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Jul 31, 2006 by soadjosh87

First things first. It was $80 with a mail in rebate to come to $30. I HAD to cut off the bar code off the box to get the mail in rebate...no biggy. BUT, the phone started malfunctioning. The vibrate feature does not..work. You put it on vibrate or silent, and, it basically chooses its own ring volume randomly. This REALLY came in handy in class...not. I bring it to verizon, and they told me LG is writing software to fix the problem cause they've been getting that problem ALOT. I called LG, and they said it was my fault. I was pressing the buttons on the side. WRONG. I was not accidently opening up the phone and putting on the bibrate and ring feature. It just doesnt work. Then verizon said they can swop it for a new one if I had my bar code...OBVIOUSLY i didnt have it cause I had to send it in to get the mail in rebate. So I took it back yesterday cause im passedd my 15 trial period. and...get this... they're gonna send me a USED phone. Im under waranty and im getting a used phone when I paid for a new one. in other words...im leaving verizon in january and going to sprint. YES, im paying the early termanation fee, cause its cheaper than buying a new phone that works properly. AVOID VERIZON AND THIS PHONE AT ALL COSTS!!

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LG 5200


Jul 29, 2006 by edavie

The phone has one serious fault. The frequency response is very poor, especially for those with some hearing loss at the higher frequencies.
Other than that the phone seems to work well.

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good for the price (FREE)


Jul 5, 2006 by bakemike

Owned this phone for over two months, came free with my moto e815. This is my second line that is used by my significant other. He has commented on the high pitched squeal, and the volume seems to be a bit unpredictable, when he answers it, but usually adjusts itself. During the 2 week trial, I asked him if he wanted to trade for another model, he said "no it was free and works just fine for me" these are our only phones (no landline). The phone holds calls quite well in weak signal areas where his old cingular gsm phone wouldn't even dial out, also he has not dropped a call since getting the phone, where his previous service dropped daily (cingular has dropped towers in this metro area, so much for more bars in more places). This is a good basic phone, don't buy it for its camera, it is pretty bad, and screen resolution leaves a bit to be desired, but it functions well as a phone, and for us, it was free. Seems fairly sturdy as well

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An average mid-range phone


Apr 19, 2006 by GuyinLACA

A good friend of mine has this phone and so far it has been a decent phone, but it definitely could use some improvements.

-Small and lightweight
-Decent call quality
-Attractive design
-Reasonably good build quality
-Very easy to use (almost too easy)
-Good phone for the price
-Verizon's network is great overall

-Mediocre reception (does not work in many places where a Motorola V325, E815 or V710 do)
-The speakerphone is terrible (nearly worthless)
-Internal screen is rather washed out
-Keypad buttons feel cheap and will likely wear out fast
-Font size for phonebook and menus is too small
-Color external screen is too small and the time is displayed very small
-Phone freezes on occasion
-Verizon standard interface allows no customization except choice of blue or red bars
-Poor choice of ringers

Overall, this is a good phone for people who need an easy to use phone that can also hold up to being dropped occasionally. Unfortunately, it doesn't get the greatest reception. It's not the worst, but in weak areas it can't make calls where my Motorola phones can. Also, if you need a quality speakerphone, get a different phone. My suggestion is to get a Motorola V325, E815 or RAZR instead of this. My friend with this phone wishes he had.

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just a basic phone


Apr 17, 2006 by BVLG4949

just picked up the lg 5200 from verizon. i purchased this at full retail price today because i thought a trimode phone would be better than my lg 8100 all digital. i am disappointed as it is not better at all. i live in upstate NY where some spots i was only getting one bar with the all digital phone. my girlfriend has the lg 6100 and was getting a lot more bars than i was. so i went to verizon today and picked up the 5200 trimode. feature wise it is nothing compared to the 8100 and i knew this. however i cannot hear people i talk to as good on this, the volume will not go up as high as the 8100... here are my pros and cons...

trimode phone
smaller than my previous lg 8100

camera is worse than the older lg 6100 ringers and txt alerts are very low, vibrate not strong, expect to miss calls and txt when in a crowded or noisy area
headset volume is not good
durability feels cheap when holding

overall i was dissapointed with this phone, mainly because of the volume for ringers and volume on the headset. i will be returning the 5200 and go back with my 8100 and put up with the one bar in some spots.

