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LG V VX-9800


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An awesome phone BUT...


Nov 29, 2005 by docjlt

I am a verizon LG8000 user and I also have a moto e815. I bought this phone because I love the moto with its speaker indep voice dial and this phone had that feature plus the keyboard for text entry which I really needed. I have now had the phone 10 days and can say that it is a great phone that I think I will be, regretfully, returning.

So I will start off with the cons.

1) speaker phone only operates with phone open. Not very convenient when driving. My Moto operates closed and has a convienient button on the outside of the phone to activate the speaker phone. Easy to do while driving. Of course, if you have a head set this may not make a difference for you.

2) One handed operation of the phone is difficult. The send, end, soft keys, and voice dialing keys are flat and small. Unless you are looking at the phone, its hard to hit them correctly. The voice dial would have been better off as a side button and the send/ end/soft key buttons should have been raised to allow you to find them by feel since they are so small. I have hit the menu button, the web button, the get it now button while trying to find either the voice dial, soft keys for contacts or messages, or the send key. It is very annoying.

Though these aren't HUGE cons, they are enough to make me return the phone at this time and wait a year or so for an upgrade. On the pro side, this phone has the best speaker phone ever,good reception, a good camera, and a great little key board which I had no probs using and made texting wonderful. It also has a ton of cool features I haven't tried yet. I still would recommend this phone but it isn't for me at this time I am sad to say.

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Is it real?


Aug 3, 2006 by firewings

I am not a expert or anything close to being one, but everytime I am going to get a new phone I do complete research on what I am getting. The Lg 9800 is a very wonderful phone, but there are two problems with it. Unless you have 20/20 eye sight, you will not be able to see your contact list. The text is way to small. inside and out. For anything else it is great. The other problem is it is bulky...and after a while it is a pain to hold. So going by that it is actually a great phone.

I heard and seen very little info on a up grade to the 9800....it is called the lg 9900. It is suppose to be also a PDA and thinner which is a plus. But the only problem with getting info on it......you can't really. On a couple sites you
can find the picture of the back of the phone, and if you read the info on the back, you'll see where it says lg 9900 from a FCC report, so it says. My problem is......I cannot find information from Lg site the company that suppopse to have made it....nor here at Phonescoop. Strange wouldn't you say? I also read a couple articals where it is suppose to be released In September.....oddly it is the only phone that Phonescoop have no prior info on nor Lg the maker when September is a month away. If i am wrong I am wrong and sorry, but I find it to be strange that a phone is being released that nobody have any information on so I suggest if anyone is waiting for that 9900, do not hold your breathe untill you see the light.

If someone do have good inforamtion on it....please post it so we all can see.

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The V...And Me...


Apr 17, 2006 by FordRules94

ok i had the v and all i can say about it no offense to anybody in the US who owns it it is the biggest widest clumsiest looking thing out of any verizon phone Ive ever seen i got it on the Internet so i didn't know actually how big it was until the day i opened it from the package...lets say this i got scared it would eat me...jk...overall it is an ok phone if u have huge hands.but if Ur the average everday person that like their flip phone stick with it it is not worth the chance of getting stuck with the vx9800 if u dont like regular square phones. by the way anybody who buy a bluetooth headset for your phone make sure you buy any of the 100 dollar or more moto headset otherwise they are all crackly. having the v i lived with it but got another phone at full price because i did not like it no offense

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Dec 26, 2005 by joecity

Phone freezes all the time, ive had TWO replacments!!! for BRAND NEW ONES!!!
VCAST IS TOOOO SLOW, it takes 2 minutes just to load the menu and than it buffers through out the WHOLE video 50 precent of the time..
its a waste, goto cingular or att, or tmobile or WHAT EVER because verizon is a rip off and this phone is crap... CRAP its christmas and my PHONE WONT GO ON!!! IT FREEZES ON THE LOADING " VERIZON " Screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so now tommorrow i have to get a THRID ONE!!!! only reason why im keeping this phone is because my girlfriend has verizon other wise id go SOMEWHERE ELSE IN A HEART BEAT!!!!!

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Its Ok but not great


Jul 16, 2006 by zambe811

With this phone the good out weight the bad but barley. Now compared to the t-mobile side kick 3 these 2 phones are evern. Because now the new side kick 3 has bluetooth and mp3. Each phone weighs about the same and has the same battery life.

Mp3 player
qwerty key board
V cast
big screen
Responds fast
Memery Card Slot
You Can even watch videos on your phone
Easy to use

Short lived battery
Takes up lots of space
Doesent have real internet
Qwerty key board is very small
Cant use the whole phone on out side screen
Bad Camera (horrable resolution)

The good out weight the bad but This phone sucks im getting a razr or a side kick 3.

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phone sucksss.


Jan 5, 2007 by apizzox3

this phone sucks
i have had it since Jan of 2006 and i broke 7 of them since then
the ringer isn't that loud
the phone breaks all the time and freezes
its only good for texting lovers

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the new enV


Nov 25, 2006 by katiehooker

fyi...if you're looking into getting this phone you might want to wait until November 27th when the new LG enV (vx 9900) comes out....it's supposed to have a lot of upgrades for this one

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No Analog?


Nov 2, 2006 by NeoLuddite

OK, I'll say it. The primary reason I have a cell phone is communication. Mostly at home, but occasionally on the road and/or camping.

Web stuff and texting are good things... it's just awesome to get the latest weather report real-time, while hanging out on the North side of Mt. Rainier...

However, there are times I'm outside CDMA range, and must have a phone with analog capability.

So, for now, I'm sticking to my web-enabled Motorola V710.

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Wonderful phone


Aug 9, 2006 by krazyflipguy

I just got this phone yesterday and i fell in love with it. Ive had so many phones before and i think this is the one. Great phone, great signal, great camera, wonderful QWERTY keyboard. A+++++

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cool phone but


Jul 31, 2006 by korneydork1

this phone is cool i text alot. the keyboard is awsome. i haven't even had this phone 2 months and i have troubles. the first stated happening a week ago it goes to roaming and i live in an ev-do area and get it now, v-cast(which i am paying for) dont work neither does internet i cant send pix and flix even though i have it on my plan. and it sux that i have to open it to do most of the cool stuff.but over all pretty cool

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