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Blackberry 7130e Verizon


Dec 3, 2005 by 7130e_bb

Outstanding, just about! The new 7130e from verizon is pretty awesome except for one minor thing, voice dialing. If the phone had that it would be the ultimate phone. For me I have been suffering for the last 6 months with a samsung i-600. While the pda function of the phone was pretty good, sync problems plagued it much like most other microsoft devices requiring Active sync. The other major issue was the mic level. So the first things tried out on the new 7130e were the mic gain level, Very loud. People had to turn down their speakers... PDA function works great. Not one syne issue and I interface with two pc's, one at work and one at home. The sync can be controlled as to not import my work calendar into my home email, just my contacts or what ever items you choose. There were a few issues that I did run into with the bluetooth. At first I was unclear as to the issue residing on the phone side or the jabra 250v headset. The first headset was exhibiting crackling sounds and pops. The sounds could not be heard by others only me. I promptly bought another as I really liked the look and feel of that headset. Same issue. I then tried out a different manufacture to identify if it was just a brand issue. Sure enough the Jabra250v headset wasn't compatible with my new phone... strange as it may seem, the plantronics worked great. The first plantronics was the 2500-however i returned as it was too lose on my ear and picked up the new voyager 510 model. This one is a bit newer with longer life and better fit. Sync worked perfect and no pops or hisses. Back to the phone, the email pushing works flawlessly, I query 3 pop accounts and they all stream in as email comes into the box. The delay time I would estimate to be about 3-5 minutes... If you are just getting into blackberry style there is some conversion time only the keyboard layout from a traditional phone, however 5 days and you're good. So in summary, 4.5 with -.5 for the lack of voice dialing. ps Internet speed is fast!

See ya treo


Dec 3, 2005 by junior1790

I'm new to the Blackberry world and don't know how I've gone without. I have been a loyal treo user but got too fed with it's constant "quirks". My coworkers all swear by there BB and I always thought they were crazy until I picked up a 7130. Some quick pro's are the absolute seamless e-mail setup compared to the treo, those who have one know what I mean. It's difficult to explain but the overall usability is outstanding. The "suretype" is a bit cumbersome at first but once you adapt it's a great feature. Battery life is above average and you will find all the "standard" cell phone features, bluetooth, etc... The only cons that I can come up with so far are no infrared, not a big deal. The biggest con may be if RIM losses there ability to operate in the states and kills our service, I guess we'll see. Overall I would say this BB is a definite winner...

Worth Your Money!


Apr 3, 2006 by average joe

This device is far better than the prior models. I did panic, initially, because I could not read it in direct sunlight, and I almost returned it. After playing around and changing the "theme" to a white background and usage of bold fonts, it then became acceptable viewing (though it could be a little better, nonetheless). Browsing with EVDO rules, because it's fast! When indoors or at night, the screen offers beautiful, crisp resolution. The narrower footprint is far better for how it fits in the hand! Suretype is just fine, don't let that scare you off- it's just RIM's version of a T-9 logic for those heavy text message users out there. The middle "short cut" key can be for whatever you choose it to be and is very appreciated! Also, I like being able to move icons around by order of importance (I'm not sure if older models allowed for that). Being able to immediately jump into the phone feature, regardless of where you're at, by simply pushing the green button is very appreciated. If you want to really love this model, make sure you spend some time in the "help" application- it's worth your while. PROS: 1. Very cool looking 2. Fits in your hand much more comfortable 3. The green button on the upper left and the white shortcut button in the middle left make for wonderful speed keys 4. The screen, in indoor or nighttime lighting is very nice quality resolution 5. Much more phone friendly- like they intended it to be CONS: 1. Even after changing themes, it's not ideal for reading in direct sunlight (rumor has it Cingular's 8000 series has better sunlight resolution) 2. It doesn't ship with even a cheaper plastic stand to keep it upright 3. Getting occasional "data connection" issues where my mail and browser wont work, and it's frustrating. 4. Speaker phone needs to be a little louder- like when in your car. 5. My Motorola blue tooth disconnects a lot, & it didn't with my Nextel BB. 6. 3-Way calls don't show both of the other parties names on your screen.

BlackBerry 7130 - A winner for Verizon!


Nov 29, 2005 by TheDodger

I picked up the new 7130 today, after finding a friendly sales rep at the store, and convincing him to sell it to me early (the official in-store release date is 12/1).

