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first blackberry


Dec 3, 2005 by dustin2697

This is my first blackberry after using the treo 650 with verizon for along time, i decided to get the 7520 over the 7100i for one reason. The keyboard. I like to have the one letter to one key not two. The email was weird to set up at first but after one day it is user friendly. Would reccomend it to anyone over the7100.

Come On Blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May 13, 2005 by deezmania

Overall this phone does what it is supposed to. I have a few issues with this phone....after using the blackberry for tmobile this phone doesn't even come close.

Great speaker
Loud crisp conv
Great Email and Organizer

1.When placing a call walkie talkie you need to move the speaker up and down a little to get it to work normaly.
2.No shortcuts for locking keypad
3.No end and send buttons like tmobiles edition
4.cant dial from phone book
5.Drops calls more often than my i860, and i830
6.Shortcuts are limited on this phone you need to use the side buttons for everything.

Over all its a good phone for business users who need email and stay organized. If you have tmobile or are thinking of switching and don't really need the walkie get the blackberry for tmobile.

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I love my BlackBabyBerry....


Feb 9, 2005 by jackies35

I am hooked! This phone, 7520, is the bomb! I love it. I get all, all of my emails from 4 different accounts (through Berry Web Client) with easy!! I don't have to worry if I checked my email or which email I didn't check.... This is God sent...

It fits my personality straight through... It was a breeze to setup the web client. I am coming from the fancy i730 and i860 with tons of ringtones (mp3s, and wallpaper). So, when I notice the ring tones were low and limited, I frowned for only 2 seconds (ha hahah). Then, I went straight on the web and start surfing....

Nextel gives great customer service like mentioned before. So, I didn't have to call them at all... The screen is very bright and beautiful (even when I am outside). Three great options on the light level!! The lighting could be a little annoying and searching for the button could be challenging... The ESC key, is another thing... I hang up on all my

calls. hahah..ahah.

Again a great thing is the direct connect and the speakerphone is awesome and needed! Thank you Nextel and BlackBerry... haha...

The Battery life seems about 1 1/2 days with heavy usage but I only use it for about 55 minutes then, it starts going down.... I guess the screen light, the icons, and everything else, drains the battery. I hope RIM or NEXTEL get a longer (battery-time) battery... I think it should be about 6 hours of talk-time and 6 days on standby (haahhaha.. boy do I wish! )

Bluetooth/Gps/BES --> Didn't get to try these yet...

FOR 50.00-Bucks! You can’t beat this!

Overall, it’s "popping"... It's my little BLACKBABY!!

Incredible Production Tool


Apr 8, 2005 by russellmbrown

Pro: Everything you need for business planning at you fingertips in one tool, easy to learn and use.

Con: Can't figure out how to make non-completed tasks automatically fwd to next day.

I am a recovering Palm user and can't believe I waited this long to upgrade. Not that the Palm PDA was a bad product - Blackberry is just that good! The menu is accessed by a small "trackwheel" on the right side of the unit that is moved by the thumb. Lefties beware - you will need to use you right hand!

All menu functions are intuitive. I have an old Jabra Bluetooth ear piece (BT200) that is meant to fit non-Bluetooth phones - charger plugs into the jack. However, I don't need to plug it into the BB 7520 - I just paired the ear piece with the phone and it works perfectly! Sound quality and reception is great with or without the Bluetooth earpiece. Contrary to other reviewers' comments, the Nextel Direct Connect function works well with the Bluetooth except that the ear piece times out after 4-5 seconds. But you can still hear through the speaker.

I was worried about the larger size of the unit as compared to my old cell phone (Nextel i60) but it only took a day or so to get used to it.

I figured out a great way to mount the unit on my dash board without buying another aftermarket mount. Radio Shack carries a heavy duty velcro-like fastener, like the kind that comes with the windshield mounted turnpike toll transponders - EZpass, or Ipass. You can stick the desk stand cradle that comes with the unit on you dash and put your phone in it. It holds the unit pretty securely and allows you to see who's calling without taking your eyes off the road.

