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One of the best I've seen


Apr 10, 2006 by nimans

I recently purchased this phone after owning a Nokia 6682 which I hated because of the small keys and crappy software. I heard good things about this one.


As a slider phone, it's VERY easy to open with one hand. That comes in handy when driving a manual transmission car. The keys are nice a big, the screen is big and very clear. The menu is easy to use. Speakers are remarkable, Camera is excellent, although I rarely use the camera. Sound is clear.


Voice recognition is rediculuous, Push to Talk feature doesn't work or is hard to setup woth cingular (that's not a phone issue though), the voicemail icon always stays on, even if you erased all messages (again that's a network issue, not aphone issue).

I don't understand why Cingular didn't bring this phone to the US market. It's the best phone I've ever owned.

pretty nice phone, but overpriced for S40


Feb 5, 2006 by mingkee

I got the phone when I was in Hong Kong
the supply is pretty tight
finally I got Hong Kong version, the price is HKD3480 (about $445)
the phone is brown/black, it's fine for me, the finish is in aluminum on front and battery cover
you can't use BL-6C on this phone (no more space under the battery cover)
the reception is standard nokia type, no surprise, nor disappointment
the speaker is pretty loud (stereo), the stereo ringtone/ringsound is pretty cool
the keypad is BIG, pretty easy to navigate and press, but you may have hard time to find 5
the screen is pretty good, the texture of fonts is pretty good, like ClearType, looks pretty real; it's visible pretty well outdoors (another plus)
though it's Chinese ver, T9 is still available when change input language to English, this is easy to use (press * to change word choice, press # to change input method)
it comes with special charge (desktop) stand, and there's a switch on the bottom, if you flip to FM, you can listen radio with internal stereo speaker
it comes with 128MB miniSD card, it should be good for storing couple hundred of pics with 1600x1200 resolution
here are several thing I dont' like on the phone:
1. internal memory: pretty limited (mine has 5-6MB, lower than average for the price range)
2. S40 interface: I think most of nokia users expect 6270 has S60, but since it's 62xx, then the system is S40 (I don't say I don't like S40, but I'd prefer S60 even I pay such price)
3. cam: the pic quality is not good indoors (some noise), but it work pretty good outdoors, even as good as some old models 2MP digicam
4. size: it's BIG when extended (a lot bigger than 6630), probably caused by the high-res screen and big keypad
though there're some flaws, I still like the phone pretty well, but if you'd like to get the phone, you should wait for couple of months till the supply is enough, and the price goes down to under $350

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Nokia 6270, A keeper


Feb 4, 2006 by Ktollstam

Bought the 6270 off the WEB (about $400). Made in Germany with 128mb miniSD card, dark brown color, unlocked. I had been using a 6230 for about 18 months so it was a little hard to get used to the 6270. I have only used the phone a few days so here are some early observations.


The sound quality, display and RF performance are superb. Basic phone functions are solidly Nokia. Excellent Bluetooth implementation. Quad band GSM/EDGE. An "E" is displayed when in an EDGE enabled area. Peppy menus, advanced Series 40 implementation.


The "slider" form takes a bit of getting used to; an acquired taste for sure. Size is a little on the big/thick side, but not too bad. Easily fits in my shirt pocket. It is actually not much bigger than the 6230 when closed. Button in the center of the four way rocker key is hard to get used to.


Music play sounds fine, but the ergonomics are lacking. My biggest complaint is that when listening to a long MP3 file (like a Podcast) if you stop in the middle, the Music Player will not hold the current play position. If you switch to some other function and then go back to the Music Player, the MP3 is queued at the beginning. It is awkward and cumbersome to "fast forward" the MP3 to the desired position in the file.

The Voice Recognition scheme is a total failure. It assigns a speaker independent voice to every entry. It is literally impossible to successfully speak a name and select the proper contact. I don't know what they were thinking when they did this. I wonder if they even tested it. The Voice Recognition in the 6230 is almost flawless, even though you have to record a voice tag.

When you activate the Voice Recognition command, it interferes with the Music Player and Radio. Attempting to access either of these functions gives you a "Not Allowed" error message.

I can see a necessary new software flash on the horizon.

It is human nature to focus on the negative aspects, but this is a great product.

NOKIA at it's BEST


Jan 23, 2006 by Talknshell

I will not be buying another phone for quite some time, this phone is awesome. If anyone has any questions about buying a Nokia 6270 phone please feel free to email me with questions before you purchase if you would like. Talknshell@yahoo.com I will be more than happy to set your mind at ease about some questions you may have before making the choice to buy this phone. I have a 512mb memory card and have 79 full mp3s so far on the phone and still have 190mb left over. The sound quality is great, the calls are crisp and always clear. The quad band lets me get reception when friends can't. It is, as all Nokia's are, very easy to navigate and texting is a breeze. The flash feature Nokia has added is a nice and the 2 mega pixel camera takes crisp pics in nearly any lighting situation. Getting used to the new plug size is a bit different BUT it uses the same size adapter plug as the Nokia 6101 so you can find power adapters for your car easily at most web sites since this phone is so new. I am hoping my Skin site will make a skin for it soon so I will have a protector for the case so it wont get all scratched up on the outer case. I get these at www.skinit.com and also at www.mytego.com For the person who stated in their review that the bluetooth was not connecting right, have you went into the enhancement settings and adjusted that? It could help, you will be really upset if you found out after you part with the phone that this was the reason you weren't able to connect quickly to that function. For the other person who posted that they wished the manual was in English, rather than German, go to NokiaUSA.com and download the manual for free at their site.
So far after having this phone for a month my only CON is that when I put my own games on it with the DKU2 data cable is that they are not the proper size to fit the screen. But with time I WILL figure out how to adjust this out as well if possible.

