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Had to sen it back


May 18, 2006 by cellmom

Everything about this phone was great... until I wanted to actually talk to some one on the phone. It had a wide fluctuation of signal and dropped calls continually for no reason, something I've never had a problem with before. I contacted both Sony and Cingular, but finally had to return the phone when this problem couldn't be corrected.

Loved all the fun features, like the lights and the 4 different types of caller ID. Would have loved to keep the phone if it only worked as a phone!!

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Great phone cheap.


Mar 11, 2006 by bioret

this is a great phone. right here where i live (west palm beach, florida) the bars are never less than 4 with cingular. so this thing is getting a lot of signal all the time.

bluetooth (very useful)
customizable in every way (cosmetically and in the actual phone)
good looking (not some silver piece of crap)
SE's guided user interface is the BEST

there is only one con and that is that the phone does not seem sturdy and you can actually move the top from the bottom side to side when closed. this irritates me to no end.

ive had this litle thing for 2 weeks and its been great. just so you know, the phone's inside screen does seem to be scratchable by just touching it but then i realized that that was acually a cover that it had on it just be sure to take it off (if you want to) and it will be perfect.

as for the camera button taking pictures of my pocket... it hasnt seem to take pictures of my pocket but instead when im holding the phone. this is very annoying and forces me to hold the phone in a weird way but youll get used to it.

if you have any questions email me at: z520.20.456854@spamgourmet.com

(yes thats my email)

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Love it.


Mar 8, 2006 by powermonkey

This phone is simply amazing for the price. It does have small quirks - backlight duration can't be set and the camera is a bit easy to turn on. Other than that - I've had no problem with it. There was indeed a recall on this model due to software issues - most stores that carried these recieved new, updated z520's near the end of February. Mine is one of the updated models and has yet to give me any grief. Quite honestly I wouldn't have anything else. GREAT reception, camera isn't amazing but DOES have nightshot mode which is quite handy, battery life is insanely good, ringer is loud, bluetooth capabilities (supports headsets, remote desktop control for pc's, file transfer, so on) are excellent.
Putting it simply - I own one and I'm sticking with it after using several others.

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Great (and Solid) Mid-Range Phone


Mar 8, 2006 by fogguy

A most impressive little phone!

Having owned several Nokia's and , most recently, an LG - I really researched this phone before buying.

My primary needs were Bluetooth; with calendar, organizer, and address book that could easily synchronize with my PC.

The generous and bright hi-res screen, long battery life, crystal clear sound - in and out - are all well above industry norms. My decision came down to the Z520 or the Motorola Razor.

I have several friends who have the Razor. We've traveled and tested the phones and the Sony Ericsson has superior audio quality and holds a weak signal FAR better. I am so glad I went with this super solid SE beauty - and I love the back-lit blue keypad. The phone is light, easy to master, and is really well built.

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Almost perfect


Mar 2, 2006 by Eroc

This phone is almost perfect. When we upgraded our Cell One contract to GSM, I went with a RAZR, my wife went with a SE Z500. The error of my ways became apparent within the first day.

We live in rural MN, I could give a plugged nickel about my phone functioning as a camera or MP3 player. I have the appropiate toys for these purposes. I do however, want my phone to work well as a phone.. there's a concept.

The first day, my wife and I are playing with the new phones and she has great signal anywhere in the house. Meanwhile, me an my RAZR are hugging the windows, looking at the deer and trying to make a call.

Two (2) RAZRs later... I could only recieve and make calls if I had a full 5 bars of signal. 4 or less equals "Call Failed". Yes, my wife is calling everyone on her Z500 like its a damn landline. Now, if you live in rural MN, you already know that the only time you are going to get five full bar signal strength is when you strike the cell tower with your car.

So...I've had it. I go to my dealer, he tells me about the Z520. I buy it and it is so apparent the this phone rocks. My RAZR sits there with "Emergency Only" on the screen while I use my Z520 and it sounds like a landline. Hello Moto?... you suck dirty socks.

Now the con... and it seems so silly that it just has to be an oversight given how well the Z520 functions. Yes, it is the damn camera button that everyone is talking about. At first, I thought these people were placing the clamshell phone in there pocket in the open position. Then reality strikes, if the external shutter button is pressed long enough, it will indeed take a picture of your pocket... like over and over again. How can this be?

I still love the reception of this phone for my service area. But the camera thing can and needs to be fixed in a firmware update by Sony Ericsson. If you own this phone, email SE and insist that the make this phone the perfect phone it could be.... Thank you for your support.

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This Phone is the Shiznit


Jan 14, 2006 by sweet_roxy349

First of all, keep in mind that this is a mid-range phone. Its going rate is $99 with a $30 mail in rebate

Anyhow... I read a lot of reviews on this one and decided to try it out. In other reviews things people said to have problems with were reception, easily scratched screen, hard to flip open, can’t change shortcut keys, camera button,…

This is what I have to say about that.

“Reception”: For my area, [Central TX] I have had pretty close to the same reception as I did with my LG C2000. I haven’t had any issues although it is best to avoid touching the loop antenna.
“Easily scratched screen”: When I first got the phone I was like “dang they were right” but after a few days I really looked at it, scratched the corner and realized that it had one of those thin protective covers on it. It was really hard to tell but if you take it off you’ll be fine.
“Hard to flip open”: I am just glad it isn’t flimsy. The hinge is really sturdy which does make it harder to open if you are used to the others but it’s not that bad.
“Can’t change shortcut keys” Whoever wrote that didn’t really explore the settings. You can and it is easy.
“Camera Button” Others said it was too sensitive. Mine is fine, you have to hold it down for it to come on. So it hasn’t taken random pictures in my pocket or anything.

