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Blackberry and its service are poor


Dec 19, 2006 by billiemorini

I have given up on Blackberry. I have my 3rd model 7520 in 13 months. The first two died. The third one refuses to work correctly. I spent about 12 hours last week with Blackberry support trying to get the 3rd one to work. One of our secretaries managed to make it do most things. Today was the last straw. I spent 110 minutes with level I and level II Blackberry support. They could not resolve le problème du jour which is the ability to transfer Contacts from Outlook to the Blackberry. Funny, it was doing that automatically. Then, with same computer and blackberry, it simply stopped. Blackberry support bumbled their way to nowhere. I've sent the Blackberry to my corporate office and requested a Treo.

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The Blackberry Rules Internet!!!!!!!!!!


May 24, 2006 by Donnellh

This phone is the "Best". I have had the Sprint Treo for awhile, and it made me sick. Although I never liked Bar Phones this one is great. The internet is very useful and is user friendly. You have to be very phone savy to be able to function in the PDA world. I put all of my contacts email address, home and work numbers in this phone. Not only is this phone ready for the future, but it is ready for that individual who has a very hectic schedule. Nextel keep up the good work.

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Phone Very Unfriendly


May 15, 2006 by Mark_A_L

Having never used a Blackberry, Treo or anything like this before, I like the email, calendar, and contacts ease...

However, I think the PHONE STINKS. First, I seem to have a signal only 1/3 of the time I need to make a call (I live in Atlanta; there should never be a problem with this EVER). Second, everyone who calls me says they can rarely get through to me... Nextel recording says "I'm unavailable" and doesn't even direct caller to my personal voicemail. Third, every call I recieve says "unknown number," even if they are on my contacts and SIM Phone list.

In conclusion, I think the Blackberry works well, but Nextel stinks. I had Verizon for 4 years prior and rarely ever had problems. If my employer didn't make me have a Nextel Blackberry, I'd be on Verizon in a heartbeat!

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Jul 17, 2005 by MikeCallery

I think if I was given the choice of a Pocket PC device, especially the new version coming out, or the Blackberry, I'd likely choose a Pocket PC due to familiarity with Microsoft Products, especially Outlook.

With that said, and being that Nextel does not have a Pocket PC device, I find the Blackberry relatively straightforward, easy to use and very, very functional.

If you are looking for a phone which can carry your contact into, calendar, to do, this unit will work fine. If you are looking for mobile Outlook which also happens to be a phone, I'd lean towards the Pocket PC. It's a matter of your priorities.

I've had it now, just outside of New Orleans, LA., for about a week and have had no dropped calls and no problems, lockups, etc. It's running the latest software, which nicely enough I installed from the website. My webclient is working fine, sending mail as I require from three different email sites.

Can there be improvements, sure. I'd love to see a few shortcut keys (programmable), like F1 to F10 across the top for quick access to certain features/functions. I would love to see a cradle/charger combo for it to sit in, but everything has pros and cons and nothing here is critical.

It does a good job for what it is designed and I'm quite pleased with my purchase.

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awsome internet


May 28, 2005 by thomsrq

After a few days I came across a way to make the internet work just like it would on your computer.
For some reason if you go through "GOOGLE" using Nextel on line you don't get the full internet,but if you type in "WAP" and look for
"MY GLOBE WAP" and book mark it this is your gate way. after you open my globe wap look for the "Google" link at the top. Select it and click on the wheel. For some reason this is completely diffrent then the other google. It will look just like google on your computer just type in your search and your on. I've not found one site I could not look at just like I could on my desk top. Good luck.
if you have any questions email me

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Great Phone!


Dec 9, 2004 by Jrubyaz

I ordered this phone on the evening of December 3, 2004, a Friday. Nextel had it Fedexed by Saturday and in my hands Monday. I was really impressed by that.

Pros :Even more impressed by this phone. Bluetooth is awesome, have it synced to my Jabra headset. The keyboard is much bigger than the 7100T which I also have. While a bigger phone, most BB users understand that, and much smaller than some predecessors.

Nextel gives great customer service. Setting up the web client was a breeze. The RIM push email is on the screen, which is brilliant in color and gives you three options, dark, which is readable in outside or concentrated light; first light, much better, and the brightest setting, which you can set for up to 2 minutes.

Syncing with Outlook for calendar and notes is a breeze. Up to 10 accounts on BB web client supported.

GPS embedded in case you are trying to check email while driving get in an accident so the paramedics find you ( I don't do this ,but nice feature for emergencies).
With Nextel, you also get the Direct Connect deal . Walkie talkie cuts down on minutes. Surfing the web is fast, much faster than my 7100t

Cons: Really only a few. The holster stinks from Nextel. It is nice hard swivel holster but a bear to get the phone out. I ordered the leather swivel from another party.

I wish the bright light could be on longer but I understand the battery conservation.

Battery life seems about 2 days with heavy use and no charging, but I am still experimenting with that.

All in all, this is a great BB. No wonder they call them crackberries, they are addictive!

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this phone rocks


Feb 15, 2005 by jclif

i have had this phone for a about a month and i love it. i have access to my three email accounts and i get all the alerts that i want. the keyboard makes it extremely easy to write an email or to send a quick message. i honestly dont know how i survived without this phone!!

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Almost Got It Right


Jan 9, 2005 by USA_CA

My blue-berry finally hit a puddle of water, and off to Nextel I went for the 7520. It really is a Blackberry now with it's macho black case. I can actually hold it in public now without giggles from on-lookers refering to the blue color.
OK, seriously, though, they almost got it right. Key spacing is better. Two stage backlighting, very nice, escpecially if you work in the dark alot like I do. I can even actually find the light button now without looking at the phone. Setup is easy. Email flows without a glitch. Bluetooth is great with a wireless headset - it even works in direct-connect mode with the headset!
What I am really waiting for though is for Nextel to take a step forward and designate a new model, let's say the 7530, that will look and feel like the Blackberry 7730 (larger display, not quite as wide as the 7520, which would make it pocket friendly.)
I would even like to see a camera, maybe even active GPS directions. Yes, I want everything.
Come on Nextel, as a 11-year customer, I'm waiting, it's 7230 time!

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This i s sweet


Oct 29, 2005 by sprintsanyo192196

ya it hooks to my care using the speakers

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Aug 28, 2005 by painter

I have used my 7520 for about ten months and feel compelled to send in my comments. The email part of the phone works very well. I am always in touch instantly. My complaint however is with the cell phone part of the 7520. In my opinion the R.I.M. phone design is very poor. I cannot count the # of times I disconnected an incoming call because I pulled it out of the carrying case and bumped the scroll wheel. The placement of the thumb-wheel / scroll-wheel and the button just below it are very poorly positioned. I find it hard to believe that the R.I.M. design engineers think this would not be a major problem. I am currently researching other phones and will be giving up my 7520. I cannot tolerate the problems I have with this phone any longer. For those of you interested in purchasing a Blackberry 7520 I suggest you ask "anyone" who has one if he / she has problems with the thumb-wheel and disconnecting phone calls. I will bet that 90%+ will say yes. R.I.M. should take the design engineers outside and smack them all for incompetence.

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