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One of the Multimedia Phones.... Period


Oct 4, 2005 by dahottest_1

I have had many phone in my time with cellphones.

+ The Still Camera is very good. I had the s700i which has the same resolution camera but has a CCD sensor which theoretically should produce better images however this isn't the case in my experience.

+ The Video camcorder is excellent. You really must see this. Comparing this to the V635 (which of course I had)this phone is better in two ways. One way is the v635 can't have the flash light on during video capture which kinda sucked but what can you do. But also the p777 have CIF sized videos whereas the v635 (and most other camera phones including the s700i) has QCIF which when transfered to the makes a grande difference.

- This MP3 player is generally good. However you can't do to very crucial things. You cant fast foward or rewind nor can you minimize the MP3 player which sucks because sometimes you just want to play a game and listen to some MP3s.

-My biggest Con however is the lack of expandable memory. I hate that it doesnt have that.

Overall great phone. Very stylish and is sure to turn heads. I would reccomended buying this.

Great phone, lots of features and above-par for most users


Mar 31, 2005 by chopstikz85

I've had this phone since the day it came out so I believe my experience with it so far deserves a review.

-Nice slider design, less hassle of "flipping" open a phone.
-Auto keypad lock.
-MP3 player, (fits about 25 songs)
-Great camera, no blurriness and colors were perfect.
-Video recording with sound and great quality.
-Lots of features good for a student such as myself. (To-do list, Alarms, Calender)
-Able to answer the phone without sliding it open.
-Transfer your personal pictures from the comp, to the cell as wallpapers.

-No speakerphone BUT to the highest volume setting, the speaker is loud enough to hear without putting the phone to your head. Works great in the car, and regular outdoor environment (though I hardly doubt that you'll have speakerphone conversations in a loud public environment.)
-No Bluetooth. Personally I can live without, but some people enjoy the benefit of wireless earpieces/data transfer etc.
-You can't assign MP3's as tones. Unfortunately not, BUT you can use third-party sites to upload your MP3 ringtone to your phone or download via wap.
-There are only 10 preset ringtones, what happened to the 35??
-Difficult to slip into tight jean pockets due to it sliding up.

Overall despite the few features missing, this is a VERY great phone at the price of 299.99 on a 2YR w/ cingular. It's sleek, and it's sliding action and build is awesome. The external buttons may seem like they are loose but nothing to worry about. You may have an awkward feel holding the phone in your hand (I like using my left hand) but otherwise its nothing to gripe about. Also when listening to MP3 player, speaker is very loud, but w/ earpiece the sound quality degrades a bit. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone who fancies customization, multimedia and convenience.

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A very capable phone!


May 5, 2005 by Kadman

I've been spending some time evaluating the P777, testing it's features and trying various activities and this is what I have found:

*Signal strength is excellent. I have noticed an odd quirk in that sometimes when I first open it up, the signal strength is relatively low but it bounces back up pretty quick.

*Call quality is good. I do get an echo once in a great while, but I had that also with my previous phone on a different provider (T-Mobile). The speaker volume is VERY capable, giving you the ability to turn it up loud enough to hear in a relatively noisy environment.

*MP3 Playback - This feature is perfect for me. While I'm not suggesting that you sell your iPod, it will provide the right quality and volume level to share a new tune with friends or let them hear a comedy bit. I personally also use it to play Old Time Radio shows.

*Video playback - This is a feature I actually use that I thought I never would. Again, you won't be watching feature films, but I find it's a great way to share some of those funny video clips you find on the web and want to share with others. I even downloaded a short film (Jack Jack Attack from the Incredibles) and the quality is actually pretty darn good!

*General functionality - Overall it's very good. The slider works very well, providing the best of both worlds between a flip and candybar style phone. The menu system is intuitive. The display is crisp, bright, and colorful. Ringtones sound great. etc. etc.

The downsides that I have found are:

*Battery life - Hopefully this will improve after a few charges, but it's definitely below average right now.

*Text messaging - Typing is awkward with small keys and a top heavy design.

Overall this is a great phone and I highly recommend it!

