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Oct 25, 2005 by Kelliayne

I didn't think it was possible to make a worse phone than the v400, but Motorola has exceeded themselves in making another lousy phone. I had to replace the 400 three times until Cingular finally admitted that it had so many defects they had pulled it off the market. They replaced it with the 551. What an absolute joke. Sound volume is too low to hear other than in a closet and is garbled. Reception is the worst of any of the 20 or so phones I've had. As an experiment, I took my old Nokia 3100 into spots where the 551 would absolutely not work-no bars. The Nokia consistently had 3-5 bars in the same areas with perfect reception. Avoid this phone at all costs, even if someone pays you to use it. I've complained so much to Cingular they're allowing me to upgrade to another phone free.

It's really too bad because this phone has some really great features. Unfortunately, most don't work very well.

I'll never touch another Motorola product again. I guess this is what one could expect from a near bankrupt company.

Rating -5

Motorola V551


Aug 2, 2005 by sterobw

This phone has some nice features but as I use it for the Cingular network basic performance is unacceptable.


Great speaker phone
Camera is ok

Can't hear on mic unless other person is on land line
Menu commands are awkward
Dropped calls
Hard to switch callers when two call in

Really, the problem may be with Cingular so if you can use this phone with another carrier it might be worth a try.

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Better Phone Out There


Jan 2, 2005 by flyingnate88

I purchased the Motorola V551 about 2 1/2 weeks ago at a Cingular dealer. So far, I have been very happy with its performance and ease of use, here are the pros and cons:

- Good gripping surfaces
- Easy to use menus
- Camera and Video Recorders
- Screen not to hard to see in light
- Easy to flip open with one hand
- Excellent speaker phone
- Well built and very sturdy
- Good reception

- Battery life when talking is terrible
- Does not support some ringtones or games
- No easy way to access internet
- Camera pics not the best quility
- Phonebook with no address capability

Ease of use: 9/10
Functionality: 8.5/10
Cost: 9/10
Service and Range: 9/10


Who should buy it: People looking for a good quality phone and people who work in places where things could get broken. Also, the gaming on this phone is quite good so if you like playing games when you get bored at work then you will like this phone alot. Buisnessmen and women would should also have some interest in this phone because it is easy and fast to use and find things that you need such as dates and phone numbers.

Final Thoughts

Overall, with all the features that Motorola packed into this phone, I think that they did an excellent job on it. It definitily beats out the V600 because it has "more bang for the buck", or in other words, more stuff.

This Phone gets Two Thumbs down


Mar 7, 2006 by MauryD18

This phone is horrible things that make this phone horrible is alot of functions lol..........
1. It drops calls while your own the phone
2. The ring tones are low
3. The camera does not focus good unless u sit still for like 10secs so this means u cant take pictures while in motion
4. The phones freezes when u go thru the menu too fast
5. It keeps saying the sim card is not inserted
6. The Video recorder is not that clear unless u are close
The Only good thing about this phone is the design



Aug 17, 2006 by sleepeejean

This is my second v551 in a year and again the display screen has disappeared. This is very inconvenient and aggravating. I'm unable to look at any thing I can’t see who is calling and worst of all I can’t access my phone book. "So the new and approved" as they say v557 is in route to my home. We shale see. Ill keep you all posted.

it aight....


Apr 12, 2006 by girly

i've had this phone for 1 year.never really had a problem with it.the camera thou could be better.sound quality could be better. Pros...1. good colour,2.has a nice shape,3.has good reception. Cons.when u take a pic with the phone it looks clean and clear but when you save the pic and view it,it looks like mess.the only time it looks good again is when u put it as your background.....but on the whole its an alrite phone...

Compaired to the v600


Nov 9, 2004 by thadrod

This phones beats the v600 handsdown. At a cheaper price point in Canada. $400 compaired to the V600 starting at $650. More features like video capture, skins. Very stylish as well, both have a very nice look to them, at that point its your personal preference. I think that if your looking at either one, the choice is still yours, but my recomendation goes to the v551 (Rogers Wireless version) Check it out as soon as you can.

Great Value for Money


May 14, 2006 by kiwi47

My Moto V550 has now been in constant use for nearly 5 months, and performance has been faultless. No “hangs”, no dropped calls, and reception in areas where my previous Samsung handset couldn’t find a signal. I live in a hilly country area, notorious for poor cellphone reception, but have had no problems. The phone is on Vodafone NZ.

I like the V550 because it has clear and adequately loud voice reception, a great choice of ring and alarm/reminder tones, user-friendly menus, a good email system, and a decent degree of owner-configurability. The screen is bright and clear, and even a newbie-texter like me can manage the buttons well. The personal information management tools are a real plus for me – I use the calendar and reminders a lot, to augment a poor memory!!
The camera is adequate for capturing exactly the size of image which is easily sent as an email attachment, or MMS. Bearing in mind its miniscule lens, it does OK!

The phone feels well built, and solid in the hand, with no sloppiness or Razr-type creaks and groans. I can easily operate it one-handed when required, and the speakerphone is a great help when I need both hands for other things, like pen and coffee. Battery life is good on stand-by, but goes down pretty quickly when talking or surfing. Gaming doesn’t seem to affect it as much, though.

I have loaded a few useful apps, by far the best of which is a full-internet browser, “Opera Mini”. This superb and completely FREE piece of software allows you to visit ANY webpage, not just WAP accessible ones. Look for it at www.mini.opera.com.

My only minor grumbles about the V550 are its modest memory – a card-slot would’ve been nice – and the button layout for “answer” and “hang-up” should be reversed.

So in terms of bang-for-your-buck, I reckon the V550 makes pretty good sense. It may not have the bells and whistles of a Jasjar, or the sex-appeal of a Razr, but neither has it the prices of those devices. You gets what you pays for!

Decent phone for price


Dec 27, 2004 by george7720

I've had the v551 with cingular for over a month now and I've loved the phone for the most part. It has a great speakerphone and also a fair camera. The only two complaints I've had is that sometimes the phone reads "insert sim" out of the blue. It could be the sim card though. And also the video recorder is not the greatest: it's sort of frame by frame. Other than that..the phones great! God bless



Dec 9, 2004 by n8157n

I am very pleased with the new features on the V551. I've carried the v600, 400, and the 505 and this by far is the best. I like the video application and the 4x zoom, allows for clearer pictures. Bluetooth application is fairly easy to use. I also like the (blue) grips, it makes it easier to hold onto. Lets not forget the price. More phone then the V600 for a lower price. Only change I would make would be to add an SD slot. Good job Motorola.

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