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Amazing phone, truely amazing.


Feb 11, 2006 by Backtothemac

I have had this phone for three days now, and I am blown away. We live in an area that has horrible reception. Razr doesn't work, s710a doesn't work, slvr doesn't work, LG doesn't work, treo, yea right. Well, this phone is perfect, no static, no dropped calls. Truely amazing phone. Perfect service were we never had so much as a signal!

Size and weight. It is so nice to hold a phone in my hands that doesn't weigh less than an iPod Nano.
Battery life is wonderful.
Signal / Reception. UNREAL RECEPTION!
Symbian OS.
Great PDA functions.
T-9 is strong on this phone.

None that I can find other than a slight lag between menus and apps.

A $400 paperweight......


Nov 8, 2005 by nok6100

Too bad I didn't listen to you guys about the firmware on this piece 'o junk. WARNING: for anyone considering purchasing this phone (6680, 6681, 6682)....DON'T DO IT! You will regret it when the phone reboots itself over, and over endlessly, you will not be able to place or receive calls, or use the web browser. I even took my SIM card out, and the MMC card out too, and the phone would just sit there rebooting itself! Wow! This particular phone has some serious firmware issues. And the one I got ripped off on had revision 4 firmware. Nokia will never rip me off again on their "smart" phones, should be re-named "retard" phones.

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"Best phone offered by Cingular currently"


Sep 21, 2005 by ecb05nyc

EDGE Class 10, Excellent audio quality of the earpiece, long batterry life, Bluetooth 1.2, MP3/AAC Player, Great Screen, Series 60 Symbian Phone, Customizability, Push-to-Talk Capable, MMC memory card, 1.3MP Camera, reception, price on internet stores ($100)

Small Keys (you get used to it), bloatware the phone comes loaded with, cut down version of European 6680, price direct from Cingular ($300)

I listed the pro's above but I wanted to elaborate a little bit on the fact that this is a Symbian Series 60 phone. I really didn't understand what this meant before I got this phone, but it really is a full blown smartphone. Two of the apps that I have been most happy with that I got right away have been Agile Messenger from Agile Mobile, and ProfiMail. The first is an IM client that allows you to use EDGE instead of SMS for IM'ing. Very handy if you have unlimited MediaNET from Cingular. Most phones don't have full blown applications for download like this phone which makes this phone a true smartphone to me.

i got my 6682


Aug 2, 2005 by mikeoffroad

i think its great to much to boast about get one when there available again and find out

Freezes up a lot


Jan 8, 2006 by nimans

Considering this is supposed to be a loaded Nokia phone, I'm not impressed with the software that Nokis uses. For one, the series 60 software, and this is the first phone I own that uses Nokia's S60 OS, it freezes up a lot. Many of the applications , including games, freeze up A LOT. The phone doesn't have an auto key lock feature, and when I forget to lock the keys, I always call someone by mistake. And the voice recognition SUCKS. I have to program a voice two sometimes three times and most of the time it still doen't recognize my voice.


Good signal strength
Good styling
Good picture quality
Easy to customize buttons and menus.


Software freezes a lot
Software freezes a lot
Software freezes a lot
Voice recognition not good
Talk and End buttons kind of small

Glad I Got Rid Of It!!


Jan 10, 2006 by scorpgc

I am rating this .05 in hopes that Singular and Nokia would somehow see the seriousness of releasing a product, sub-par.

While it is evident that some buyers have had absolutely no problems, a lot have! This is not the only user-review forum which reports such negative feedback: Lost Call Logs, Powering Off, Virus-Bugs in the OS (packet data transmitted ALL DAY!), Loss of all set up features when phone powers off, Freezing up, "Tiny Buttons"...

I bought the phone through Letstalk.com the day after it released-like hundreds here, patiently waited and paid close to $350 for the phone.

Letstalk.com would not take the phone back after the 30-days I had it. Cingular had absolutely no clue-the woman at Warranty Exchange was honestly no help and sounded as if it were her first day talking about a cellular phone. The phone they wanted to give me in return was a Motorola or a Siemens (which was discontinues--neither had the 1.3 MP, Smart Phone features, MP3 or Video Capture. Hmmm, brand new contract with Cingular-I get screwed. Oh, and no replacement phone if I sent it to Nokia for service.