Money well spent.


Jan 21, 2006 by eisa909

* This phone has the best reception out of all the phones I've used on Cingular's network.

* The sound quality is amazingly clear with great volume too.

* Text messaging is easier than ever, due to the size, shape, and texture of the keys. It's so easy, I can text without looking. Now that says a lot, since it was not easy for me to do on other phones I've used in the past.

* The 3D stereo speakers will blow you away, and you'll never miss a call. The music sounds as if it is coming out of the air and not the phone.

* Camera--2 Mega-pixel- takes crisp, clear photos. It can also can capture an hour of video if you adjust the settings.

* MP3 player with stereo headphones. Now I can listen to mp3s while I'm at work and no one can tell. The stereo headphones that came with the phone are also to be used as a handsfree headset. I love it!

CONS--- I could go on forever talking about the PROs of this fine piece of work.

I used to be the type of person that would buy a phone every 2 months and sell the old. I have a feeling that I'll be keeping this one for a while. This is the best GSM phone I've used so far, and well worth the money.

I Like it


Jan 13, 2006 by Triway

So far I don't have any problems with this phone. I got this as a Xmas present from my boyfriend and it's cool! I like the features that it has since I have been a Nokia fan since 1995. Nokia is a user-friendly phone so I don't have any problems with it as far as usage. I like the quality of the pictures as well since it's 2 megapixel. The only thing is the video, I wish you can record a little bit longer. I got mine from Germany and I wish it had an English version on the manual so I can find out if there's an option for the video... But like I said it's user-friendly and no sweat. Another good thing about it is it's a multi-tasker. Unlike other phones, with this one you can talk and text both at the same time. (I think it's standard on all Nokia phones).

Nice phone! (",)

Nice Phone! It Sucks!


Dec 22, 2005 by Thedeliverator

Great phone with two problems that make it unusable for me: Bluetooth earpiece functionality and Voice Dialing. Neither work well, which is a damn shame, because these two systems, taken together, are how I prefer to interact with my phone. The phone does not trigger the earpiece when an incoming call occurs, leaving me to try and fiddle with the earpiece to transfer the call over while talking on the phone itself with the other hand. Also, and this is the biggie, Voice Dialing has changed from the sensible "record a sound that you want to associate with a given action" to some godawful bastardization where the phone takes its best guess at matching what you said to the actual name of a contact or action that it has in memory.

The actual name.
Of the contact listing.

So if I have two John Smiths, whom I have contact info for under their own names, previously with VD I have simply recorded different voice tags so that one guy is called if I say "John Smith" and the other is called if I say "Jackie-Boy". Simple, right?

The 6270 doesn't do that.

Instead, it produces - automatically! - a voice tag for every contact that, if you play it, sounds like Stephen Hawking. If you have anything other than the actual name in the contact listing, it will spell it out, like "slash" or "work". It will take "Mr. Smith" and pronounce it "merperiod Zmeeth".

To top off this masterpiece of engineering, if it doesn't find an _exact_ match in the voice tag, it will give a list of its best guesses for you to choose from by selecting one on the phone, which in my mind defeats the purpose of voice dialing. Even better, if you don't select one on the phone, it just dials the first one. Which indeed, may not be a phone number at all, but instead might be a command to change profiles.


I've had this phone for 24 hours, and it's going back tomorrow.

Nifty form, great features, etc.





May 4, 2006 by Dman51

I just purchased this phone and it is amazing. This offers everything I could ask for. Awsome way too go.



Nov 8, 2006 by lordtrader

I bought this phone cause of its features. However, I was severely disappointed.

The camera is no better than my RAZR. It kept having a phantom VM indicator. People have said that is cause it is not compatible with many US carrier. My provider, Cingular, could not figure it out. Great people though, I spent hours on the phone with them trying to correct this problem. Video capabilities is non existant. It is suppose to be able to play MP4 and 3GP videos. Forget it. It comes out pixelated or the audio will not play or the audio is delayed. It like watching a badly dubbed kung fu movie. I have tried many programs to convert video, Nokia's own, WinAVI, Xilisoft, and 2 other I can't think of the name right now. Nothing. Same results. The MP3 player works like a charm though. And so does the stereo speakers. Reception for the FM radio is not that good either. Lots of static no matter the station or where I am at.

I have since bought a Nokia N80 and sold this 6270. Couldn't be happier. I wished I would've just shelled out the extra cash in the first place for the N80 and saved myself the headache.

My advice. Save up the few hundred dollars more and get the N80. Or save even more money and wait for the release of the N95.



Oct 31, 2006 by farzin1

I just got this nokia. I previosly had samsung 807. That phone was a piece of ----. I am happy that i sold that phone and I got this one because,

1. Excellent reception
2. Excellent battery life
3. Excellent screen
4. The best audio
5. The best camera for its price
6. The best menu
7. The best style
8. The best graphic
9. The best buttons
10. ****Buy it to see it your self****

1. Are you out of your mind, Its a Nokia. this phone is 10/10

This phone is made pretty solid, very stylish, and for its price you cant find anything that would come evern close to it.
However my next phone is N95.

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