One thing I didn’t like about it was that there was no universal headset jack. There are earphones available that plug in the same place the charger does and of course there is Bluetooth headsets so that is still not that bad.

Things I personally liked,
Good Speaker Phone
Quad Band
Interchangeable Faceplate

FAvoRiTe: The ability to use a data cable [DCU-60] and sync with a computer. Software is available to download for free at www.sonyericsson.com [SE PC Suite 1.7.10] Also if you get software to clip MP3s [like mpClip] you can make your own ringtones and later use Bluetooth to send them to friends for free. [since they are not copywrited]
This phone is awesome.

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Great Phone


Nov 28, 2005 by seowner

Awesome phone, has ever feature you can ask for in a $100 phone and more. The only con i have yet encountered is that using speakerphone while the phone is closed is not possible. And faceplates arent included as said they should be. Besides that, the pixels are low but the phone has every single feature you can ask for. Its just like the razor but $100 cheaper!!

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Amazing! Simply Amazing!


Nov 23, 2005 by lewey_1011

I just received this phone a couple of days ago...A little background on me...I have normally used cell phones for sending/answering calls and that's about it! I use some of the bells and whistles, but those aren't priorities! The last cell I got, I didn't do any research on (I learned a hard lesson as the phone was a Moto T720) So, when it was finally time to "upgrade" I spent a couple of weeks "researching" Cingular flip phones. I had my eyes set on 3 phones...the Nokia 6102, LG C2000, and the Z520! After much deliberation ( and a new/better pricing with rebate than the LG and Nokia via Cingular), I chose the Z520.

I couldn't have picked a better phone! This phone gives you about everything you could ask for without spending hundreds of dollars!

Here goes with what I so far have seen the pros and cons on this phone:


-Excellent build quality with a "sturdy" feel to it!
-Picture cam was good....it's a cellphone what da ya expect!
-Menu layout is intuitive and easy to use!
-Reception...always at full bars and hasn't "dropped" a call as compare to my old Moto which dropped calls a lot!
-Light system...can't say enough but it is way COOL! You'll be talking about your phone to strangers when they see the lights going off!
-Bluetooth...how many other phones offer Bluetooth and be so cheap!
-Ringer is loud and vibrates well so when it's in your pocket...you can def hear/feel it!
-I personally like the Quad antenna...Others may not...but when it's in your jean pocket...and you sit down...it doesn't jab you in the leg like a traditional cell...

-Would have liked to see a bigger font size for the time on the outer screen! Kind of hard to read the time and it darkens way too quick!
-Can't think of any others at the moment...but as I use it more...I'll update if necessary!

Overall...this phone is AWESOME! So glad I picked this phone out! Best phone so far that Cingular has to offer!


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At last, an end to my search. . . .


Oct 21, 2005 by Floobydust

I want information convergence! I travel a lot so want my phone not only to make and receive calls, but keep my calendar, contacts, check e-mail, and sync seamlessly with my pc. I don't need to enter data 99.9% of the time, just read it, so I don't need the bulk and expense of a smartphone. I want these functions in a small, intelligently designed, easy to use package. And the Z520 delivers it! The tactile feel of the keyboard is the best of any phone I've ever used. Menus are well designed and logical. Setup was a breeze since the phone is so configurable - I was up and running on e-mail, internet (AT&T/Cingular) and PC sync in less than an 1/2 hour. In my search for "the phone", I've owned the Nokia 6820, the SE T616, the Siemens SL56, the SE Z500, the Treo 650, and finally the RAZR. The Z520i bests them all and really puts the RAZR to shame (the RAZR may be sexy but the incredibility lame Motorola firmware totally handicaps that phone). I can't say enough good things about this phone.

+ Quadband operation with solid S-E radio.
+ Excellent build quality - lightweight without feeling cheap.
+ Superb keyboard.
+ Intelligent phone book / calendar / e-mail functionality.
+ Great Bluetooth implementation.
+ Highly configurable overall - all the options you need are there.
+ Seamless PC sync.
+ Great voice quality.

- New power connector that is not compatible with earlier Sony accessories.
- Hard to open flip without hitting side buttons.
- Pairing with the Parrot CK3100 not as smooth as previous SE phones.
- Wastes electronic resources on a camera - I would prefer EDGE instead.

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Nice Layout, Feels Great


Oct 20, 2005 by JBK

I have received my unlocked version of the Z520I. Once again SE has landed a nice quality phone, looks sharp, feels nice, and unlike the original Z500 is compact.

+ Audio (music, handset, speaker phone)
+ Fast Processing (Menus, changes, themes)
+ Form Factor (Flip hing tight, wrap antenna)
+ Connectivity (Bluetooth, IR)
+ Video Recording (short but sweet)

- VGA Camera (at this price 1.3 is needed)
- Camera Lens (weak in low light, no flash)

This is a fantastic phone. The features are amazing, with Picture Caller ID on the external display, special light flashing per contact, the phone book menu has been update with TABS for more data per contact. You will want this phone if you can about all the features, for the mobile phone talker with a decent camera. SE has also added their cover style ups, which allow you to customize your phone to your personality or wardrobe.

Phone has been setup to use all features. Carrier Provider Cingular, and yes Media-Net does work. I have completely set up the phone to use every options the provider has.

Rating 4 of 5


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