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Kyocera Milan KX9B / KX9C


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Your Choice!


Jun 16, 2006 by Island.jams

Well, being out here in Hawaii, we don't get much choices. But I can offer the PROS and CONS to help you decide. We have had this phone since 02/06 and it's mediocre in the technology venue. If you are looking for fancy tech stuff this is not the phone for you. This is a simple clamshell style cell phone.

-Decent volume
-ease of menu use

-Speaker phone clarity
-Defect of display overheating
-Ring tones

NOT my choice


Mar 2, 2006 by Gipcee

This is the first phone I have ever returned.

Continues to use battery life when plugged in
When on a call, caller ID does not work
Hard to find out who missed calls are from
Flashing outer display is a pain
No signal to tell you when phone is charged
Hard to open with one hand

Easy to navigate
Screens are easy to read
Shows signal (# of bars) on outer screen
Contact menu has great flexibility

I just can not live with this phone. After 2 weeks, it is already in worse shape then the last one I had for 2 yrs!

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They are getting so much better.


Feb 5, 2006 by ihatetmobile4life

I have both Cricket and Jump Mobile, and I have used most of the new and a lot of the old Cricket phones. This new batch is so much better then the monochrome screen, limited memory, limited feature phones of a few years ago. I really love Kyocera phones. They work well on Crickets network. These phones are not going to have the features of the $300 or $400 phones, so don't expect that. But for phones that are under $200, they are really great phones.

A step above the SoHo


Oct 4, 2005 by NocNoc

We just got the prepaid version of the Milan (KX9c) in for US Cellular, and it's actually pretty nice. I was fully expecting a complete SoHo clone, and while it's fairly similar, it's different enough to be nice. The only real difference between this and the post-paid version is built-in support for EasyEdge.

First of all, the internal screen is MUCH improved. A heck of a lot brighter than the SoHo, and it looks almost as good as a low-grade TFT screen. It's not, but white's are very white, and colors are vivid. Very nice.

The UI is essentially the same, but it's closer to the Koi's...you can choose the normal grid-style or list-style display, but you can now also choose the wheel-style that the Koi is known for, which is pretty cool.

The phone itself is silver on the outside with an all-black interior; it's not all silver with black buttons as the promo pictures are. It looks much better...in fact, it's one of the nicest looking flips I've seen in awhile. It also FEELS more solid than the SoHo...not as plasticky feeling, although it's still obviously a plastic-built phone. But it's a nice improvement.

Beyond that, everything else is essentially the same as the SoHo. All the standard-issue Kyocera ringtones are in place, and everything else seems to be pretty stock. The sideways caller ID is nice, although I suppose some people might find it annoying.

All in all, though, this is a nice little clamshell. Assuming no major issues are found, I see this selling well as an entry-level device!

dont buy!!


Nov 4, 2006 by jamie65

this phone is a piece of crap.

-nothing. except it seems pretty durable. ive thrown it at my ceiling fan. and on the sidewalk. and at my wall. and sat on it. but it just wont break!
-it has games, but they suck and have bad graphics

-the battery keeps going down even while plugged in when your in a call.
-the graphics suck. takes forever to load anything. ring tones suck.
-the speaker phone is blurry.
-if i could i would definitely get a new phone.
-it drops calls all the time
-becomes very hot during calls.

in my opinion i think kyocera should just stop making phones.

don't buy this phone !


Jul 5, 2008 by tonishab

This phone is a piece of crap.
There aren't a lot of good things about the phone .

cons ;
If I close the phone too hard, it cutes off.
It doesn't charge while I talk on it. ( my other cell phones would charge )
When I delete a voice mail message, the icon is still there.
It looses bars too quickly when you talk on it .
When I text, i have to press the buttons over because it doesn't always put the right letter. Plus, the numbers and letter show up seconds after you press the button.
I can't download ringtones.

might i never recomment this phone, and never is a very long time


Dec 17, 2007 by snow is cool

After getting two of these phones, one as a gift and the other one my mom puchased, within 3 months the phones began to fall apart. My mom took hers in to be fixed twice, and once the warantee was up we could no longer fix it. Both phones battery would not last more than 8 hrs. And now the one we didnt replace has a talk time of (dead serious, not lying) 5 minutes, then the battery dies. The phone needs to constanly be charged so the battery wont die. The hinge cracked on both phones, so we have to be careful opening and closing them. We had to replace one phone, because the both the external and internal screens are just blank. The other phone is extremely fragil, you can't push your ear against the ear piece, other wise you cant here the person you are speaking to and the screen goes blank. Also, at random times when you open the phone, the screen will be backwards and hte phone has to be restated. The phone also gets terrible reception. We even went to downtown Chicago and saw globes, and one was made of old recycled phones, and we found our phone on there the most (19 times)!

you get excited for like five minutes cause you have something new to use

horrible battery life and talk time
lousy speakerphone
silver paint peels off

never by this phone, go with another brand

Trustworthy Phone


Aug 23, 2007 by Cub Fan

This is my 3rd Kyocera phone. I've used Nokias, but don't find them as easy to use. Now I'm searching for a carrier that uses them.
easy to read display
contacts are easy to enter, find, edit, and assign different rings
love outside display, it gives you what you need without opening phone
very good clarity
easy to open and close
tools-scheduler, tip calc., alarms are great
outside button for silence is great
specific settings

calculator isn't as easy to use as everything else
alarm sounds can be annoying

This is a great phone if you don't have to have a camera. I'd love to have one a good with a camera and at the same price.



Aug 19, 2007 by ng4o1

ok well i got this phone not to long ago its a KYOCERA KX9B and i havnt even had it a month. so it had froze up and i couldnt get it to go off with the power key so i pulled the battery out and put it back in and now my phone blinks on and off and wont come back on can anyone tell me whats going on or what i should do?

this phone is horrible


Jul 17, 2007 by hayleehaybean1881

mk so i wanted s cell phone really bad and now i wish i didnt have this phone
i wanna throw it against the wall
it has terrible service and nothing to do on it
it always has dropped calls and it cuts out all the time
DO not get this phone it is a waist of money

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