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Best Phone by Far


Dec 19, 2005 by Russell989

This phone is absolutely the best phone I have ever owned, of about 10. It has delivered exceptionally. Often, I find that most reviews are too black and white, therefore I will give you Pros, Cons, and I can deal with it.

--Exceptional Camera- Second to none
--Voice to Text- Some training involved, but nice for texting on the road
--Voice Signal Voice Recognition- No training required, at a push of a button
--Nice Screen- Displays accurate colors
--Mp3 player- Can play over stereo speakers
--Speaker phone- VERY loud, as good or better than Motorola, you can even talk with the phone closed with the speaker
--Transflash Card- While this didn't come with the phone, I bought one and could be the single best investment of the phone- makes file transfer of Mp3, Videos, and Pictures effortless
--Form factor- Twist design gets lots of compliments; lack of antenna doesn't get caught in a suit jacket or pocket
--Reception- No lost calls

--Weight- Is somewhat heavy, but you are literally packing a phone, Mp3 player, nice digital camera, USB key, game device, text messaging device, small PDA and many other devices in a single pocket. But, if you are into slim and fit, get a RAZR.
--Keys-Four directional keypad sometimes registers an up push when it was down at first. I have either worn it in or it has worn me in.
--Smallish outer screen- Could be bigger
--Video Camera- The video/audio is often misaligned, Samsung and VZW working on an update

I Can Live With It:
--Bluetooth- No OBEX transfer,HowardForums has a forum on how you can transfer objects using BitPim and USB cord
--Custom Ringtones- VZW charges almost $2.50 a pop, BitPim solves, should trim to 30 seconds
--No direct 3.5mm adaptor- You can’t plug in your iPod headphones, but you can either purchase a 2.5-3.5mm adaptor or a 2.5mm stereo headset
--Slow Shutter Rate- The time it takes to take a 2mp pic is almost unbearable, but if you lower the resolution it speeds up to nothing

Cool Pix, Sweet VD, Layout?


Nov 5, 2005 by Channy

I have owned a boatload of phones, and this one has the best pictures by far. Although the side facing camera is questionable. I have owned this for only a week.

I like the BT, but don't like VZW's limitations. Only a headset? Gimme a break.

I like MW 2.0, but don't like VZW's limitations or how slow it takes to fire up. Can't play any games? GIN only?

I don't like the menu style. I preferred Samsungs rather than the new LG standard.

I don't like how the TF can hold only mp3s, not games or pics or video.

I don't like how you can't send ringtones through Pix messaging. You can send and store a tune, but can't use it as a ringtone.

I don't like how you can't link up with a PC, BT or data cable.

I don't like the delay in the messaging, in the menu, etc.

I do like the VD. Works every time. Easy to use.

The screen reminds me of the 610, which my bro had. Became wobbly over time. I feel this will as well.

I don't live in a VCAST area, but other than $15/mo for video clips I don't see the purpose of EVDO of a phone. Can't use as a modem for internet.

Most of my dislikes are a VZW thing. The phone is high quality. Made to last. I think I'm gonna take it back, though. Too expensive for so many limitations.

That's my 2 cents.

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Why is the overall rating 3.52, this phone is perfect


Jan 18, 2006 by Megapixal

This phone is perfect
for feture focus

All pros
awsome camra
great video
both are super claer for a phone
mp3 player is loud and great for outside use.
v cast is nice

for a phone

great recepsion for a internal intenna
large phone book
easy to use menue

all i m saying is this phone should have a higher overall rating, if u are thinking about buying this phone dont hesitate. i kno its price is high but its worth it if u are looking for this type of phone.

Not perfect, but damn close!


Dec 18, 2005 by OrbitzXT

The only things stopping me from calling this phone perfect and giving it a 5 are the slow shutter speed of the camera, the same issue the 940 had which is sad it wasn't fixed, and also the Bluetooth limitations set by Verizon. Of course I'm not buying this to use as my main camera, and I'm almost used to Verizon screwing its customers with Bluetooth restrictions.

