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Nokia 2115i / 2116i / Shorty


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A shorty but a goody


Mar 7, 2010 by iq145

i had this phone for 4 solid years... never had a problem, except for one with the service provider Virgin Mobile. They don't let your callers leave you a voicemail when you've run out of minutes with the pay-as-you-go plan. They'll tell you that the caller will still be allowed to leave a message and that you can't receive it until you fill up on minutes again, but that isn't true. i tested it myself. Anyway, it's a good phone, but only if you're looking for basic communications (when needed). Longest battery life on a single charge i've ever personally seen on a cell. Fun game in it too. "Snake". i've scored a record 2003 points and the game recalls a history and allows you to continue a game, unlike some other phones. Excellent time-passer. The phone can withstand a good drop thanks to it's tough construction. All in all, a trustworthy cellphone. Too bad VM customer service only hires people who know nothing about their (or any) cell service... or hire people who barely speak English.

These Boots Are Made for Talkin'


Feb 12, 2007 by GravityFails

I like Virgin Mobile's practice of naming phones instead of relying on the traditional manufacturer's numeric nomenclature. It's easier to remember something like "Razr" or "Slice" instead of 2115i or PCS-1400. Although I have no idea what the name "Shorty" is supposed to denote (is the 2115i aimed specifically at young women?), but either way it's cuter than hell.

Don't let the name fool you. In spite of the fact that the Shorty is low on features (no camera, no MP3 player, grayscale screen, etc.), it grabs and holds on to a signal like nobody's business. This is the pit bull of the Virgin lineup. It works well, so of course they discontinued it.


+ Super strong reception
+ Simple yet elegant Nokia interface
+ Solid construction; no creaks
+ Lightweight, low-profile
+ Flashlight
+ Good battery life


- No standard 2.5mm headset jack
- Messaging menu is difficult to navigate, requiring at least eight button presses in order to even begin typing

I understand that people want more from their phones these days, such as picture messaging and superphonic ringtones, but as far as making and receiving calls, the 2115i simply cannot be beat. I live on the outskirts of nowhere, and the Shorty beat the pants off the Snapper, the Slice, the Oyster, and especially the Royale in terms of reception.

If you're considering signing up with Virgin Mobile, get yourself one of these babies from the VM website before their backstock dries up.

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Amazing phone! 5+


Sep 14, 2006 by sergatnyu

I bought three of these phones in August, one for myself, one for my wife and one for my daughter.

The unit is well designed and feature robust for the price. It supports text messaging, downloadable games and ring-tones, and a bunch of enhanced services. It's easy to slip into a pocket or purse. I don't have to use a "holster" anymore. The battery life is long. With our usage patterns, we can go a whole month between recharges.

As I said, I have THREE of these phones and have not experienced the "auto shut-off" problem that some other folks talked about. But then, I actually read the manual to avoid "operator errors".

I miss this phone! Virgin: Bring it back!!!!


Sep 13, 2006 by dannynj

I've used this phone for almost a year, and out of all color shi... screan, megapixel and other garbage this phone was the most reliable and of very high quality.

Now that I dropped the phone in the water, it's not working properly. The worst part is that the Virgin Mobile has discontinued this phone and I can't get the same replacement. But why did Virgin discontinue the phone with the only normal review score? All other Virgin phones that they sell now don't get a normal 4.0 score!!!

Very solid call quality, great batterry performance, superb. sound quality, and was such a beauty!

Bring it back! I hate your color screen , horrible design new phone toys! Mature people need their Shorty back!

Great Phone


Sep 10, 2006 by neejoi

This is a great phone if you are looking for a pay as you go phone Virgin Mobile. The ringers are very loud. The reception is great. I get network on the shorty better than my sprint A640.

The king of all cell. phones!


Aug 30, 2006 by nokiaforlife

This phone is simply fantastic. Service is also excellent on Sprint's 1900 mhz network.
Not only the phone is extremely easy to operate but it also has some very high quality features that other basic/cheap Nokia phones lack.

-Menu and phone operation is very fast
-Very nice ringtones of very high quality
-The best speaker phone I ever heard on any cell.
-Easy to navigate menu (Noka+)
-Solid sound quality
-Nice Flash light

I really can't find any cons here! Of course I wish the phone had a little bigger size (More male design I mean) but otherwise this phone is just perfect for making and receiving calls!

The Best Virgin's phone! Why discontinued?


Aug 29, 2006 by alex78nycc

I've been using this phone for the last six months and I must say that not only it is a very simple phone without B.S. megapixels and B.S. MP3 players, but also a very high quality phone.

-Great monohrome screan (finally we can see a screan in a sunlight)
-Great batterry life (thanks to non-color monohrome screan again!!!)
-The best speaker phone of any cell. phones ( Very loud, Very smooth and lovely)
-Excellent sound quality

No Bluetooth
If it would take Nokia to price the phone $50 extra for a built in bluetooth chip , than it whould have been in this phone $100 would be still a great price for this phone!
Bluetooth has to do with convinience and quality of phone conversation, so it must be in every phone today.

Niftly little thing


Aug 27, 2006 by witesamurai

This phone is very nice and is very practical.

small size
internal antenna
Virgin Extras (from Virgin mobile)
polyphonic ring tones
sleek look

no camera
no color

overall the pros out number the cons making this a nice phone to have, especially as a first phone or for those of you who don't like too much technology.

The only normal and the best phone!!!!


Aug 20, 2006 by sergy5kl

Why will Nokia discontinue this phone?
Why will Virgin Mobile allow or sponsor it?
Why is it that, the minute we get one normal cell phone it gets discontinued and instead we get a COLOR-CRAPPY/SCREAN-POLYPHONY-SISSY/LOOKING-MEGAPIXEL SHI...????

Nokia 2115i will be in the history of the best CDMA phones just like 3390 and 6310i will stay in the history of the best GSM phones!

NOKIA 2115i
-Excellent screan (non-color and normal!!!)
-Amazing quality and beautiful ring-tones
-Amazingly loud and soft/smooth SPEAKER Phone
-Unusually excellent (for CDMA network) sound quality (very smooth, loud and with enough bass)

Get serious!!!!
Mature people need this phone on GSM network and with added BLUETOOTH!!!!

Sometimes Crazy Happens With My Phone!


Mar 25, 2006 by AtlGo

I own the 2116i and love the basic things about the phone. After the 1st month of owning the phone, it had to be replaced because of defects. The phone started dropping calls, making random calls on its own and giving me a crazy error message that no one understood. The replacement phone was another new one and I only had to pay $15.00. I still have problems with the new phone turning itself off for no reason and this happens everyday. I will think my phone is still on and I will look to see why I have not received a call and the phone is off. I have a lot of disconnects upon dialing. The phone will reach the number and suddenly disconnect the call on its own. No one seems to know why this phone turns itself off or disconnect call at random. I gave this phone a good rating because I have had service with a couple other major cell carriers and despite my phone's bad behavior, it is still a great bargin compared to the others. Also, I have not located a decent ear piece or holster for this phone and I am not talking about those cheap ear plugs they give you. I want a good one. Every time I go into the nokia store, they have the phones but not the nokia accessories to go with the phone. I have owned my phone 7 months now. If you want a phone with great battery life, good reception and is design just for talking and not picture taking, then this is the phone. It will do the job and do it well.... when it is not turning itself off. I am located in Atlanta if anyone knows of a place to purchase nokia accessories for this phone.

Good Luck With Your Phone.

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