Overall, Verizon and RIM have done an excellent job. I had the T-mobile version of this phone/PDA, and I think this version is better. It is slightly thicker than the 7100, but still has an excellent feel in the hand. It feels sturdy, dense. The screen is bright and excellent. The keys have a solid click to them -- much better than the 7100. The overall functionality is similar, which is to say very good. Verizon has not burdened this or limited the software -- all the normal BB stuff seems to be there.

The biggest plus the EVDO network capability -- in a word, GREAT! At my house, where I get a basic EVDO service level, it was still very fast. I'm eager to try it in the city or on the road. I will also try the tethered capability at some time too.

I was thinking about the Treo700W/Motorola Q, but I'm worried about the first run of a Windows Mobile device. RIM/BB may not have all the Windows bells and whistles, but the basic phone and messaging functionality is awesome.

The bottom line: The 7130 is a winner!

* EVDO!!!
* Great form factor
* Balance between phone and PDA functionality
* Did I say EVDO?

* User manual is not helpful. Make sure you set up the e-mails, etc. very carefully.
* No voice dialing.

Sweet phone


Dec 14, 2005 by danellis

Pro's Solid ; I drop these things alot
Non Geeky looking : no geeky computer keyboard or stylus.
Easy to operate when you're drinking a beer and driving heavy equipment with one hand.
Keyboard works well and fast. takes a couple of days to master.
Cool factor ~ High brushed stainless/ grey and black. Nice!
Fast Internet works great. I use it mainly as a phone and use Google on the go. It's been what I've wanted for years.
Verizon offers a 15 day trial. I'd recommend it. This keyboard works; trying to type on a numeric cellphone is a joke.
NO camera 2mp would've been nice
No built in Apple Nano / 1000 mp3's would've been nice. I'm tired of dragging around my IPOD.
No Voice recorder.
$45 bones a month for the ev-do.aaargh

Couple annoyances from a first time blackberry user


Dec 13, 2005 by kusellout

Let me say that I tried the Treo 650 back when it was released on Verizon and the thing had too many bugs so I returned it. This phone has lived up better to my expectations, including the EVDO tethering option. However, Verizon needs to give their employees better product knowledge to keep people like me from buying a phone and then returning it because it doesn't do what they said.

The BB feels MUCH better up to my ear than the Treo did. The BB is also lighter, and sits in my pocket easier. The phone quality and ease of use is much better than a Treo. However, as a PDA, it has it's limitations. I don't like how you can't set it for auto-keylock, so I sometimes end up pressing buttons in my pocket by mistake. I also hate how you can't have multiple SENT FROM email accounts. I'm currently checking three different email accounts but when I reply, the SENT FROM is always the same. I wish BB would enhance this.

Otherwise, the phone is great. My only two complaints are the SENT FROM and keylock, which I think are PDA/Phone 101, but BB left it out. Oh well...

Absolutely Wonderfull!


Dec 8, 2005 by scrobert

This phone is absolutely one of the best phone/pda units that I have ever used! The suretype technology is great once you get used to it! The speaker phone is decent, it could have been a little bit louder. Overall, just simply outstanding! One little piece of advice before you take back your bluetooth headset, check the bluetooth settings on the phone for your specific headset (after it has been paired). If you change the encryption setting to none and change the trusted device to yes, it should eliminate any sound quality issues. The only major drawback to this phone is that there is no voice dial. Other than that, definitely worth every penny!

Great Device


Mar 22, 2009 by tlk2me

I really enjoy this phone it does all I need it to do. Feels solid. Email is blackberry awesome. Battery life is wonderful beside other pda's and smartphones on the market lately.

It doesn't have a camera or instant messaging application but that's okay I don't need either. I've wanted this since it debuted and am happy with it now that I have it. Have tried others but still come back to this phone.

I really liked this phone


Oct 21, 2008 by JazmineJade

Ok I got this phone off of eBay amd it was outstanding from the start. The texting was very easy to learn. Its lightwieght and great for the working people.

Nicely placed buttons
Bright screen
easy texting
Ok battery life
Loud alarm
There was alot of ringtones
nice scrolling thing on the side

When you click the scroll wheel, it sometimes moves



May 31, 2007 by monkey1113

I have had four of these models all ended up having the same issues. First they start hard resetting ( turning off and then cycling back on) then once that happens i have issues with dropping calls, unit locking up, blue-tooth issues. I am with Verizon in the Atlanta area and am currently trying to get it replaced with another model Blackberry.

Keyboard - Sure-type works well very fast
Battery Life

Hard Resets Frequently
Occasional echo ( Blue-tooth and Handheld)

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