfect thing...


Jan 11, 2006 by Voyagers

I've never seen better yet. Don't look very pretty, but doing perfect what it was made for. Easy and simple. Truly definition of mobility.

Just like Timex ....it keeps ringing!!!


Jan 29, 2009 by NatalieFrances

I bought this phone back in 2005 and the battery went out last night for the first time. I love this phone and I refuse to update it for anything. I dislike flip phone and cam phones, but this does the job. I've had the same phone for almost four years which is pretty impressive. I went to Sprint and they said it was the battery so then I went to daydeal.com and for $14.99 w/ free shipping& handling I will soon be nack in business. My local battery sore wanted $39.95 and it was not in stock there. So patience is a virtue, but I must say this is one phone thats been with me through thick and thin quite rugged. Best purchase I ever made cell phone wise. Enjoy!

Sanyo RL-4930


Jul 4, 2008 by lizziemeg

This was my first phone.
Great Speaker phone
Great sound quality
Music ring tones
Voice record
pretty durable
Very customizable

Screen breaks pretty easy (I went through two of these because of screens)
Can't vibrate and have on level 2/3 of volume
No camera
Not great for texting
Keys are kind of spaced

A great phone with a few small problems, not to bad.

Power and Comfort


Sep 29, 2006 by davrob_satx

This phone is just a blast from the past! I've gone through like a hundred cell phones okay maybe not hundred and like 28? or So? From Prime-Co? Or whatever it was before VZW? ATT, then ATT Wireless, then Sprint to TMOBILE, then finally back to PCS again -- and let tell you something only phone I miss is my old first nokia okay second phone! that nasty bar one that just wouldn't die! And the Sanyo 4930 is just that but reborn its strong, its powerful and it doesn't break when you drop like a razor that I had for seven months! I think this phone rocks, and I think what would have made even better is the fact that it came with a stronger battery for 10 hours and not five hours! lol but thats just being piggish -- well anyway this phone rocks it does what it is suppose to do and thats beyond the greatest feature any phone should do! specially in this day and age! But you want your moneys worth and something that'll get you through thick and thin then this phone is for you!!! I know its ugly but beauty is in the eye of the holder ;)

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