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HTC 2125 / 2100 (Faraday)


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Great Phone!


Dec 16, 2005 by sailfish11

Just got the phone yesterday, and I've been enjoying running it through its paces. Obviously I'm still in the 'honeymoon' phase, but I have to say I really like it. I've had the Audiovox 5600 and the MPX220. This phone is an improvement over both. The new OS has a great look and feel. The only problem I've had with it so far is that it conflicts with my work's firewall and won't properly synch. This is a big problem for me (and why I don't give the phone a 5). I hope MS resolves this soon. For now, I have to temporarily turn off the firewall to synch, then turn it back on. By the way, Cingular tech support wouldn't help with my synch issue; they made me call MS. MS made me front $35 for the tech support, which they later agreed to refund since it was a compatibility issue (not my fault).

Great screen! Big and bright
Great reception
Fast OS
Good feel -- size and weight.
Camera is good (for a phone)

Synch issue described earlier
Windows mobile 5.0 still won't synch files
Navigation joystick is small and difficult to maneuver

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The Competent 2125


Feb 12, 2006 by ronr9286t

I moved from the Audiovox 5600 on AT&T through a series of phones, looking for the perfect device for me. I went to a Nokia 9500, then to a Sony Ericsson 910a, and finally to an unlocked Qtek 9100 (HTC Wizard) pocket PC phone. The Wizard was a more data-centric device than the 5600, but I noticed I wasn't using it to surf the web, and rarely used the Wi/Fi. My primary non-phone needs are in e-mail, and the Windows Mobile devices are the best for me with the ability to sync with our Exchange server through ActiveSync. Ultimately, however, my primary, and overwhelming need in a phone is its phone functions. The Pocket-PC form-factor is not ideal for me in making calls. I ended up selling the Wizard, deciding to move back to a phone-centric device. I liked the Windows Smartphone operating system, and I need a GSM phone as I'm frequently out of the US. My carrier is Cingular, chosen for the widest GSM coverage in the US.

I had to choose between a Qtek 8310, the unlocked version of the HTC Tornado (from which the 2125 is derived) or the subsidized Faraday (Cingular 2125). The Qtek is about $450 - $475, and the biggest difference is that it has WiFi. I chose the subsidized 2125, and it was $200 after rebate. My impressions after 2 weeks of use.

The Edge data service offers satisfactory e-mail speeds in syncing with my exchange server, and is OK for the rare Web work that I do on the phone (mostly downloading maps and driving directions when I'm on the road).

Best of all, It's a great phone. Excellent reception in fringe coverage areas, WM for Smartphone 5.0 is feature-rich and easy to use, the calender and contacts are easy to access and use, and the size and form-factor are really ideal for me.

WiFi would be nice, as would touch-screen functionality, but I wouldn't trade the usability of this for either of those features. All-in-all, a well-done to HTC and Cingular.

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Great Phone


Dec 17, 2005 by stuff241

I recently upgraded from a smt5600 to the 2125 and I love it!! Overall I am very pleased with the phone and only have a few complaints with the device. I absolutely love the upgrade to windows mobile 5! The upgrade to a 1.3 mp camera, larger screen, and the added shortcut key are also a nice touch added to the phone.

1.3 mp camera
windows mobile 5
larger screen
added shortcut key
new joystick (instead of that awkward center key on the audiovox)
smart dialer
added T9 settings option for the predictive text

power button sucks
I feel like I'll break the battery cover whenever I have to take it off
miniSD is still under the battery
no flash

overall this is an excellent phone!

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2125 Amazing


Dec 19, 2005 by hutch

Overall this is a great phone. To qualify I have owned the Nokia 6682, and SE W600 in the last couple of weeks. I returned both of them for the 2125. I was worried about the Rf performance but it has been stellar. The power button is hard to tell when it is activated but you will never bump it and turn it off :>)

Good Rf similar to the 6682 not quite as good as the W600, but still very impressive.
Good battery life, Great for a smart phone.
Amazing screen
Quick processor
Easy to unlock

Still in the honeymoon phase I have not found any real problems.


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Must have


Jan 7, 2006 by sammy123

Great phone! Finally got it after it being on back order. Call reception is as good as Sony Ericsson if not better. Great size for a phone with all these features. Screen is as good as any I have ever seen. Traded in my SE W600i for this one. Very happy I did that. Navigation button does take some getting use to. Easy to sync up with Outlook.

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excellent phone for the money!


