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Fantastic Highly Reccomended


Jul 17, 2006 by deago78

Absolutely a marvel of this age. I have had this phone for about a month now and it is absolutely spectacular.

Brilliant Screen
Awesome Camera
Great Reception
Great Sound Quality from speakers (whether its a song or a voice), Blue tooth, and phone itself
Great Blue tooth Connection

Picsel Viewer:

Awesome extra feature. Allows you to open some of the more popular typed format's on your phone so that you can read them. Such as Microsoft Word documents, and Powerpoint. Very helpful to any business man or student.

Good Speed (going from one screen to another) (also texts send quickly)
Gorgeous Style
Solid design
Strong Slide Action
Buttons are good enough size so that anyone can hit them with out mistyping

Battery Life:

(Some say its bad, but all one has to do to make it good is turn down the LCD brightness a bit. You wont notice that its dimmer, and it will make your battery last for three days with a blue tooth headset connected. I'm not sure about without, but it would definatly be longer) To me thats a spectacular amount of time.

Con's: ( Very few)
Cant Multitask ( Cant listen to Mp3 and text etc.) (This however, may be changed in a newer version of the firmware)
Slow Transfer Rate (Songs take a little longer than i would like to get onto your phone) (Also may be fixed in updated firmware)

As you can see this is a spectacular piece of technology that I would recommend for the traveling business man, busy house wife, or student alike. If you want a fantastic phone that lacks no amount of style while incorporating every top of the line feature of cell phones today, you should consider the d600.

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Samsung SGH-D600 - An Excellent Choice


May 9, 2006 by thenewcingular_chris

So I finally took the leap of faith on this Samsung phone, which looked to be EVERYTHING I could have possibly needed or wanted with a cell phone. And the verdict is in.

-The 2 MP Camera takes EXCELLENT photos during the day; crisp picture quality and brilliant colors make for great prints on 4x6 paper. Night shots are mediocre, unless ample lighting is available.
-The video recorder on board takes amazing videos for a cell phone. The key to it is that they utilize the mp4 format; a high-quality video compression. It also has 3gp available which is the lesser quality for MMS messages.
-Brilliant 262k color screen reproduces images beautifully. No need to say any more.
-I love that you can customize the location of the alpha tag on the screen (top/bottom or off) and that you can change the text type and color.
-The phone includes the Stereo A/V RCA cable; awesome for viewing images/videos on the TV or playing back music via stereo.

-The Voice Clarity feature doesn't seem to affect voice quality at all.

-The slider on the phone seems a little hesitant; meaning when the phone is slid open, it feels like it slips a little. The slider doesn't slip shut, though, and this is only a minor inconvenience. Nothing to write home about.
-The battery seems to need a charge every other day. But, I am using camera, video, bluetooth, and internet functions during my usage. Lowering the LCD helps to save on battery life.

Must Have Accessories
-A Leather Case
-A Car Charger
-A TransFlash Memory Card

The ONLY reason this phone didn't get a perfect 5.0 is because the reception isn't QUITE as good as my Motorola SLVR, but close. Please do NOT allow this to influence your buying decision. The difference is very minimal, and for me, has resulted in a dropped call or two in new areas. But the weird thing is that there are other areas where my MOTO would fade out and this phone doesn't. Who knew?

Anyway, the verdict: I love it. Go buy it. You'll love it, too!!!

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Very nice indeed!


Apr 12, 2006 by bikedogrun

Only a week with the D600, but I'm impressed!

+ Lovely design, classy look - feels right in your hand
+ Excellent Screen
+ Superb speakerphone implementation
+ Great sound using headphones. Amazing sound using the 2 external speakers, like having a mini-boombox!
+ Slider works very well, nice & smooth
+ 1-key speed dial (takes 3 key presses on a Moto to accomplish spped-dialing)
+ Wonderful 2.0 Megapixel Camera. Video capabilities too
+ Can load videos and many, many MP3s on a Transflash/microSD Card (512MB and now 1GB)

o Phone keypad locks automatically when screen blacks-out. Some may like this (prevents keypresses from your pocket) but it should be optional (in my opinion)
o No Airplane/Music Only mode ... in fact, no profiles like Sony Ericsson or Nokia high-end phones
o MP3 Player is limited to 4 Playlists of up to 30 songs. Why? Seems too limiting now that you can put 512MB or 1GB cards in the phone.

I'm liking this phone more and more with greater usage. It looks great, works very well as a phone and just feels right!

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D600 opinions


Dec 28, 2005 by foxuniform

I had a D600 for 5 days now. I am not quite sure how someone could say it is uncomortable to hold in your hands. I just do not understand where that would come from. It is a small phone unlike it's new rival, the Nokia 6270, and is a neat phone to hold. Additionally, mine never freezes or gives any sort of trouble. And I have to add, when you make a call you get the option to switch to speakerphone BEFORE the receiving party answers. You even hear the ringing signal. On at least some Motorola models you do not get this option until AFTER you are connected to the other party. It is standard on Nokias however, and I am glad to see this on the D600. I am a Nokia fan all the way but admittedly I am very pleased with the D600 in most aspects. One main negative I give it is the lack of ability to assign personal (downloaded) tones as message and email tones.It comes with about 6 pre-loaded ones from which you must choose one. It does not creak, and is better constructed than the Nokia 6270's slider mechanism. The slider is very smooth and spring-loaded to just the right tension. Within it's category I have to give it a 4.5 out of 5. That's just my 2 cents.