So the PROs.

2 Megapixels is awesome in general, of course 2 MP is overshadowed by the current cameras with 6 MP and upward, but still extremely nice for a PHONE.

The MP3 player is flawless, it is so beautiful sounding. Before buying this phone I told myself, its a phone..don't expect this to take over the roll of your ipod. Well it very well can.

I live extremely close to LaGuardia Airport in NYC, and my neighborhood is notorious for bad reception. Friends claiming their reception is flawless visit me and are shocked when I was right and they have one or no bars. I had this problem with my E815 Motorola I upgraded from, with the 970 I haven't had a lost call in the 2 weeks I've had the phone.

The speakerphone is sublime, the volume is perfect for hearing and you're always heard by whoever you're speaking with.

I consider its "bigger" size a PRO, I've always prefered phones with a little bulk to them, I abhor the Razr. Its just too awkward because its too slim and long, not easy for me to manipulate.


The afore mentioned slow shutter speed is a disappointment, to take excellent pictures you need steady hands and no moving objects.

Bluetooth restrictions really kill this phone, if file transfer were available I'd have no right to complain about this phone. But its not, and you risk taking out the fragile Transflash Card as often as you need to transfer files between your phone and computer.

I'm going to list its size as a CON here as well, to me personally it isn't a CON, but there are a high number of people out there who this phone is just too big for.

Ecellent phone overall.


Oct 28, 2005 by western_son

SW version YF24
I have had the phone for 1 week. I got it at a verizon corp store. I have a stereo jabra vCast headset and the 512 transflash card. I carry the phone in my pocket. My old phones were a Samsung SCH850 and a moto v60c. I have used the video camera quite a bit and have about 30 or so mp3's loaded on the memory card.

call quality. The ear-piece is very clear with strong volume if needed. Samsung noise canceling technology is second to none. Whether I am in my car, on the street or indoors the listener just hears my voice and not the environment I am in. My previous samsung was the same way. My v60 had great reception but horrible voice quality (especially in noisy environs).

Speaker phone is loud and clear. The person on the other end is always able to hear and understand me. You can talk with the phone closed.

Mp3 player sounds good on the speakers and with vcast headset. Player will pause when text messages come in and you can resume from where you left off after reading but a call seems to stop the mp3 player if you answer.

Voice recognition is robust. Pressing and holding the "0" key will enable voice dialing. You can say a number of commands and it will do it.

Voice to text is revolutionary. The 970 has a voice entry method for text messages. You talk and it types it out.

Phone and hinges are very solid. I can open this phone with one hand very easily.

RF has been excellent for me in So Cal.

Video camera is very neat. Not a substitute for a real DV camera. Nice that you can record as much video as you have memory available. About 7 minutes of video is approximately 4 megs.

Text always defaults to spell. Predictive text must be selected each time. Two key presses to change but cumbersome still.

A USB connector built in would be nice. With 512 megs of memory it would be handy.

Looking at folder contents of pix or flix can be slow while generating thumbnails.

No mp3 ringtones at this point only GIN.

Best Device Ever


Apr 24, 2006 by metalbandsinger

Ok so I work for Verizon Wireless as a Data Support Technician. I know my devices. I mostly work with PDA's and PC cards, but every now and then i get a related call about a support function for a regular phone. I bought this Samsung a970 and was super stoked! Man this phone has everything i need in one small package. I have a 512 transflash card that holds about 80 of my songs which is fine with me. Stereo headphones. Very decent speakers. A super dope camera. I even figured out how to use one of my video clips as the background for my phone. It's so rad! My advice to anyone would be get rid of your digital camera, iPod, and your stupid razor, and get this thing. It makes putting music on your phone so simple it's retarded, it takes up one packet rather than 3, and it's super handy. Only draw back is, in my opinion to fully utilize this super device you needs a bluetooth headset, a set of stereo earphones, a transflash card, and an extended life battery for backup. None of which come with the device and cost extra. Alot extra. But if you got the cash for the others, this one is well worth the money.