Tried the cold-starting, new SIM card, etc. but absolutely nothing helped-only the sale of the phone on ebay, to a Tecky who wanted it.

Bought the new generation RAZR v3i with 1.3 MP and video capture...unlocked, unbranded...from wirelessimports.com! Should have stayed with Moto-now this is a great phone.

Best Phone


Aug 1, 2006 by x3ldonx

This is the best phone I have purchased great signal considering its cingular. Also, so many applications for this phone you can get. Watch movies like an actual movie music. Almost like a PDA if you ask me its better not too much with the business use but if you want to show off and not feel like getting another phone for like two years get this phone.

Another great Nokia


Mar 12, 2006 by xspeed9190

All im gonna say is its a nokia. There is no rival. Sony ericsson trys with its w600. no comparison. nokia can multitask sony cant. and as far as an os symbian is so much more stable than the ericsson platform.
Excellent reception
Camera is improving
Battery life is great if u upgrade to the bl-6c
Love the new onscreen standby icons
Nokia always has the best bluetooth interface
Its a nokia its rocksolid build and very user friendly without being to simple.
Powerfull 220 mhz cpu keeps it runing fast, and doesnt freeze like its cuz the 6620.

radio would have been nice
maybe a free version of Voice signal would have been great.
2mp camera would have been good but i guess they move the quality through natural progression

Great phone just really expensive. In the world of cellphones there are two types Nokias and everything else.
I have been selling phones for 6 years and nothing can compare to nokia.

the bomb


Feb 18, 2006 by djtheraven

i have had the 3650 for 3yrs and i have friends with all the others, so that would explain why i wouldnt complain about slow menu and turning off once in a while....nokia symbian all do that...but this phone has more internal memory so its twice as fast as the 3650...
this is the best phone i have ever had...it was worth the wait to let them fix the bugs....and thats right no more bugs...

i like that back door...it dosnt feel cheep and gives overide switching to the camera even when phone is locked....
the screen is the clearest on the market....
the camera/video zoom feature is incredible for a phone.....
the themes for the backround is very colorfull......
memory card slot on side.....
has may hot keys all around the phone....
flash for camera and light sensor....
faster and more stable than all other nokia symbians in the past.....
has radio and tv......

really the only complaint i have is that you cant keep the light on for the mobitv...unless im dong something wrong....

if you love camera phones on steroids this is the phone for you......

6682 sucks


Jul 23, 2006 by alikhan1

I had a Motorola V710 with Verizon that i was desperate to get rid off to get to a Nokia 6682 with Cingular, i regret that decision so much now. the 6682 is an absurd phone. the buttons are so small that even my relatively small digits are forever hitting the wrong keys. the volume from the headset is weak and from the speakerphone is abysmal. the speaker phone does not stay on but rather only activates when the call is connected, a good idea in theory but you have to turn it on everytime. not to mention that since it doesn't have a dedicated speakerphone button the softkey that turns the speakerphone on also subsitutes as the end call key before the call is connected. so if you're in a rush to turn the speakerphone you may end up disconnecting the call!! The camera shoots decent photos but the cover keeps sliding open in my pockets.

My biggest gripe however is with the software. nokia have always had amazing UIs. but the symbian OS in the 6682 sucks! instead of having things such as profiles, themes settings in a folder called ummm i don't know "settings" its in a folder called tools where you'd expect to find the calculator or the date book. On top of it the OS is really slow and hangs everytime im in the subway where i can't recieve a signal resulting in a restart. I don't understand why the lack of a signal should prevent me from playing snake but this stupid phone freaks out everytime! the software has so much bloatware and its so difficult to know if any applications are running that it frequently prevents you from taking photos. Imagine your surprise when you've just caught that perfect kodak moment only to have your phone tell you that too many applications are open and it can't store the photos. Bloody retarded. finally the T9 predictive text isn't smart like the Motorola in that it doesn't learn spellings and makes suggestions. so you have to type in the entire word everytime! don't buy this phone!

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