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LG AX-4270 / VX-4270


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Can't Fight This Feeling


Sep 25, 2006 by GravityFails

I've got three basic requirements when it comes to reviewing a clamshell phone.

The first, predictably, is that it must work well as a phone. You know, does it draw a good signal, can I hear and be heard clearly, things like that. If so, that's half the battle right there.

The second, and this is a bigger deal than you might think, is quality of construction. If a phone creaks and rattles when I pick it up, I know it's not going to get much use. If there's play in the hinge with the flip closed, you can forget it. There's ten things in life that I can't stand--a kick in the 'nads and a squeaky phone are high on the list.

The third is that it must have an LCD external screen. Not one of those fancy-pants color deals, like on the Razr and the E815, but something that I can see without having to press a button to light it up. A color external screen on a phone is less useful than nipples on a Frisbee, and I like to keep things as functional as possible.

The LG AX4270 not only meets these criteria, it elbows them in the chops and steals their lunch money. For such an unassuming little device, it sports more attitude than Theo Fleury on a bender.


+ Great reception, never loses a signal in my low-RF area
+ Good stand-by battery life, unlike certain other CDMA phones that I've used
+ Solid, creak-free construction
+ Clear earpiece
+ Missing the annoying charger port cover/door of which LG seems so fond
+ Grayscale LCD external screen


- Like most LGs, you can't use the speakerphone with the flip closed
- No customization of soft keys and directional buttons
- Screen not as sharp as other 65k STN screens that I've seen

I had to reach for the cons, because the phone does what I want it to do. It's solid and supremely functional, and has renewed my faith in one of the mobile industry's perennial Little Guys.



Nov 7, 2006 by nippy316

Best phone I have ever had (I've had about 7 in 5 years). If you're looking for simple and convenient, get this. Its AMAZINGLY durable. I put mine through a washing machine load and it survived after drying out. I especially recommend it for older people who get confused by all the options and technology out there. BUY IT.



Jun 14, 2006 by wwarren92

Hi, this is not my phone, but it is my grandfathers. He is 82, and is in assisted living. he wanted a cell instead of a land, so we added him to our plan. He needed a LOUD phone, so we took him, and he can be on the other side of the room or the bathroom, and can hear it well. Which is great, since he is 82.

Outstanding deal


Apr 18, 2006 by foneguy


Battery life is outstanding
R/F is great
Good form factor
EASY to use


Slow browser
No Bluetooth



Jan 2, 2006 by goodolphone15

This phone has been the best for me!!!!

Great Service Everywhere(With Alltel)
Great Battery Life
Has all the Basic Functions

The wallpapers are ugly and i dont want to buy one.



Nov 20, 2005 by dwing2001

this is the best phone that i have ever had. i have owned more expensive and cheaper ones but this is my fav.

long bat life
great vib
good sound
nice size

even the lowest setting for ear piece is to loud.

Owned 2


Dec 24, 2009 by narn3049

Well I owned two of these phones and let me say that neither of them hang onto as expected.

They are very durable phones but the battery life is horrible. The first phone had very good battery life, but that was until I took it into a pool in my pocket by mistake.

Got the next phone as a refurb from Alltel because of my phone breaking and me having insurance. This phone came with a battery but this battery was a joke. I got less than 10 hours a day of talk and text time and it was dead.

Well I switched to Virgin Mobile for backup and Verizon as well. I dropped Alltel and was very happy

Mostly good phone


Aug 9, 2007 by marypopp

I have had this phone for a year and it had worked fairly well until a few days ago. I would suggest buying a service plan so that the phone can be replaced easily.

This phone is easy to use.
You can not hear the midi ringtones you put in.
It is very small which makes it hard to find in your purse for women and hard to hold onto for a long time.

what happened LG??


Mar 15, 2007 by darkangel198622

Well, when I first got this phone, I loved it, then it started to act up...horribly


Small and very tough, dropped several times
Good keys for text messaging
Easy to follow menus


Couldn't make any calls, only recieve them
Bad battery life
Can't connect to the internet
No bluetooth
Cant hear ringtones I downloaded
Bad signal
Fuzzy earpeice

this phone is okay to begin with then it is annoying afterwards

Great little phone


Feb 2, 2007 by kprofthestars

I've had this phone since July 2006 and I think it is a great little phone. I got my daughter one and she loves it. She dropped it in the toilet and after it dried out it works perfectly. The only thing I can say I dont like about it is the fact that it doesn't have a camera and the screen is hard to see in the sun. Other than that, it's a great phone. You can record music,voices or whatever and set them as your ringtone.

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