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No Kyocera!


Sep 23, 2006 by Wireless Buddy

Kyocera 2235 - Verizon Wireless

This is bad phone. In fact, Kyocera is bad in general.

+ Fun games
+ Blue backlight
+ Attractive looking
+ Cheap

- Poor interface
- Small screen
- Tinny speaker
- Poor call quality
- Screen WILL give out. After a while, the screen will no longer function. It will blank out.
- Ringtones are horrible
- Bad battery life


Stay away from the 2235 and Kyocera!

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Great value for the price


Sep 10, 2002 by Dan Lyons

Overall this is a really good phone. It is quite easy to use and to setup options. I actually customized and setup everything I wanted on the phone on the drive home, in rush hour, with one hand! It is quite easy to use, and is very intuitive. The phone is full of shortcuts and functionality to make it easy to use, and quick to get to the numbers or information that you are after. The blue backlighting is a real eye catcher and makes the phone look much more advanced and stylish than it probably is. Many people have commented on the backlighting. The battery life is also quite good, despite the backlight which comes on a lot. I'm not complaining though.
On the downside is the call quality on the receiving end. I have never had anyone complain about the voice quality when I am making a call, in fact it is quite clear, but many times I have been frustrated with how things sound on my end. Often I have to ask people to repeat what they have said. I am going to try the ear bud to lower interference. Also, the phone does not come with the ear bud, or with the data kit. The ear bud does not cost much, but if you are after extra functionality with the data kit, you will spend much more money. Probably more than it is worth.
In summary, if you are looking for a pretty good phone that is very easy to use, but has lots of tools, and extra functionality that is really usable, this is the phone for you. At first, people were very skeptical about the Kyocera brand, as was I. Since having my phone for a few months now, many of my friends are eying my phone. This phone offers a great deal for the money, I have no regrets about my purchase.

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Neat Phone


Mar 25, 2003 by Nicola leFalquen

My mother owns this phone, and on some occasions, I have borrowed it from her. From what I have experienced, the 2235 has great reception. The sound is crystal clear. Lookswise, this phone is very cute. It is easy to set up, and the menu has nice, easy to read text. It comes with text messaging and can be connected to the web.

This is a nice phone, and though it is not as new as other phones, it is extremely reliable, which is good for a phone. I'd recommend anyone who is thinking of getting a cell phone for the first time to get this one. It's simple, and overall, a great phone.

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Good Phone


Sep 8, 2003 by VashTheStampede

This phone is good for the average user that doesnt mind not having color display and exciting games. While I found it hard to use the web browser on the internet, and some pretty slow and unentertaining games, it has great sound and reception. I have only dropped a call once on it. The sound from the earpeice is loud and clear for both sides. The ring tones are limited but are very loud and easy to here. I highly recommend this phone if all you need it for is to send and receive calls.

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A Great Phone in Digital Mode


Mar 6, 2003 by jmatson

I have now owned (4) Kyocera/Qualcomm phones. (2035, 6035, 2235, 1135) and find that this is the most user friendly Kyocera I have used. The only problem that I encounter is that it has exceptionally poor battery life while operating in an Analog mode. Here is my situation- I manage two stores for a local agent- one happens to be CDMA (Southern Oregon) and the other TDMA (Northern California). When taking this phone into a TDMA market I am using analog and should expect at best 45 minutes of talk time on a fully charged battery. Other phones that have better battery life in analog will include (Nokia 5185, 3285, 3585) or (Audiovox 9100, 9150) or even the Sony Ericsson T206. If battery life is an issue for you as a consumer and you live in a rural area you may want to steer clear of this phone.

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Kyocera 2235--> Rated by a Verizon Sales Rep


Oct 31, 2002 by Jacob Voth

A very nice phone. The backlight is incredible, you can see the display and the keys in the strangest lighting conditions. It is very easy to use and navigate through the menus. The phone is small enough to be comfortable. The voice-activated dialing is nice, especially at this price.
There really isn't anything wrong with this phone. My biggest gripe is accessing the phonebook isn't a 1 button affair. Otherwise, the battery life is OK (not the best, not the worst).
This is a nice phone and works well.

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Exceptional Value!


Jan 23, 2003 by Jessica D

I must give this phone a 5. I am an experienced phone user. I have owned several Audiovox models, Motorola models, and Nokias. This is probably my favorite phone so far. I recently purchased the Motorola v120e which was supposed to be a "fixed" model, it's a piece of junk! So, because Verizon is so easy to deal with and their customer service is awesome, they exchanged it for a new one, it was just as bad. Then they let me get this Kyocera instead, and I am so very happy with it. It is easy to use, set up, hear on, the reception is good, and it even looks cool. My only gripe might be that the phone book isn't as easy to navigate through as some, but it's not enough to truly complain about. Overall this is a great phone and I highly recommend it!

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Solid Features, poor voice quality


Feb 5, 2002 by Brian McNeill

The Kyocera 2235 is the first widely available 3g phone in the United States. On the surface, it is a solid contender with good features including multiple numbers per name, mobile web browsing, great 'indigo' style back lighting, an easy to use user interface, and a solid 'click' to each of the keys.

However, the phone comes up drastically short when it comes to voice quality. Though a conversation can be held, it lacks the 'warmth' found in other phones, and creates a sort of distant effect for both parties. Because this is the only 3g phone available on the Verizon network, it is not yet clear whether this is the fault of the phone, or the underlying network.

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Beware for Blank displays


Jul 31, 2002 by DSM4Life

Very cool color display if you ask me but beware of the display. They sometimes blank out causing the display to just go out even though the phone will still operate. Its an easy fix but the phone has to be opened to do it which most people dont like to do or shouldnt be done cause that VOIDS warrantys.

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Not the phone for a 2 year contract..


Oct 21, 2003 by Ryan2589

I upgraded this phone from a V111 (real old phone) Its been pretty good.. I got a 2 year contract, which is defiently not what you want with this phone. Its does get boring after a while.. And with whats out now its very outdated.

Pros: When in home area the battery is good. Easy to read display. Blue backlight. Easy to use keys. Good reception.. Alarm clock.

Cons: Voicemail alert didn't work. If out of area battery is useless, so not good for traveling. (bring a charger) Got a little rained on, messed the screen up, so keep it far away from any water. After a while the battey life gets lesser b4 you need a charge. Ringers arn't great. Heavy.

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