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I MISS MY Sony Ericsson Z520 / Z525!! GREAT PHONE!!


Oct 24, 2007 by cape178

I had a Sony Ericsson Z525 for about a year with Cingular, and then I switched to a different carrier when my contract was up. Since then, I have had three different cell phones, all good, but nothing can compare with the Sony. The sound quality was always clear, as well as the ringtones. STEREO QUALITY is always what I got. The light effects were very convenient, especially when the phone is on silent mode. . .I could tell it was ringing from across the room.

The all around features, style and signal reception of the phone was more than adequate, and highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a new phone. Even though this an older phone, it lives up to CONTEMPORARY STYLES!!!

Pros: Everything

Cons: It was discontinued! Can only purchase on EBAY

I hate this phone


Oct 18, 2007 by mischief

I bought four of these phones for my business a year and a half ago. Within a year every one of these phones have had severe problems.

In particular, three have problems charging and one has stopped taking a charge altogether. One (mine) has lines across the top half of the display making it impossible to read the top half of the screen. And in one the sim card just stopped working.

In addition to what I consider quality defects, this phone suffers from design defects -- the camera button is located precisely where one normal grabs the phone. A forgivable mistep if the manufacturer had programed a way to lock the camera, but they didn't, so I also have hundreds of pictures of the inside of my pocket and the mirror of my car.

It also bugs me that the main button on the menu is for buying stuff. Something I NEVER (sorry about shouting) use.

Do the people who design these phones every use them?

Finally, I can't replace the phones without paying a $50 per phone deductible for an insurance claim and although the warranties are for one year, the contract with ATT is for two.

One the plus side, the sound is good and the battery life (when it charges) is pretty long.

Are there better options?

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Love this Phone!!!!


Oct 8, 2007 by HAUOLI01

I had this phone and dropped it in the pool and tried to replace it with other phones. But nothing can compare. So I'm going back to my first love! LOL.

This phone has all the features I like: Bluetooth, speakerphone, video, camera, changeable faces, and most of all...I can record and then set them as my ringtone!!! Oh Yes. Not too many phones can do that! I love it. It has many other features that I love and utilize often but those are my top favs!!

-could have a better camera.
-and louder speakerphone.

Best Phone I've ever Used.


Sep 29, 2007 by Sairs

I got this phone when it first came out because of the battery life... Sadly now after many years of service, my phone has died; one too many dropps to the pavement, and into the sink while doing dishes. =(

Reception has always been great.
Battery life is out of this world; I live on my phone talking, texting, sitting on messenger (AIM or Yahoo), and playing games, Taking pics and sending them... The works... And Could still go with out a charge.
Unlike with many phones, the predictive text is very user friendly. Its fast and easy to use.

Tough Phone


Sep 26, 2007 by isanblm1204

I loved this phone! The buttons were large enough that I didn't have to use my fingernail, the calls were clear, and it is one tough little phone!!

Mine got ran over by a car when I sat it on the roof of my car to unlock the door. I forgot about it and drove off while it was still on the roof. Luckily, my backseat passenger saw the phone flying through the air, and we stopped to pick it up ... just as another car came by and ran right over it. :( The only problem with the phone was that the inside screen had white lines on the top half. Other than that, the calls were perfect and everything else was fine. It lasted me almost a year after that before things started to go haywire.

Then, it started dropping calls left and right. I can't say that it was the phone, because my husbands was fine. I think it was just the major trauma :)



Sep 25, 2007 by dnacrelli

This is an okay phone with very good battery life and talk time. However, I have two main issues with this phone:
1) the number of dropped calls and
2) the placement of the camera shutter button. I pick up the phone and I end up taking a picture. I wear it on my belt and move and I end up taking a picture. It seems like all I have to do is look at it and I end up taking a picture. This is VERY annoying. The dropped calls is also an issue that is annoying, and besides; isn't that what a phone is really for- to talk? Otherwise, it is a decent phone with a really bad camera. I am upgrading to another phone as I find myself too annoyed when using it.

nice piece of junk


Jul 17, 2007 by par_slim

bought this phone 4 mos. ago and it got stolen, im happy it did because it actually has this manufacturer's defect wherein it shuts off for no reason at all even if its fully charge. the camera is no good as well compared to my samsung d900 and my nokia n70. its mp3 is useless since it has low memory and is not expandable for that matter because it doesnt have a memory card slot. its backplate doesnt stay on as well. all in all it was very handy and quite nice but bottomline, it was a nice piece of junk!

really, really good phone.


Jun 11, 2007 by popozoow

alright so ive had this phone for a year, but now am upgrading and i am very sad. this phone is really awesome. dont listen to all the crap pepople are talking about it. heres whats up

small & manageable
VERY durable (ive dropped my phone probably
every day since i got it & its been fine
can record ringtones
very customizable-from themes & wallpapers to
shortcuts & profiles
HUGE memory
can choose the light display
not a bad camera by all means

i have to mess around with my phone & charger
just to get a charge
vibrate is weak

this phone isnt for some high tech person. but if you basically just text & call than its perfect.

(and lets remember that the poor reception and what not is becasue of cingular)

Thank God it's disco'd


May 17, 2007 by abcphoneguy

When our Sony Ericsson rep told us about the phone he had very little to say about the actual features of the phone or how good it was...he kept stressing the "You can change the phone's covers" "Custom covers". i got the phone on my employee line and gave it back after 3 days. The menu's suck...the keypad is too close together. Now i know why the custom covers where the only thing good he had to say about it. And the coverage sucked.

Overall - Good Phone!


May 3, 2007 by dcgnco

I have a z520a without the push to talk feature. I have to say that this little phone is the over all best phone I own (I have 3 other phones).

Pro: There are many
1. Size: While not thin this phone is small, light, and easy to carry and hold.
2. Volume: Speaker, ringer, and earpiece volume are nothing but excellent.
3. Features: This phone packs a lot of feature within its small size.

Cons: A few kinks
1. Build quality and Materials: The phone is solid, but the material used are cheap and sub-par. While keys have good tactile feel they do feel like they are going to come off sooner or later.
2. Screen: Small and low quality. Fuzzy image anyone?
3. No edge. While the phone has a fast connection edge would be nice.
4. software giltch here and there. nothing major.

Over all a good and reliable phone. I have retried it for a d807 and the difference between the phones is night and day. The d807 has a better screen, build materials, edge, and a memroy card slot, while the z520a blows it out of the water in every other aspect.
I know use this Phone when I go out of town, because of its reiability and superior battery life.

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