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Life Saver!


Aug 8, 2006 by bluepen209

(Ok, this is the 1st time I have every given a product review but I must share my experience.)

I am so impressed with price ($97.48 Walmart Cingular Go Phone) and the features. Though I do not need many features but you do get the bang for your buck.

The Motorola V235 is a life saver for me. My V220 screen died and I am 7-weeks from my upgrade date with Cingular. It was my 2nd v220 as the first one had a defect in the receiver and it's replacement died! I did not want to spend $200++, sign a new contract with 5 months left. I have the insurance, $50 ded, but they will send me another V220. Remember 1st time shame on you, 2nd time shame on me, 3rd you are just a dumb-a... The in-store representatives (2 men) were virtually useless (in every sense of the word). I remembered what the pleasant representative (a lady) from the 800 number told me 2-days before I drove to the Cingular store - you can get a Go Phone and place your SIM card in it and it will work. That was also verified my the Walmart sales person (another lady). She was so kind and understand of my problem (the total frustration) and offered to remove my SIM card from the old phone and insert it in my new phone.

I can/could spend $200++ on a new phone but I do not see the need. I do not like a wireless carrier holding you hostage and controlling my money. The Cingular in-store representatives are just Sales People - no service. I do hate Cingular but unfortunately they do have good coverage. Though, I can control the amount of money I spend with them.

Tell everyone in a situation (like mine) that they can purchase a Pay As You Go Phone and just insert your SIM card. As Martha would say, "That's a Good Thing".

So far, I like the V235 so much that I am not upgrade when I can!

Nice Phone


Jun 9, 2006 by tischmic

This phone is a lot better than the v220, a lot more features like video cam. bigger screen and looks a lot better. The only thing I do not like about this phone is the lights for the keys are not very bright and it is bigger than the v220. The phone is about $97.00 with prepaid and free with a 2 year contract and is a lot cheaper than the V557 and has the same amount of features except blue tooth.

Absolutely Astounding!


Jul 25, 2006 by rynmcdnl

Got this phone about 2 weeks ago from Wal-Mart for about $97 from Cingular GOphone. I have to say I am very satisfied with my purchase. The phone is a tremendous step up from my old V170. The screen is quite large, and just the right size for displaying pictures and text. The buttons on the keypad are neatly arranged, and easy to navigate with. I love the fact that this phone has a camera, with 4x digital zoom, which can also record video. A couple problems with this phone would be that when you go to take a picture, the screen is nearly cut in half by a black box with all your options on it, which doesn't leave a lot of room to view your picture. Overall this phone is GREAT. I love it!

Large display screen.
Camera with 4x zoom.
Picture quality is great.
Sound is great.
reception is fantastic.
BATTERY LIFE IS ASTOUNDING! Nearly 2 and half-3 days of batterly life before needing charged, permitably more if you wait until battery meter is completely drained.

Backlight for the buttons isn't exactly bright...
Camera mode is cut in half by a black box,
same for when u view a picture.
If you set a picture you took yourself as your wallpaper be cautious, for it will expand larger than it appears when views.
not a wide variety of ringtone choices,
same with wallpaper choices, but there are plenty of downloads.

Overall I recommend this phone to ANYONE! It's by far the greatest phone I've ever owned.

Great Phone!


Jul 24, 2006 by powercellular

As a Cellular Sales person I get the opportunity to demo many phones. I recently tried the V235 out and was impressed for a budget priced camera phone.

Nice size phone and button size
Signal was good (GSM)
Call quality was very good
Speaker quality good
One touch Camera Button
I was impressed with the Pic quality
Menu is easy to access

Display is hard to see outside



Jun 18, 2006 by davef413

This phone was a replacement for my V120. It boasts a lot more features like video camera,a bigger screen and the looks of a top of the line phone. The phone is about $97.00 with prepaid from Cingular, and The camera is approx. 1.3 Megapixel (great for a phone) The Video camera is OK, and does the job. What I really like about this phone is the capability to back up, restore, and trasfer data to and from it via your computer and the USB port on the bottom. I like this because you can make YOUR OWN ringtones from your music collection, put some of your pictures on it from your computer, and save the pictures and video taken from the phone rght to your computer, without paying to send them from your phone in a text message. Think about it: Free ringtones, wallpapers, music, pictures, all is a nice small package, which is sleek, yet durable, how can this phone get any better? There isn't one thing i do not like about this phone

MGA Studios

perfect Bomb Shelter Phone!


May 2, 2010 by Lin0

For those who travel the United States, this phone is flawless. I can make and receive calls from out in the middle of nowhere and even in the middle of Detroit doing maintenance inside of an old school bomb shelter!
It's small and durable, and I talk on it one hour of every day, and with an 1100mah battery, I have to charge the phone every two days.
I've owned it for 4 years and its been dropped 30 times or so. The only thing that recently happened to it was the ringer/speakerphone speaker blew and had to be replaced.

It's got a camera but lets face it, mobile phones were not meant to be used as cameras! I use the camera on the V235 to take video and I understand what I can use it for and what I cannot.
It's also really nice that it has the standard usb jack on the phone, so any computer could potentially charge the phone AND you can use Motorola Phone Tools to backup your contacts or even operate the phone. I can text using my computer keyboard when I hook up the phone to my PC.
It's one of the 3 watt or higher powered transmission phones that they USED to make and, well, its amazing.

Got V235 as replacmsnt phone


Jun 12, 2007 by tgfree

Got my V235 as a replacement for a V220 from Cingular about a year a go. My screen messed up on the V220. I love my V235 and it has more features than the V220. Only thing I hate about the V235 is the smaller display when you look at the pix you take. But with the mini usb you can connect it to your PC and with Motorola phone tool you can see your pix and put your on MP3's on it and use them as ringtones but it don't have that much memory for storage I think it like 9MB. Over all great phone to have good battery life long talk time. I give it A+++



Jun 4, 2007 by x3__SAMMi__x3

hello moto ringtone!?!

Best buy


May 1, 2007 by Guido_Vitale

Before I got my Motorola V235 I had a Siemens C66 and a Sony Ericsson Z500 and I have to say that my Moto V235 beats them in many aspects.
Firstly, it is very CHEAP for all the features it comes with. I bought it to Movsitar (Argentina) with a pre-paid plan for only 269 pesos! (approx U$S 88). It has an acceptable VGA camera, it plays MP3 (quite neat for the price), it has a very strong and reliable signal reception, it has a fast software, and it has an attractive design too.
When I bought it, it came with 8 mb of free memory but I figure that if I deleted all that Movistar propaganda such as images, wallpapers, screensavers, etc, it would rise to 10mb.
Besides, it vibes & rings at the same time, which not many Motos of that price do (at least in Argentina).
I think it could be compared to much more expensive phones, except for the absence of Bluetooth and an MP3 player.

- Lightweight
- Small
- Quite neat VGA camera
- MP3s sound nice on it
- Good aspect
- Good reception

- No Bluetooth (though I'm cool with it... it's a cheap phone!)
- The stub antenna could be considered a con, but you can replace it for a smaller one if you want (I personally wouldn't do it, since it's so tacky, but it's you you)

loved it


Mar 23, 2007 by phoneguru55

had this phone for about six months
love the ringtones and the volume
bought it from walmart for 99.00 perfect price

after about 3 months the phone flip started wobbling? and fell apart

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