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Enjoying the phone.


Feb 8, 2006 by Daveheartsrock

I bought this phone in January and haven't had any trouble yet. I was a Motorola fan previous to this phone. My future advice is to never buy a Motorola phone ever.

Pros (most are obvious)
-Sleek design and yet it still feels sturdy

-The quality of the screen. Just amazing.

-Picture quality, I do not have steady hands and it still takes great pictures.

-Mosaic Pics, hard to explain

-Navigation. Menu options move as fast as you do.

-Overall sense of a cool phone. Ladies dig it.

-Charge Time, its faster then I expected.
-MP3 player, with upgrade you can store more then enough music to keep you entertained.

-MP3 Ringers, If your good with a computer, you will never have to pay 1.99 for a ring-tone again. Create your own!

-Easy to use with computer.

-Internet on Cingular, Much harder to get your internet going with cingular then tmobil.

-D-pad problem, the D-pad feels looser then it should be, I'm thinking its because while slid open, there is less support beneath it.

-Placement of lens, I always cover it with my finger cause I am an idiot.

-Charger slot cover, For some reason it occasionally is hard to put it back in place.

-Charging Screen, I'm not sure if I can turn this off but while charging it wont go into "hibernation"

Terrific phone, professional appearance, easy to use, great screen/camera/video, Great speaker phone and I completely recommend spending 400 dollars on this. phone.

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Feb 6, 2006 by rater

This D600 is an awsome phone. Not too many phone out there available with video output. There are soem spec on this webpage that is wrong about this phone though. This phone does have streaming Video, and it does have Custom Image program. Edge technology is also available with D600. This phone have exceptionally outstanding performance compare to all the other Ds in the Samsung D series. I would say that D600 and D500 are the most popular and best features of all the D series.

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D600 Promise so much but didn't deliver


May 28, 2006 by scm9nlj

The D600 technical specs look impressive but there are some major design faults. The phone is good at taking pictures and has good sound quality, but the phone has a very restrictive menu system not allow the user to customer as you would with other makes of phones.

Also is has limited sound play back types only MP3 and MIDI no MMF or any other formats, it also will not allow to change message tones to anything other than the preset ones and in addition to this it is almost impossible to install java programs for mobile phones without paying out to download the software to the phone.

The major drawback to this phone is will not ring and vibrate at the same time, it will vibrate for 10 seconds then start to play a ring-tone which almost immediately end as the call has ended.

Overall disappointing with a phone with such great hardware is let down by a poor and restrictive user interface, and with phone functions added as an after thought.

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Entertaiment and powerful phone


Jan 16, 2006 by TAN7000

I've got this phone for 10 days and I am loving it. It's a good looking phone, looks better in person. Packed-features, good entertainment with camera, mp3, video recorder, wap and games.


+Quad band

+Compact size (easy to hold and slide up)

+Amazing QVGA color screen (well-seen in day and night time, colorful and crisp)

+Good reception ( I can talk without any bar on T-Mobile network)

+Massive built in memory 81 MB

+TV output

+Stereo Bluetooth

+2 MP camera CMOS

+Video recorder quality (CIF 353 x 288)

+Stereo speaker phone

+MP3 player

+MP3 ringtone (you can set it)

+Expansion memory (Micro SD card)

+Keypad is comfortable to use with white back-lighting

+Ringtones are good, hear well in noisy condition and cause it's slide phone, it has two speakers. It's loud and clear (I bought Hi-FI ring-tones from T-Mobile, I love it, 64-chords. It's better than E715 which uses ear-piece as speaker for ring-tone.


-Battery could be better, it lasts for 2-3 days (I missed my Samsung E715, it lasted for 3-4 days, I am a heavy user)

-Bluetooth is not as good as Motorola (make call and connect to phone)

-No FM radio

-No infrared.

*I would recommend it over Nokia and Sony Ericsson about its size and few uncommon features

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I can now forget about Motorola and Nokia


Nov 5, 2005 by MANIAC

Outstanding handset! Everything about it is "PRO"... Except one thing... When I enter into call processing speaker-phone is not accessible until the call is connected and then it is a 2 button procedure to activate it. Tedious for voice mail retrieval and the like.

Aside from that: 2 mega pixel camera w/LED flash; MPEG4 video; MP3 audio; 75 meg shared internal memory; slot; stereo speakers; A TFT display that's HUGE; came with data cable and software... stereo headset... audio/video out put cable kit...

No disappointment here. Had the Black RAZR... Regal handset but sub standard camera and limited memory... Great user interface and Mobile Phone tools worked well... Went to NOKIA 8801... VERY disappointed... Received signal strength issues (Bouncing)and the key board was a miserable failure... Excellent quality materials and craftsmanship added up to an overpriced uncomfortable handset. Saw the D600 come available from one of my vendors and brought it in for R&D... Awesome handset.

It is what it is.

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One of the best phone, it has all the features needed + more


May 5, 2006 by moeali85

i really like the d600 and i will simply give the pros and cons

-2 megapixel camera
-quadband (workd everywhere in this world)
-neat slider
-one of the best screen i have seen yet and it is QVGA
-sweet mp3 player and 3-d stereo loud speakers
-the size of the phone, it is really small
-has a card slot and 90mb internal memory

-screen goes blank after few min which can be kinda annoying
-cannot minimize mp3 player, my sony k750 could have done that
-recpetion is average not great, better than the crappy sonyericsson reception.

the cons for this phone are very minor in this phone and the pros outweigh the cons by a lot.

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