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LG V VX-9800


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LG VX9800


Jun 3, 2007 by Money

One of LG's best phones it can do it all (almost and with some money).
Messaging:It can send everthing from E-mail to txt messages it can also send ems, video and picture msgs.Even though it can send e mail you would have to pay a big 20 dollars a month or you could use the brew or the web version.
Multimedia:The V can take pictures and video if you buy a mini sd card you could store your favorite tv shows and music.
Internet: The V's internet is a basic mobile web 2.0 nothing special you can see wap webpages and html butthe html is all wierd looking and all washed up.
This phone is better then the sidekick 2 but not its messaging.
If you want a multi media phone get thwe iPhone.

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The Power Texting Phone


May 1, 2007 by nerv_2005

This was my first step into the world of the QWERTY keyboard and I have to say, it felt good! This phone, although scary in many aspects of how it looks, is a perfect example of "Don't judge a book by it's cover." In a matter of only a month This handset went for my worst enemy to my best friend.

Sporting a flip open profile to hide it's keyboard it saves space when in a pocket and fits very soundly in drink holder. The texting was amazing after 2 years of T9 and required only a week to match texting times. The stereo speakers on the inside offers great sound quality, plus the speaker phone mic has a good pick up for excellent conversations.

Now unfortunately our friend the 9800 doesn't do to good as a "phone". Significant quality drops vs. a normal clamshell or candy bar phone are very noticeable. Many times i find myself either repeating or asking for repetition throughout a conversation without a headset. The Bluetooth is also fairly anti-social in that it will not auto connect to a paired headset. I am regular forced to dive in the menu and make it look for the headset, an annoying problem for an on the go person.

To conclude, The LG VX9800 is an awesome phone for media, texting, and instant messaging, but lacks luster in every aspect of being a phone outside of the speaker phone.

QWERTY keyboard
-Easy learning curve
-Excellent speaker and speaker phone
-Quick switching from open to closed in Messaging and phone calls

-Bluetooth doesn't auto connect
-Wallpapers do not fit front screen
-Key guard has been known to close apps and alerts
-poor audio volume when closed.

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Apr 4, 2007 by The Thickster

This LG 9800 is an amazing flip/txt phone. Mainly used for super fast texting, it also supports Verizons V-Cast and plays music video downloads and pretty much any other videos that Ive recorded.....hmm. The speaker sound for the Mp3 is actually the loudest ever made. I can set that little bugger down in the middle of a room full of people and that thing just soars over the somewhat sober yelling (of age sometimes) people. The most useful phone Ive ever had, I use it not only for entertainment purposes but also for Navigation since it has such a large screen and loud sound capabilty its very useful for traveling. I believe its alot better than the 9900 or the "envy" because although its thicker in size the sound is so much louder. If you ever want the best Mp3 phone ever that kills your data bills (because you never want to stop downloading songs cause its basically a stereo) this is the one.

I wouldn't have it any other way!

Make money

The Thickster

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Jan 1, 2007 by gumberella

Txt messaging font too small. It would be nice if you could change font size so you could actually read incoming txt messages.
I think the overall display fonts are too small. I have had other phones where you could change the whole display to a larger, more readable font size

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Do I Have A Story For You...


Nov 27, 2006 by prespanther2281

This phone is just ok.
I got this phone not too long ago and I am already on my forth of the same kind of phone. Something just keeps going wrong with them. For my first phone, the vibrate did not work at all. For the second, the key lights went out so I could not see the keys at night. And for the third, calls would not go through and I could not make calls either. And the one I have now randomly turns off while I am texting and calling. I have tried to see if I can just get a whole new model and quit with this phone, but they just keep giving me more of the same phone and none of them work well enough.

If I could go back, I would choose a different phone all together.


Fast texting when open.
Speaker phone can be loud if needed.
Big screen when open.

Small buttons in front.
Dark camera.
Video length is pathetic.
Thick and does not fit in pocket very well.
Speaker phone only works when open
Inbox and outbox for texting fills up very quickly, when it fills, it rejects messages. Not good.

Don't get this phone unless you are dying to get it. Just not a good phone overall.

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Nov 21, 2006 by headache1969

This phone is great for me.I love the speakers when phone is opened very loud.Great vibrate mode for when you are somewhere you can not use ring {restaurant,meeting}notepad on contacts so you can save addresses,I do not have to carry a planner anymore my phone can store everything.

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Nov 21, 2006 by mommy1944

I love everything about this phone the only downfall is small buttons but i have small fingers,i love the vibrate feature on any setting very convenient when i am in a meeting

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Ugly, but great


Nov 11, 2006 by sam912

I just switched from Cingular to Verizon. Cingular's service was OK, but I was tired of them messing up my bill and having to pay for it. I was also tired of waiting for their 3G services to expand.

First I tried the KRAZR, which I liked, but missed the ability to text quickly so I decided to give the V a try.

-Call Quality


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The Verizon Sidekick


Nov 5, 2006 by ThuggedOutVerizonHomie

i have owned this phone since it first came out around halloween time last year and i have been pleased with its peformance. I text alot so its definitely the best phone for that (i also tried the f9100 when i was with cingular and was dissapointed). i work for verizon and i always try to stay on top of the technology and this phone has been the pinnacle for a high end non-smart phone since it came out last year.


handy double screen design(inside screen is amazingly clear)

full keyboard (for all you texters)

good reception

great battery life

too many features to count

people still want to "play" with it


size-but hey, it does do pretty much everything.

verizon UI is boring and it cripples the phone but it is very easy to use and navigate through

Overall-great phone, i'd recommend it to anyone who wants to have a cool, feature packed phone. however, i will be switching to the 9900 when it comes out.

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my heart skipped a beat


Oct 29, 2006 by unfortunateflip

holy freaking gosh
haha i love this phone
i swear my heart melted when i got it in my hand
-awesome design
-great photo quality
-great for txt/email/internet
-with the new broadband the internet is alot faster!
-would be great if it wasnt so thick
-could be like a sidekick with free aol instant messenger:)
im definately keeping this phone...
until the vx9900 comes out

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