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I just feel like defending Kyocera.


Feb 5, 2006 by ihatetmobile4life

These Cricket and Jump Mobile phones are not going to have the features of a RAZR, A900, or Treo 650. But for the price, you do get a lot of features. A lot of people seem to post reviews bashing the phones for what they lack. You will get more features with an entry level Kyocera, then any other brand of entry level phones. Look at the $200 Moto's and Nokia's, the Samsung's and others. I still love using Kyocera over any other kind of phone.

Go buy an Entry level Nokia. You will get a Voice Only phone in a basic bar style. You should not judge a perfectly good phone based on the features it lacks. For the price, you get a lot. Look all over this site and see the price-to-feature radio's. Kyocera has the best of any phone I have seen before.

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Just one phone or a design flaw


Sep 12, 2005 by limopete

I am using a Dorado phone while my Motorola V180 is sidelined. I notice that the key response time is verrrrrrrrry slow. I can enter a seven or ten digit number and the digits will not appear on the screen, often until after I have entered them all. Many commands respond just as slowly. In the area of 'ending' calls this slowed response can lead to call times running past one minute or whole minutes into the next {{billable}} seconds. On a positive note, the speaker phone feature is excellent, to the level that I do not need a headset when working at my computer. This is better than having to keep the headset mic in alignment with my mouth. Familiarizing myself with the different key locations and function variations is always a challenge from one phone to Quallcom/Kyocera seems a bit more varied than moving from Nokia to Motorola. I work dispatching for a cab company and the slower key response times add a bit of stress to a very high stress job and have, on occasion led to missed calls, leading to missed revenue.It is distinctly possible that this may be peculiar to a single phone. I hope I can find another Dorado to experiment on, because I am ready to switch carriers and phones and this WILL be a determining factor. Excuse spelling errors. The spell check doesn't seem to have an 'ignore' position.( chuckle)

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Dec 10, 2005 by deluxe_498

ok so ive had this phone for about a month and it has been awsome. Even though it does have some problems i still love it. for example the battery life is very short. and punching in somthing takes a couple seconds. But even though these problems are present i would still recommmend this phone to everyone.

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Dec 2, 2005 by sum1special313

I have a Dorado, and it's a piece of junk. It has slow key response time. When I try to hang up I have to push the button a million times. Also, I had to go out and spend 20 bucks on getting a better internal anntenae. I've had problems with receiving and sending text messages that were due to the phone. I called my carrier six times to report the problem before we decided it was just the phone. Not only that, but the sound on the phone when out. I've only had it a few months and it's not used very often, so having so many problems is really annoying. I love my carrier, but frankly, the phone is horrible, and I'm not willing to waste more money on another kyocera phone. This is kind of a negative review, but if you are looking at buying a new phone, don't get the Dorado. It is one of the cheapest but you'll just end up paying twice as much down the line.

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Poor Quality


Sep 29, 2007 by pablo423

I know who had this phone with REVOL as there service provider. REVOL is Cleveland Unlimited cell phone service. She had this for one year and the sound stop thing that worked was the vibrate feature.I recommend do not get this phone it is very cheap!

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Good Enough


Aug 16, 2006 by chanakmx

Overall, a basic phone with some nice extras, voice recognition etc.

Slow response time across all the functionalities in the phone, searching, editing, deleting. Phone seems to take 3-4 seconds before responding to any command.

Oddly, when creating a new text message - if you pull up addresses from the "recent list" you can enter the first letter of the desired name from the list - and the phone inserts that contact into the address field. However, if you choose from the regular phone contacts to complete the text address field. - this functionality doesn't exist. So, you are left to click through the entries one by one. I find that odd - because if you are simply wanting to locate a number to call via the contacts in your phone book - it is simply a matter of entering the list few letters of the name desired.


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i had this phone


May 13, 2006 by matt1018

i got this phone about 2 and a half weeks ago. i took it home from cricket, it was ok, kinda slow. everything lagged. i figured it would ware off in a bit. no it didnt. it got slower everyday. and i started having texting problems, so i took it in for a phone "evaluation" so they looked it over, fixed it, it was working worse. so the next day i call tech support complain, they tell me take it to the store get a replacement. so i hang up with them, and i look at my phone, "searching..." i lost all my siginal! so i wait till later, and i go to the cricket store, i tell them the problems, about rip there eyes out. they come out from the back with a utstarcom cdm-7000 (audiovox cdm-105) so they give me that. it works fine, no lag time, screen may be a little small, but compared to the dorado its a exellent phone.

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???????????? O.k


Apr 26, 2006 by jayjigga

I personally think they should had never came out with this phone it's tooooooooooo slow for anybody to use this is 2006 not 1806!!!! but I guest a phone is a phone (sike!)

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Slow, but steady


Apr 5, 2006 by ambr2mom

I have had 2 of the same phone, the Dorado, and both of them are very slow to recognize that I have punched in a phone number or letter. But otherwise, its an ok phone.

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Dec 24, 2005 by themattcause80

I have owned many cellphones over the years, ranging from basic entry-level models (Kyocera Phantom) to high end models such as the Motoroloa V710.

This is by far the most unresponsive phone I have ever owned. At first, I thought maybe I purchased a defective unit, however, based on information I have read on line and a confession by my provider, this is typical of this phone. Slow key entry response, menus that take 4-5 seconds after pressing the button to open, calls that take 5-6 seconds to end, after pressing the button and a key lock that takes several seconds to de-activate after performing the procedure to do so.

Usually while writing a text, the response time is halfway decent, but still leaves a bit to be desired. Sometimes the text function will start to lag like the rest of the phone, which is quite frusterating.

Battery life is average for a phone of this category. It does significantly better than my V710 in that regard. Some of the options are in odd places such as deleting text messages which is buried at the very bottom of the message menu. When you open up a message and select the options, it has an "erase" option, for that particular message, but there is not "delete all" option here, like my V710 had.

Ringtones packaged with Kyocera phones in general are awful and not loud enough. My V710 gave me many good ringtones (that you can hear from across the hall or downstairs) and allowed me to use ringtones as alerts for voicemail and text arrivals, while the Kyocera has a seperate (even worse) category of options for alerts that are very hard to hear.

I would recommend this phone for a low-end, recreational user that does not mind a sluggish phone that retails for a low price. It holds calls well and gets decent reception. It can handle most of your needs, just not quickly. However, anyone that relies of their phone for business and expects a high level of sophisticated and customizable options and quick response, should look elsewhere.

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