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Four and a half out 5 for no vibrator


Jul 17, 2006 by phholm

I like my N90 a lot. I like the weight, it doesn’t feel flimsy. I love not having to open it to answer calls. Also not having to open it to make calls. I have never trained the Voice Dialer and it hardly ever makes a mistake. It is a very smart phone. And the connections are always clear.
The camera takes fantastic still and video pictures outdoors. Indoors, it will take great videos. But oddly, stills are a crap shoot. Sometimes they are dark or sometimes fuzzy. If you have a really BRIGHT room your odds are pretty good.
So it’s a phone. If you want a camera, go buy a camera.
If Nokia made this in a 3 mega pixel model, and fixed the indoor shooting problem; They’d have a phone that would compete with a lot of cameras out there.
The camera has Auto Flash, No Flash, Forced Flash, which will help a little with a backlit subject. And Red Eye, which doesn’t help. White Balance for ambient lighting. That helps. And an Exposure Value setting.
The camera takes the best stills in the Video position. That’s with the screen open and rotated sideways. The big F up is putting the shoot button so high, that your index knuckle will get in the picture or cause the flash to bounce up into lens. Best to rotate the camera head up a little before shooting.
Here’s a good tip if your phone is acting sluggish. Try holding down the menu button for 2 seconds. It will show you how many apps are running in the background. I have found as many as 4. And if your phone is acting buggy, free up phone memory, or re-flash the software. The manual will tell you how to do that.
Bluetooth works great. But Web Browsing will run slow or not at all if I have like one Antenna Bar. The Web runs well if I have a good signal.
I have never had WAP before this phone. So I don’t know if this is a problem with this phone or all phones. I have had clear voice calls with one Bar, and even no Bars. So I don't get it.
I paid 400 at Wolf Camera with T- Mobile. No complaints with either company.

A very functional phone with few bad features


Sep 27, 2005 by alzej469

I bought this phone about 3 weeks ago and to this day I am very impressed with it. It's a fairly large phone, but it isn't heavy and where the phone lacks in size it makes up in features.

Other that using the basic phone functions, I use it for listening to music, taking pictures and the occasional video. In all of these, the phone preforms very well - especially as a camera. Just to clear things up, the camera is very good - not as bad as some people make out. If you are a photo freak, buy a seperate camera - if you like taking photos and want a higher quality camera in a phone, buy the N90.

For me, the biggest fault of this phone is the lack of a vibrate function. However, to compensate - there is a very loud speaker built into the phone, the loudest out of any phone i have heard. Also on the cons is the fairly small memory card supplied with the phone, only 64MB - ideally most users would prefer a bit more space. The phone itself feels solid and quality - and all of the twisting joints are very strong.

Undoubtedly, one of the best things about this phone so far is the 'wow' factor it carries. This phone is highly impressive to look at and a pleasure to use. The outside screen (which is tiny compared to the main screen) is about the same quality as most main phone screens at the moment. The phone is expensive, but you do get what you paid for - If you are a hardcore photographer, buy a digital camera! If you like taking pictures and want a phone combined with a good camera, consider getting this phone.

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Amazing Phone! Well-Done NOKIA!


Oct 21, 2005 by kenny74ca

The video camera is amazing and although not as smooth as a regular video camera (due to frame rate), it is clear and stunning! Better than 6680.

The pictures from the camera show no "pixel squares". It is just like a regular 2MP camera photo!

Sorry to hear that you are still suffering from the 6680's "out of memory, please close applications" issue.

Get the N90 and you will not regret it!

cut the crap.. please


Oct 17, 2005 by bp_bindaas

What if some people didnt like the phone, it doesnt change the phone. n i really like it..
This phone has awesome design and features like display which u cant find anywhere else..
Please dont expect a digi-cam from this. Even Mr. Carl Z wont give u much from a 2 mp cam..
excellent design,
one of the best displays u can find in a cell today,
great sound,
no vibrator but the ringtones can be very loud,
64 MB may be too less for the phone.

Greatest phone ever


Oct 19, 2005 by The Expert

I bought this phone 3 weeks ago and this a great phone it has a got great design and camera is great vibration deos not matter because it has aloud voice and display and the sound quality is great the only disadvantage is that it is big other wise this phone is great

about the N90


Nov 26, 2005 by deadz74

Check your phone were it's from that probably why your having so much problem if it's says made in findland it's the real deal and if it's says made in Nokia it's a fake reply to confirm thank you all.