All in all, the most useful piece of technology I have ever invested in.

Blackberry 7520


Dec 21, 2004 by Florida

Upgraded from my Blue Berry and noticed the keyboard was larger but unfortunately RIM did not make the display light larger or more accessible when you are in the dark trying to get the light on the display board to illuminate.

I talk about 5,000 minutes of cell time and the Blue Tooth works great with the Motorola Blue Tooth although I generally have to find a charger to recharge the battery half way thru my day.

I use the Web Client and find it is easy to use and generally I get my emails within 15 minutes of when I would normally do when I am using my laptop.

I have a few phone numbers in my directory and when I dial them from the address book the local Nextel network gives me an error message and tells me I can't be connected to the number as dialed; if I enter the number in manually it always connects; so I don't know if it's the BB 7520 or Nextel's network known in Florida as "Drop Call " network....

My impressions


Dec 10, 2004 by hoppyjr


I just received my 7520 on 12/2/04 - looks very nice, somewhat of a charcoal color. The battery door from my 7510 fit fine (although, while the black 6510 door also fit, it was a hair different in color). All of my cases for the 7510 fit the 7520 perfectly. I like the screen and two-stage white backlighting. The illuminated keys are a nice touch too. I don't know if the bezel (around the screen) is metal or "flash-plastic" but it has a cool brushed-metal look. 32mb of memory will allow more games and goodies too, but the existing 7510 apps I had didn't run well on the 7520.

I just used the included CD disc to install the latest desktop software on my PC, then pluged it in and everything worked great. It even automatically hooked itself to my company BES and changed its own PIN number - I was poised to call one of our techs to swap it over, but the sync on my PC handled it (I have no clue how this happened, but I was connected to our network).

I agree that the plastic holster sucks. I'm not fond of the antenna, but I realize it is necessary on the Nextel, so I'll live with it.

All is good so far.............


second blackberry


Feb 2, 2008 by piewackete

i just bought the 7520 yesterday and so far i love it i upgraded it from my 7510 so far its awesome battery life is good love the fact that i can have wallpapers (im odd like that and my 7510 didn't let me do that) love the bluetooth email works great and like the color better than my 7510 everyone called it a blueberry i don't mind a big phone so thats cool he keyboard is also very easy to type on and my bluetooth has a range of at least 40 feet before i start to get any static

nextel service(never had a problem with there coverage)




no camera (doesn't bother me but for some reason people want there phones to take pictures).

wont make me something to eat

i honestly don't have any bad thing to say about this phone im a huge blackberry and nextel fan

My review on the BlackBerry 7520


Oct 19, 2007 by ajmanz

I absolutely love the 7520. I had the 7100i before the 7520 but it broke when it fell out of my holster. The durability of the 7520 is far better then the 7100i. It is a shame Nextel does not sell the 7520 anymore because I feel it is the best quality BlackBerry for Nextel. The 7100i is good because of the size but other then that it is a poor quality device. I would recommend the 7520 to anyone interested in a BB from Nextel. You can find the 7520's on eBay for under a $100.



Jun 28, 2007 by lotr103

This device is incredible. I previously had the i560. I decided to get a blackberry :) The signal and call quality was better then any other nextel phone i had. The only problem i had with this was due to nextel's network.... sadly enough at my work i think there's something wrong with nextel's tower. I can send e-mail but not receive it. This all clears up when i get home, or on my drive home. I would recommend the blackberry 7520 to anyone.

Awesome phone to use on Boost Mobile :)


Feb 3, 2007 by yanike

I got this phone and it's AWESOME! Good business phone to have. All I had to do was slip my Boost sim card in, rest the radio setup and use it. Nice :) Definitely would recommend this phone to anyone. It's speakers are loud, awesome display screen with 2 lightings, Awesome PDA features and more. I will have 2 phones soon. I'm gonna buy that cheap i415 phone for out use, because it's made stronger and I don't want to mess up my 7520 :)

Bottom Line... Great for personal and business use. It depends on the person.

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