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Samsung SGH-X475


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SGH-X475 = Terrible = Unhappiness


Feb 2, 2006 by LaProfesora

The only difference between this cellphone and a busted up payphone on a street corner in the bad part of town is that the cellphone is portable. Even truckstop payphones have a better quality sound than this model. Even my motorola that I bought in 2000 was better than this! :(

I made the mistake of reading the positive reviews for this phone on phonescoop and believing them. (btw, T-mobile was the one who directed me to this website.) It makes me question who actually writes some of the reviews.

I confirmed the signal quality for my usage area (Indianapolis) on the Tmobile website and it said that it was strong in my usage areas. However, sometimes I get no signal in my own home,
Usage throughout the area: calls get cut off and voices (if there is a signal) are often choppy.
Even at maximum volume I can't hear the person on the other line very well and they can't hear me. As a result we are both yelling.
DON'T get this model if you need a phone to communicate with others. Especially if your main concerns are for use in emergencies and using for business purposes.
PROS: It tells time. It's portable.

Not a Good Fit For Me; Switched to the Razr


May 17, 2005 by hwg00

I tried this phone for a little bit... I was at first attracted to its look and feel but found it uncomfortable to use.

Looks Nice

Hard to Open
Buttons hard to push
Reception was bad, at least for me
Tinny Sound
Dual Band; May be somewhat limited globally
No speaker
No camera
No bluetooth

I wound up going to a third party dealer and getting a razr... much more comfortable for me..

Crappy Phone


May 10, 2005 by AEguy27

This phone made me not want to have a cell phone anymore. Sure, its sleek in design and has a nice screen; but it lacks in sound quality and reception. For anyone who is used to having a phone that makes calls, this is probably not the phone for you.

nice casing


Apr 5, 2005 by JNelson35

the casing on this phone is just about the best thing it has. i purchased this phone and a second line on to my account to make voice calls. it drooped calls and faded in and out alot. also i didn't like the changes samsung has mad in the os since i last used one of their products (elo5). i live in Dallas, and most places i go it said i had a full signal but it was all ways dropping and feeding in and out during calls. also the leather case i bought to keep it in obstructed the charger from being atched properly to the device.

Awesome Phone!


May 21, 2005 by mikes63737

This phone has alot of "firsts" for me. This is my first T-Mobile phone. This is also my first GSM phone. This is my first flip phone. And this is my first color phone.

*Small and light-weight
*Internal antenna
*External LCD
*Nice, bright color screen
*Easy to use
*Sound quality is better than Great
*T9 input is better than most other phones
*Voice recorder
*Excellent battery life (compared to my other phones, this one lasts 4 times as long!)
*Side volume keys.
*No Camera (Camera Phones have cheap cameras anyway!)

*Phone makes lots of noise when it vibrates
*Included ringtones are not that good

However, these cons can be easily fixed. If the phone is in your pocket and it is set to vibrate, put the phone in your pocket so you have easy access to the volume keys. When you get an incoming call, you can just hold down one of the keys to stop the phone from vibrating. If you don't like the included ringtones, you can just download another from T-Mobile.

Overall, I really like this phone and I hope to purchase another Samsung phone very soon.

So far so good


Mar 30, 2005 by carsick

I had for one day now and I do like this phone. The call quality is excellent. People say I sound great and the earpiece speaker volume is loud enough for noisy environments. I previously had the motorola v300 which was never loud enough.

This phone doesn't have a lot of features, most notably the lack of camera and speaker phone, but handles the basic functions very well. It boots up fast and the menu system is quick.

It is a small phone with no antenna, so it slips in and out of my pocket easily.

I don't intend on using any other features of this phone (hey, I'm 40, who would I text message?) other than the chess game included on mine.

The only negatives I can think of is that it doesn't vibrate and ring simultaneously, it's one or the other. Also, the included ring tones are really bad, imo.

Hope this helps.



Mar 2, 2010 by narn3049

One of the first tmobile prepaid phones I used for backup. it was really durable, and had survived everything, then i broke the screen from dropping it one to many times.

The phone ringtones were loud, games and entertainment with this phone was awesome. totally something you should get if u want a great backup phone

great basic phone


Feb 18, 2006 by mustang03282

this is a great phone for basic usage. The keys are a little small for trying to txt message and the reception can be bad in some places out in the country. Whne in the city calls are clear. This phone may be small but its a brick you can drop it step on it run it through the washer nothing will break it. Its got all your basic functions but nothing advanced the main reasion i got rid of mine is because hands free on it aint worth a crap its echos so bad its impossible to talk on it with a headset. Its a nice little phone and is getting alout of unfare reviews on this site. and its defently safe to have for a emergency i had to call 911 on it in a area that i kow is a dead spot for about 15 miles and it was crystal clear the whole call most newer if not all newer cell phones bump up the output when calling emergency services. its not as nice as my new razr but its a fraction of the cost what do you expect

Takes a Beating


Feb 7, 2006 by FLGirl

I agree that the sound isn't perfect. I don't like that it doesn't have a speaker phone. It is almost impossible to use a hands free device with it, but it takes a beating.

I am hard on cell phones. I tend to be forgetful and even washed it..... in the clothes washer, soap and all. It took three days to dry out and I used my dryer with a rack to air dry it (without heat of course) It still works.

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have dropped it. It hasn't cracked. It looks like it is five years old, but it is only 6 months old.

I don't need a phone with all the bells and whistles. I like the sound of my ringers. I downloaded them into my phone.

My advice on this phone is if you are hard on phones... are prone to clumsiness... like I am....then it isn't a bad deal.

The only complaint I have is when I find another phone like this one only with a speaker phone and a hands free set that works..... I won't be able to transfer my downloaded ringers to the next phone. T-Mobile should work on that. It isn't cheap to download and they should be purchased once in my book.

Terrible Phone


Oct 29, 2005 by dinodoris

- good basic flip phone

- dropped calls all the time
- problems with text messaging
- when someone calls, the phone doesn't ring, just goes straight to voice mail.
- horrible reception

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