In 2006 2MP is not what qualifies the camera


Jan 7, 2006 by gsm2006expert

I inserted my T-Mobile simcard and the phone started making calls with outstanding quality (clear, loud and smooth sound).
HOWEVER: For $600 I expected it to have a decent digital camera. Here where the biggest gimmick got revealed to me.

-Loud, clear and smooth sound
-Nice Build and mature design (not for kids who likes Sony or Motorola toy phones, LOL)

-No Vibration! (in 2006?!)
(Shouldn't use Carl Zeiss lens then, if they can't cooperate with Vibrating)

-Sharpness is much worser than on my old 2mp/without opt. zoom Kodak digital camera
-Absolutely no separate manual control for camera! (even to delete a pic, you have to go to a phone menu!)
-No ISO (sensitivity setting) and Shutter priority speed control (that's for a night time or at home shooting). Every lowest digital camera on today's market has those settings!
-Digital zoom is accessed by pressing a joystick (WHAT?! Is this a camera or toy?)

I don't blame Nokia for not being able to create a decent digital camera yet (even Sony can't). But I strongly blame Nokia for overpricing this phone. This phone's retail price must be no higher than $400!



Sep 14, 2005 by kyle4km

I just received this phone from www.plemix.com ( paid close to $950, including shipping). I did not know that the phone has no Vibration ( I'm swear I would never order the phone without this basic component).

CARL ZEISS, huge screen, 2mp is all B.S. when the phone is missing the basic function.

I will return this phone ( and will be now charged 20% restocking fee!).
I'm asking Phonescoop. com staff to remove Vibration spec. out of phone specifics.
It is misleading people ( not intentionaly of course).

Well, since I will pay 20% restocking, I played already with the phones camera quite a bit. What a disaster that is as well:
Most pictures came very blurry, grainy, and look like there was a smoke in my room.

Such a reputational phone brand, and at the same time such a bad n90 disaster!

Its alright



Well my honest opinion of this phone is not good folks. I have had 2 in the past 5 days and still having the same problems. Nokia assures me this is not something they have heard of but come on we all know that most symbian based are slow on accessing menus but both of the phones I have tried have been very slow. I am a nokia lover but this phone sucks. It has some overall cool factors but it is not worth the money if you like to have conversations. I put my sim back in my beat up old nokia 6230 and had perfect reception and sound quality where the n90 just plain had weak to no signal.
Carl Zeiss 2 mp camera. Which takes a wonderful photo.
Video is pretty good quality(and has plenty of time to record).
Video call(maybe the coolest feature of the phone but alas tmobile doesnt support umts so it will be years before I could use this feature).
Nice crisp and colorful display.
Great photo editor for the phone.
Reception is horrid. It never picks up a good signal.
The bluetooth seems to be a little weak with connection.
The firmware is shot and memory resorces are way to low for a phone that has this many gizmo's on it they need a better processor.
What is the point of an outside display with color if you cannot even put a picture to a contacts information for when they call.
Talk time? Lets just say you need a charger for home, office, and car with this phone. The battery life stinks.
The sync was glitchey. I had to do about 3 times before it took the info.

Dont Buy this Phone unless you only take pictures.
I am returning it today.

Big disappointment


Sep 14, 2005 by mike78nycc

I'll start for the Basics:

1)Contrary to all rumors and beliefs Nokia n90 has no Vibration.
http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_n90-review-44.php (Main disadvantages list) .
Remember those people from gsmarena.com have the phone!

2) The photos taken by n90 are far behind the photos taken by Nokia 6681/6682
(could it be than in n90 there is a fake Carl? or simply than Nokia and Carl don't get alone very well?).

COMPARE PHOTOS of the same places taken by both phones
- http://www.gsmarena.com/review.php3?idReview=45&idPage=3 ( color is horrible, and not sharp at all! What did you do Carl Zeiss?)

( 6681, photos of the same scenes, are more truthful about color and very crisp and sharp comparing to N90).

Now, it is all up to you folks.
Please post more opinion here and if you happened to have a better version of N90, please place the photos taken by it here).

I would not pay ever $900 for a phone that has no Vibration and horrible camera.

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