Oh Mirror-Mirror . . . .


May 10, 2006 by Partok81

Time of ownership: 1 week.

For a phone that seems to try to mimic a camcorder, this cell isn't so good function-wise. And I'm suprised no one has mentioned this. The MAJOR issue is video/audio synchronization. Granted you can make hour long videos, but whos gonna want to watch them if the voice and video dont match up?
Secondly, the outer display is mirrored, and to a lesser degree, so is the inner one. Even with a hand shading it, the outer display is all but useless in sunlight. Making nearly impossible to see what your filming or photographing. All in the name of making the handset stylish.
Once you do take a picture though, if you know how to use the options in the phone's menus your pics will come out pretty sharp despite what others have said about 'fuzzy pictures'.
Note to Samsung: If your in-and-out of the office all day you may like the desktop docking cradle style of charger that comes with it. The rest of us prefer folding travel chargers; thank-you very much!
The Speech-to-Text software, while a good concept, requires that you train it, and that you use in in a quiet (office-like?) room for accuracy. Gimmick
As a phone, it was pretty good. Perhaps it's because of the phone's "In-tenna", but I rarely saw 4 bars signal strength on the display. Yet I had no dropped calls. Earpiece volume was great, but callers complained of words getting 'clipped' if spoken too softly because of Samsung's noise supression software.
1. A 2mp camera that can take BIG pics.
2. Video length limited only by how big a
memory card you buy.
3. Mp3 player operable w/ phone closed.
4. Texts can be read on outer display.

1. Mirrored displays.
2. BAD Audio/Video sync.
3. Slow phone menus. Click-wait, Click-wait.
4. Because of twist-display, you cant use a regular cell case. Phone must be carried in a belt pouch. One more thing to open just to answer the phone.
5. No Vcast= videos that cant be emailed.
Vcast, while cool, ISN'T everywhere.

the whole package


Apr 3, 2006 by gfog

alright. let me break it down for all of you. i picked up this piece about 2 weeks ago. its great. the [...] love it. This phone does seem to be a little big, but think of that as a pro. [...] i put this phone in my pocket and i can't even count to 30 seconds and the girls are swarming me like killer bees in africa. [...] let me tell you this phone takes great videos. i mean it does have over an hour of video time, [...] crystal clear cut lcd screen. this phone is good for pimps and men with egos bigger than the success of this phone.

Ed. note: removed inappropriate comments

Incredible Phone!!


Dec 23, 2005 by saltwater

I love this phone!!! I just tried the LG 8100 and returned it... then tried the Razr and returned that. I could give you a million reasons why people are going to be returning Razrs, but anyway....

This phone is not nearly as big as you first think it is. It feels great in the hand, and the narrowness of it helps with ease of using one hand around all the keys. Set autofocus on the camera and you won't have any complaints as in other reviews.

My favorite aspect is the huge amount of things you can customize in the menus, especially if you read through the manual (which I hadn't done in about ten years of owning cell phones). You can even take off the Verizon Wireless banner, which rocks!

The up and down side buttons are on the right-hand side, which is unusual to me but will get used to it. I haven't used speakerphone yet, but bluetooth is great.

Cons: it's a little awkward to open and close when it wants to swivel (if you're using one hand) and it also stops a bit halfway down/up instead of the graceful and quick snap up/down, because this is used for the swivel. Also, I do wish it had one-touch to show the time in the front screen, but that's not a biggie. I still give this a 4.999 out of 5!

I liked the red a950, but couldn't live with red for two years. I'm sooo happy I went with this one instead and can finally stop my search!

Took it back


Nov 20, 2005 by unionman

Nice phone but the voice software only worked about 1/3 of the time. Verizon was great about my return and is giving me another new after 2.

Great camera
Bluetooth worked great for answering calls

Voice software
Reception just OK
Slow link up to V Cast
No sync with computer

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