Dec 22, 2005 by shogunmark

My review of the Cingular 2125 made by HTC!
First off the design of the phone is fantastic, its small and has a huge screen. Has a camera and supports video, just no flash on the camera. Connectivity is great, with bluetooth, IR, and a mini usb port supports miniSD, and has EDGE!
This phone carries the new Microsoft mobile 5.0 and is far better than the old smartphone 2003 OS. The phone is fast with a 200Mhz processor. And since its a smartphone its packed with other features, sms, mms, supports and array of different types of email like pop3, imap, and corporate email. this phone will even let you download your hotmail to your phone! It comes with only 2 games and supports java midlets, however if your getting a smartphone i am sure that games are the last thing on your mind.
The battery life is decent, since the phone has EDGE i use the internet and IM all day so i can quickly drain my battery, however i think that someone who uses the internet and phone calls moderately will have excellent battery life.
Call quality is excellent, i used to think that sony ericsson's had the best call quality until this phone.
Overall i would give this phone a 4.5 out of 5 only for the simple fact that it doesnt have wifi, and no flash for the camera. But highly recommend this phone for someone who is looking for an affordable smartphone with excellent features, this is by far one of the best phones i have ever owned!

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Great Starter Smartfone


Nov 4, 2009 by DoggoneMad

Excellent Smartfone with great functionalities
The OS provides a great platform for support of Pocket MSN and MSN Mobile Home

Great Network Connection (I live in Jamaica)
Large colour screen
Plenty of Apps
Ease of downloaded Apps
Great for MSN Messenger and Hotmail
Great File Management
Good Foto editing

Keys very POOR for ACTIVE Texting (dat's my DOMAIN)
NO Customisation of Phone Categories
NO Application locks
Poor quality speakerphone

I would trade to another brand after one year

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Good Idea, Bad Phone


Dec 20, 2007 by Kellis1

This phone replaced my Motorola MPx 220. I have not been satisfied with this phone from day 1. Its got all the same features, however the arrangement of the buttons make this phone extremely difficult to navigate. It also has very poor reception, this means I could be on the phone driving down the road and dropped calls just keep happening. With the button on the side that activates plane mode, it makes it way to easy for accidental plane mode while the phone rests in my pocket. what this does is turn the phone reception completely off while still allowing you to use the "smart" features of the phone. So I'm moving along through out my day and when I go to check my phone, its "off".... As a business owner with calls from clients being a top priority this is not a good thing. My voicemail does some "fuzzy politics" as well. At times it will indicate that I have a voicemail when in fact I do not. Or it will not display that i have a voice mail when i do. Further more the menu scroll button is a round toggle type button. After accessing the menu you use the navigation button "the button just mention in the previous sentence" to scroll through the options. to access the option you want you simply press directly down on the scroll navigation button, this is stupid. I always end up in the wrong folder because it is hard to "scroll" with out pressing down the button. I HATE this, it wastes so much time. The power button is on top of the phone which is somewhat hard to press. the phone takes way to long to start up, and it does not always start up correctly. Yes this means that it performs horribly upon some start ups and must be restarted to operate normally. the camera is one of the worst I've seen, it does not have a flash and does not do well in low light.

Great windows mobile technology
Good sounding speaker
Long bettery life

Horrible navigational buttons
Overall bad placement of buttons
Slow start up
Bad camera
Poor reception

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2125 Is decent, but I was excecting more.


Jul 23, 2007 by chocolateman85006

It averages out to be a good phone.

Compact smartphone.
Bubble Breaker
Nice camera.
No limit to video recording.
Many programs can be downloaded to it.
CAN do MMS, unlike my former MPx220.
Takes Mini SD cards, which are cheaper.
Windows Media Player plays excellently.

Dropped calls in my house. Whether it's the sim or this phone, who knows?
19MB of internal memory [I always have a memory card, but still..........]
No wi-fi {Blame at&t on that one. It's cousin, the T-Mobile SDA [which is my other line] does.}
Very fickle keypad [I have to tect on it very slowly and ALWAYS lock the keys].
Low battery.
If I get a text, and a song is the rigntone, it goes FOREVER!!!!!!!!

For what it is, it's nice. However, it sucks for what it's not; yet it'll do until I get an 8525 or wing.

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2125 cingular junk


Dec 23, 2006 by bwalke1

where do i begin. if your looking for a phone just to talk on then it's okay, if you don't mind all the drop calls your going to get from cingular despite what there ad claims. if you bought this phone expecting to use all the nice features then your out of luck. would not work with my company email. spent hours on phone with cingular trying to fix this. could get to my hotmail account but could not open any kind of attachments. nothing. phone does not update time when crossing time zones. must reprogram time and date every time the battery is taken out or the phone is turned off. phone calls 911 even when keypad is locked. phone shows no signal strength when wifes cingular phone (not 2125) shows full bars. will not get voice mail or text messages when in different time zone but as soon as i return will get them all at once.this is my third 2125 only because cingular will not let me have any other kind of phone. i even told them i would down grade to the cheapest phone they have. no dice.i could go on and on but all three phones were and are junk. have had phone for 8 months, 256mb card. screen locks up and must pull battery to reset as phone will not turn on or off and this means reseting time and date, again! run, run like the wind away from this phone!

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