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Great Phone


Feb 27, 2006 by snsjets

Used to have a VX6000 which was a good phone. VZW offered a free upgrade to the VX5200 so I took it. I like the fact that the VX5200 has a speaker phone and a separate menu to select vibrate on/off. 2 things I wished for on the VX6000. These two phones are very similar in operation. What I like most about the VX5200 is that it's compact and light weight.

-Nice looking
-LG durability
-Friendly menus
-Good signal strength
-Very good voice quality

-LCD's are hard to read in sunlight

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Awesome Phone!!


Feb 14, 2006 by Brody

This phone is amazing!! Compact, Lightweight, And while typing this review i checked my color outside display display and saw three out of four bars.

* Great Reception
* Long-Lasting battery- 7.5 days on standby
* 3.33 Days talk time (2 hours)
* Great phone- Small price
* Amazing features include; speaker-phone, camera w/ flash, downloadable ringtones, send and recieve txt & pix, and im
* Friend Has Sprint
* Press and hold * to set to vibrate


- Slight noise- Back-lighting Perhaps
- Where is the USB port- Simplify!!
- Not As good a flash or camera as the Lg Vx8100
- Needs A louder Speaker for ringtones
- More ringtones needed!!

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LG VX 5200 happy user


Jan 5, 2006 by Dreamer of Pictures

This is my 4th Verizon cellphone in 6 years. Previous phones: Nokia 8xxx, Motorola StarTAC, LG VX 4400. I’ve had VX 5200 for 2.5 months. I use it in the DC metro area. I have been very pleased.

* Reliable thus far.
* Very good reception. Cellphone reception was poor in my home, but VX 5200 works in my basement! Prior cellphones failed completely in the basement and were shaky on the main floor. A lot of RF interference in my neighborhood (1 block from an AM/FM transmitter combo).
* Easy to add ringtones and pix with a computer, an inexpensive cable and free bitpim software. I've had a blast creating custom ringtones in the past month.
* The VX 4400 secretly switches to manner mode or silent mode when closed up, by unintentionally pressing a button on the left side of the phone, which caused me a lot of grief. Now that problem is history.
* Great voice recognition without training. Hands-free and voice dialing are safety advantages when driving.
* Works fine with an inexpensive standard headset.

* Voice dialing has extra dialog steps, compared to VX 4400.
* Cramped nav buttons are a consequence of the overall small size. Can't navigate worth beans with thin gloves on.
* You can record a voice memo but you cannot treat that recording as a ringtone. Verizon had LG disable the feature.

* Speakerphone. My kids have VX 4650 with a great speakerphone capability, but that phone is too bulky for me.
* Cellphone camera is just not a priority for me. I carry a pocket digital camera which is just about the same size, 3.2 MP resolution, decent lens. Good pix start with good glass.

* GPS tool so we can tell where we are, and where to go. The phone has GPS built-in, per FCC requirements, so why not let us use it?
* A standard USB socket, like the RAZR, would make it even easier still to copy pix and ringtones into the phone, plus maybe the phone could become a webcam.

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Good at the Base of a Cell Tower.... maybe


Jan 5, 2006 by c5028

A horrible phone...... drops calls, no service, poor volume, complicated, font too small to read, feels cheap..... does hundreds of things badly...... someone forgot that a cell phone needs to be able to capture and hold a signal. Goodbye phone. I had an old Audiovox phone that never dropped a call and had a volume button that didn't need to be turned all the way up.

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Want to chuck it!


Jan 1, 2006 by hotrodqueen

I got this phone a couple of weeks ago to replace my LG 4400. In only one way is it an improvement over the 4400: the ringtones sound better. Otherwise, this phone is a major disappointment.

The text on the screen is really small and hard to read. The signal drops out intermittently (even when the signal shows two or more bars on the screen), causing you to constantly say, "What? Can you repeat that?" to your caller, which they love.

But worst and most annoying of all are the intermittent high pitched noises the phone makes in your ear. On a good day (or shall I say good hour), the phone only makes this noise every few minutes. But watch out! When it gets in a mood, it'll shoot those noises into your ear every twenty seconds or so.

I actually really wanted to like this phone. So much so that I went back to the store yesterday to replace it with another 5200, thinking maybe just my phone was defective. No such luck! The new phone does the same thing! Now after reading the reviews on the 6100 I'm going to go exchange this phone for that one. A friend of mine owns that phone and hated it for awhile but now that the bugs are worked out raves about it. The phones are so alike anyway in terms of specs, that the 6100 seems like a definite move up.

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