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i love this phone


Sep 3, 2006 by sjcompliment

I absolutely adore this phone. you know those people who when they buy an expensive phone and your walking out of the store all playing with it on that like 30 mins worth of battery power you got and the next thing you know you walk into something and the phone goes flying then shatters into a million pieces, well thats me! I think I have dropped this phone a million times, my ex-fiancee threw it onto a roof one night when we had a fight(wasn't that a fun adventure getting it back, having to climb on a random garage roof to get your phone) and the whole thing came apart but guess what!! IT STILL WORKS, and theres nothing wrong with it at all. i swear this phone is the best phone ever it's been dropped, thrown, stepped on, everything and it just keeps on working. Plus it has the best reception of any phone I have ever used. And it comes in pink! lol I love pink but anyway as i was saying, the receptions good, its indestructible, the menus are easy to use, the text messaging is easy to use, some of the best i have seen actually (no need for texting to be complicated it should be easy!) its just a great phone all around I mean ok yes, I'm 19 I want a phone that does cool stuff cause all my friends have them, but it's not worth the money to keep replacing them! Especially if your a klutz like me. I'll stick with my boring (extremely cute) pink lil sanyo that does absolutely nothing because I like being able to giggle when one of my friends calls me and tells me that they just got back from buying another new phone because the last one broke on them when they dropped it for the first time and i can honestly tell them that technology is not better than durability it's just a waste of money!!

Basic and functional


Jun 29, 2006 by bjmar13

"Oh my God, my new phone can get new ring tones, has bluetooth...etc...etc...etc."

This is commonly heard right after a friend or family member gets a new phone. But the Sanyo SCP-200 has a different feel to it.

You can immediately tell that this phone is not on the cutting edge of technology with no camera and no external display, LCD or otherwise. It's relativly thick for phones nowadays, and doesn't have web access or push to talk, and you can't look "chic" or "scene" with this phone.

If that is what you care about, DO NOT get this phone.

However, if you care about having a phone that has survived over 35 drops on concrete, nearly dropped calls, and is more reliable than most any piece of technological equipment; then this IS the phone for you.

In my personal experience most of my friends (being a college boy that is) are very concerned about getting the flashiest phone around, but when we're in backwoods areas, or big valleys or canyons and we need to make a call, guess who gets to make it?? Me, with my "Ugly little phone" as some of my female friends refer to it. But that ugly little phone has more reception than any phone I have EVER seen.

It boasts an unusually long standby time, is loud when it needs to be loud, is easy to maneuver in the menus, and doesn't have long load times when you turn it on on access your phone book.

This phone is not for you trendy hip folks. You'll hate it, you can't play games, or take pictures....nothing.

Those of you who are looking for a good phone on a small budget, start considering the Sanyo SCP-200.

Not bad for an Entry Level Phone


Nov 13, 2005 by luvdaslider

This phone isn't bad at all! I got it for free so I'm not complaining! It's not bad for an entry level phone, however, don't get me wrong....this phone does have it's cons! I was originally the person who had to have a camera and other features but my parents bought me this one. I became satisfied and didn't care about all the other high tech features.

PROS: Color screen (however that is standard in today's modern technology).

Talk time (Not bad.)

I get great reception on my phone and rarely ever get any dropped calls.

It has an excellent, compact design.

Good speaker phone.

CONS: No external CID. (However, I generally answer all my calls so it really doesn't matter either way but it is still a great feature to have).

No PCS Vision. You have to upgrade $10 more to get this as well as the ready-link walkie talkie feature, external CID, etc.

No games.

ok phone


Oct 23, 2005 by runt

bought it to replace my bad nokia 3588i, works a lot better. i do wish i could find a way to upload ringtones and backgrounds to i though. all i have been able to figure out how to do so far is backup the contact list and send/receive text messages with it hooked up to a computer :(

My experience with this phone has not been good


Oct 6, 2005 by Nic503

Every one of these guys that I have sold has been returned with the customers complaining of bad reception and dropped calls. In it's favor, though, it is a decent entry level phone in terms of functionality. I wouldn't buy it though...

good for the basics


Oct 3, 2005 by jlphone

great phone good reliability......no vision... but if you need it or want it...20$ more gets you a 2300 by sanyo that has that plus the extenal caller id

Great, but Missing One Thing


Jun 11, 2005 by cseabourn

Overall this is a great low-end phone. It has awesome signal strength and a very high quality speaker. Now the only thing that this phone would really need would be the vision services offered by Sprint PCS. Vision is where you can access Internet and download screen savers, ringtones, and games. It comes with some nice polyphonic ringers but being able to download more would've been nice.

Basic, but great


Apr 13, 2005 by scott1494

I work at a Sprint retailer. We have just recently started selling this phone. I've personally sold a few of these, but every customer who has purchased one has said that it's an excellent phone. It get the strongest signal of any phone that I know of in our stock. Overall, the phone is a great buy!

Pros: Excellent signal strength, better preloaded ringtones than any previous Sanyo phone, Excellent speakerphone

Con: No external LCD



Mar 30, 2005 by catlkthief

good overall phone lacks external display the sanyo intro movie is only lk 10 secs long lol they put effort it to this i think the 5600 is the bomb thou

A great phone.


Apr 21, 2007 by RPMTuner45

After my second Samsung A560 died, I was hoping Sprint would be nice and replace my phone with a different model. Eventually they did, and the model that they gave me was the SCP-200. I was very impressed. I was thinking, I have a phone that can hold a charge for more than 20 minutes! The battery life was very good, the sound and signal were very good with Sprint in Buffalo, and I never thought that Sprint could give good performance! I guess you just need a good phone.

After about a month or so, I upgraded to the Sanyo 3100.

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