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SANYO #1 last 3 years running


Jun 28, 2006 by Rshackguy6194

Sanyo has been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power Assoc. for the last 3 years running and i know why. i have never had any problems with my phone. it has everything a person wants in a phone( without bells and whistles) ringers, screensavers, text messaging, colors, you name it!
I work with cell phones 40 hrs a week and i know that the 2300 is a very popular phone!

A Great Phone for Low Price!


Sep 9, 2005 by mrayw

I upgraded from 4920 which was a good dependable phone. The 2300 is slick,works well and has a lot of handy features. Good reception and great battery life. Extended life battery is a plus at 5.8 hours of power. Great as alarms can be set to run up to 59 seconds which is good as I am a heavy sleeper. This is the first speaker phone I have found to actually work well.

mine was great, until it broke


Dec 22, 2010 by narn3049

Back when I was on sprint, I continously dropped this phone being working in factory. I broke the hinge on the right side, and the phone Continued to work, and I used it until it broke in half.I had the Blue version. Sanyo was always good for tough phones back when I was on sprint, in fact, when I left sprint, and had an old Sanyo lying around that I didn't have a charger for, I repeatedly tossed it at the road, and it took like 300 times to break it.

IF YOU dont mind not having a camera, then this phone should work for you.

The Best Battery Ever


Aug 14, 2008 by techgurl88

This phone has the best battery life EVER!!!!
I had this phone off the charger for 3 weeks w/o touching it & i didnt loose not ONE SINGLE bar...I love how the light beeps to let you know that you have a text or missed call...other than that I upgraded plus I switched from Sprint.

Stay AWAY!


Sep 29, 2006 by dealwithit

Pros: Easy to use/navigate


It dropped calls from the beginning. I should have taken it back right away, but didn't.

It isn't durable, but I also have 3 kids ages 4 & under. It totally didn't hold up to our minimal use.

Sound/speaker quality is terrible. Difficult to hear caller!

Sanyo 2300,...SICK!


Oct 15, 2005 by Zarmen

I work for Bell Mobility in Canada. I've had the Sanyo for about 2 months now, I have to say it's one of the best phones out there. I switched from a Samsung A680 Camera phone also SICK, so that I can use the walkie-talkie system.

-Phone is light weight and it comes in black(SICK!)
-Sound quality on both earpiece and speaker are amazing
-Battery life is amazing (3 days, I talk 2100 minutes a month!)
-Walkie-talkie system is a great feature
-easy to use
-affordable if your just looking for a cell phone

-Needs a bigger outside display, way to small
-My biggest pet pev, unlike the Samsung's you can't redial more then the last number by hitting the talk key.
-No power save mode like samsung's either, but you don't really need it I guess.
-I would like to have a camera and MP3 play, but most people don't need it.

If your a Bell Mobility customer you should take a serious look at this phone.

nice \Basic phone


Sep 28, 2005 by SquirrelBoy

its a nice BASIC phone but it makes me miss my audiovow8450. the 2300 was misleadingly sold to me as a bell phone when in fact the company(solo)is a completely separate co., which uses the bell netwok(just a little Warning for others in Canada who dont want to get suckered)PROs:text messaging with this phone is great! if you are sent a web address(i.e www.phonescoop.com)thru text you can click on the link and are automatically sent there thru web browser! large text msg stoage!(180sent,200recieved, plus extra storage in create-your-own folders)being able to add words to t9 is also a great feature. nice battery life. tiny, clip-in charger. the calendar(which is kinda annoying to look at)allows you to program more than one alert! CONs: it gets mediocre reception, screen stays illuminated even with backlight turned off-battery drain! the web browser is a sad JOKE!-its reeaally sloooooow, it cant even load a full page!(i.e google search results average 3 per screen instead of normal 10) No hotkeys!?!?! No working offline & have to wait atleast 30sec for browser to go idle-huge battery drain!! pathetic! the ring tones and screensavers are horridly annoying. the TINY screen is grainy, worse than my old out-dated audio8450. the orange light on outer screen is kinda cool but at $149.00 if it hadnt been an emergency, and i'd had more cash on hand, i personally would have never bought this phone! i wanted to take it back the next day, but 'bell'/solo's advertised 'unlimited' text really isnt unlimited(account got charged)so now im stuck with it. overall if you like browsing the web, avoid this phone!!!

Could be used for a childs toy


Jan 24, 2007 by dragontudes

The best thing I can say about this phone is, if you took the battery out, it could make a cute kids toy.

The sound quality is so fuzzy you can barely understand the person calling.

This phone heats up enough to be almost painful on the ear after a 20 minute (sometimes less) conversation.

The ringtones that came with phones bought 8 years ago were better than the laughable selection that comes with this one.

The only pro is, the speaker option is more accessable than my Motorola.

Fortunately Sprint admitted they sent me this phone by mistake and are replacing it this week.

They forgot something.


Jan 31, 2006 by PrinceKyra

It's an OK phone. Durable and the sound is good. I don't like the fact that the phone disconnects the charger when it's done so the phone goes back to what ever ring setting you are on in my case vibrate. When my phone is off my body I plug it in so that it charges and goes to sound, so I hear it if it rings. I keep my phone on vibrate so the fact that I have to set it to sound before I charge it is annoying, because I have to remember to put it back on vibrate. The other thing I don't like is there's no icon to tell you what ringer setting your on so I can't just look at the screen to tell if I did didn't put it on vibrate. Every phone I've ever had went to sound when you plugged it up and stayed on sound till you unplugged it.



Sep 19, 2005 by Slim_dave

Its a good phone for a basic user.... i end up taking it back for the LG PM 225.. for both of them signal

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