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US Cellular Version


Jul 1, 2006 by skybound77

It has not been 24 hours yet since I changed over to this "newly-offered" phone for USCC. I have yet to have any trouble with it...and I know it's brand new. In this very "rural" area of Iowa where I live, the coverage thus far has been nothing less than outstanding! Not even one dropped call! Nothing less than 2 bars of signal strength out in the open country! Should be a great phone for the next "year" with USCC here in the midwest!



Apr 8, 2006 by Samsung All The Way

Like all Phones it has its problems but the phone is very good and i am very proud of the phone and what it has done for me.
True Tones
Looks Good
Small Intannae
Good Camera (VGA)
Speaker Phone
Picture ID
Low Dropped Calls
Amazing Color Screen
Form Factor
Battery Life (3-4 Days at the most)
Verizon Menus Are Slow And Suck. RED!!!!!!!!
Kinda Wierd to start. in the first month that i had the phone it rebooted itself for no apparent reason 3 times then in the first 2 days 4 straight calls were just dead air.but once you have the phone for a while all of the wierd things completely stop. it hasnt done anything wierd in about 5 months now.

Extremely Underrated.


Feb 12, 2006 by NocheBoy

This Phone Is Really amazing. Based on the average review score, I was not expecting this phone to be good at all. (I was going to get the KX1, but its 3x as much in a store than online, and I really needed the phone) I was Sadly mistaken. The bars are only a minor quirk of being a VZW coustomer. Dont like em? get a new phone.
-nice camera with lots of effects and SFX
colorful screen
-speakerphone works with the phone closed during the call. (this is probably why the mic is on the dir. bottom)
-awesome voicedial!
-pretty good sound quality (In a low. pop. area of CT)
-nice selection of ringtones preloaded
-fairly easy to use UI (b/c its generalized with a majority of VZW phones primaraliy all new samsungs with the exception of the a630)

-A tad bigger than it's "older brother", the a670. This is really odd!
-a670 also had a Color outer screen
-a670 also had 32 megs of mem.
-according to the phone, there is only 4MB of space for anything?!?!

All in All its a great phone for beginners/2nd phone. FYI, THIS PHONE COSTS $10 MORE ONLINE!
IN STORE:$31 (INC. TAX %6)
ONLINE: 40 (TAX? S&H?)


Grrrreat Phone!


Dec 24, 2005 by jump511

I absolutely think this phone is such a great phone for teenagers who are getting their first phone!It has the ringtones, (they are great, what are yall talkin bout??) games, everythang. It's just great. The camera is fabulous, but the thing is, with the Get it now service, it drains the battery, so does the camera if you use it long enough. If you are a business person, this isn't for you, like I said, just great for teens!

Returned after 5 days


Dec 21, 2005 by ShannonRN

As a Verizon customer in rural western NY, I had serious issues with reception on this phone. My previous Nokia would lose a signal only in a select few areas; this Samsung phone repeatedly dropped calls in areas where I used to be able to talk uninterrupted. I had 1 to 2 bars max in areas where I used to hold 3-4 bars. To put it mildly, reception sucked. Speakerphone was useless unless reception was perfect--which of course almost never was. LED displays were nice, had nice quality backgrounds and generally a nice appearance, easy to use, but the camera quality was very poor IMO.

I traded the phone in for a Nokia 6256i, which is an unattractive but much more functional phone for me with much better reception. After all, a mobile phone isn't worth much if you have to sit on top of a cell tower in order to use it.

Good Simple Phone


Oct 5, 2005 by sjung

1. loud ringer
2. light in weight
3. small font size
- you can see most/or even all of the menu options on the screen w/o scrolling down
- when receiving long text messages, you can read most of it on one screen w/o scrolling down
4. speaker phone actually worked really great. people can hear me clearly and i can hear their voice crisp as well.
5. battery life is good

1. ugly red bar on top and bottom
2. hard to see front display in sunlight
3. camera quality not great
4. there's picture id, but you have to store them inside your gallery, and there's only up to 35 allowed

Overall, i've decided that i'm going to keep this phone. I got it for a good price and it's appealing lookwise and also appealing with the simple functions that work well. The camera not being of good quality is no big deal to me.

Metro's got a winner


Jul 2, 2006 by muchdrama

Just purchased this handset for my brother this past weekend...the phone is currently on MetroPCS's network:


--Very lightweight...I was surprised by this...but still screwed together very well.

--Good solid flip mechanism...opens and closes very easily with no hinge travel.

--Clear, easy to read Samsung menu and graphical interface...just another example of Samsung ingenuity.

--This phone is on MetroPCS's all digital CDMA network in South Florida...they've improved to the point where they're a viable alternative to the big guns. Nice, clear signal. Holds a signal well.


--Honestly? The interior display's of STN design...so it looks a little washed out. And the exterior display should be color as well.

--The camera is only VGA...it could be better.

Other than that, another excellent Samsung CDMA phone. And one you can't go wrong with on Metro's network. I'd recommend it.

It's ok...


Oct 26, 2005 by futuresealsniper

Just got this off of the internet sale for $50. I've had it for about a day and am not sure I'm gonna keep it.

-The menu is ok to use. You sort of have to get used to it but not too bad once you do.
-Wallpapers are decent. There's about 9 of them I think and they're not too bad.
-Speakerphone, haven't used it yet. Will report back later.
-Camera, Never really needed one or wanted one but since it's there...took a couple of pics and it is definately bad quality. Good if you absolutely need a pic, but don't count on it being really good.
-External display, decent. Black and white so factor that in. You can hold down on the volume button on the side for 1-2 seconds and it will light up. This is a big plus for me since I like being able to see the person who's calling before I flip it open and answer it.
-Inside screen, decent also. Nothing to write home about but pretty good.
-Ringer ID, a nice feature. Also picture ID but I wouldn't use it since I can't see it til I open the phone anyway. Ringer ID though is nice for a significant other, etc. for whom you'd know if you felt like talking to or not (or for an annoying friend, ha)

Now, with all these good things I've written about it, it's not quite enough for me to keep it only because...
-Call quality, not the greatest. Previously I have been using a Samsung SCH-411 (olllld phone, back in Airtouch times) which you can look up on the internet for a pic and see how old it is. The 411 would pick up a STRONG signal without even the antenna being raised in most places. And even then, I could raise the antenna and hear anybody just fine.
With this phone though, it has a hard time getting good reception in even the strongest places. And there's nothing you can do about it since the antenna is non-extendable.

All in all, it's a decent phone I suppose. But the call quality (which is a phone's #1 job) is lacking. So I'm still on the fence about keeping it. Right now, I'm thinking about trading it in for an A670.

A Great Deal


Nov 29, 2005 by maliss

I just recently purchased this phone from my company and I love it.
I don't understand what the dissapointment is about. The picture quality is excellent. You can't expect it to be a professional digital camera for National Geographic. Making expectations so high puts any phone at the bottom.
The sound and reception is superb. I've never dropped a call in the 3 months I've owned it. The LCD display is bright and vibrant. It attracts and appeals.
I'm a Sales Rep with Verizon Wireless and the Assistant Manager of a Kiosk in the local mall and I've sold over 25 of these phone in just the past month.
I'm dissapointed to hear that so many people dispell the phone when it works wonders for me. For a 300 dollar phone, 125 on a new 2 year agreement, it's excellent. You can't expect it to be the next big LG 9600...
You're just ignorant if you think that....



Dec 4, 2011 by phonescoop7

The ringer randomly turns to 'All Silent' no matter what setting you have it on: low, med, high. With the ringer off, it's unacceptable. Someone else stated the same problem in another review.

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