Good Media Features


Mar 17, 2005 by Cinegal

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this phone. I waited a month once I was eligible for an upgrade to get this phone once I saw the spec sheet. Formerly used the Samsung X427.

No bluetooth or speaker, but it has 1.3mp camera & video capture. Mp3 as well, I will not use, hopefully I can set an Mp3 as ringtone. I have not played with all the features as of yet, I got the phone yesterday. The feeling is solid, not plastic feeling. Slide is solid as well. In addition, new SIM card picks up both Cingular & ATT signals! Reception is slightly better after 1 day use at a business park in Kansas City where it has been shoddy.

I chose the P777 over others because of the value / price when compared to the Sony 710 and Moto RAZR. 262K color screen is awesome! Unfortunately, cingular.com MEdia showing that P777 doesn't support color graphics, that's a minus for me. Hopefully it is just a glitch as the phone has just been released.

Comes with charger, data connect cable, headphones, and wrist strap.

good phone with a lot of errors


Jul 10, 2005 by yaamakoh

this phone indeed is an excellent phone made by the one and only samsung. i get signal almost everywhere, the new gsm technology seems to be a lot better and more stable than verizon in my opinion. this phone comes with excellent featues, such as the ability to record up to an hour of nonstop video in mp4 format so that the filesize isn't drastically huge. in most cases the file sizes for videos are good quality and smaller than the file sizes of mp3s, which is good. the camera is excellent, i now do not need a digital camera, no matter how far away or how zoomed you are (in or out) you will always get excellent quality. the retail box comes with everything you need, whichout any extra accessories you need to buy. an earpiece that plugs into both ears (to listen to mp3s and hear voice conversation a lot more clear), charger, software and a usb plugin for your computer. i was in awe with this phone with it's amazing features for about four days. the details says 100 megabits of shared memory, that is true, cept the software takes up half of it so you start out with 50, which is still good. seems though i got an error on my screen, nothing shows up, and it looks like t.v static if i were to describe it. the screen actually works every other day which is surprising, but in most cases i can still recieve and make calls (but just don't know who's calling and i can't see my dialpad on the screen). my phone turns out to be defective, but the good news is the warranty it provides. people say the software and the features are too new, and i noticed my friends have the same problem too with most samsung phones. remember people, keep your receipt. overall, i would recommend this phone to anyone who loves the newer side of technology, and i guarantee you this phone will last you plenty for at least a year without the ever need to change it. might i add the mp3 player comes in handy in long car rides.

New SGH-P777


Apr 13, 2005 by daimonseed2

It Has Been A Week Now Since I Have Gotten This Phone I Upgraded From The SGH-E316 With ATT. My Signal Strength Was A Little bit Better with the SGH-E316

MP3 Player Sounds Awesome
Video Recording is excellent
Excellent Picture Quality
Nice Sliding Design
New Samsung ringtones
With The Data Cable It Is So Easy To Transfer Videos And Pictures Too And From Your Phone.

My Signal strength keeps on changing so frequently in just one spot.
MP3 Player Speaker Could Be just a Bit Louder.
Mp3 Player Freezes a lot you have turn off your phone then turn it back on and reload your Mp3's if it freezes that really bothers me.
The Head Phones can be a struggle They always fall out of my ears.
Each Time when you slide the phone down it always lock by itself that is so annoying.
The Phone Does Not Play MP3 Ringtones That you Send To your Phone.
you Have to Go To a Website To Purchase MP3 Ringtones And They Do Not Sound Loud Like The Normal Ringtones on the phone.The real music Ringtones Sound really low on This Phone

Overall This Is a Good Phone IF you are A person who loves multimedia stuff like video recording,nice quality photos,mp3 player
then i would say get this phone..hopefully samsung will correct the errors with this phone

Well Worth Wait...


Apr 11, 2005 by NYCrooner

Well after waiting for the A630 to be released for Cingular, I decided to pick up the Samsung p777 instead. Smart move...


Size - big features in small package.

Camera - 1.3 megapixels. The images are a major upgrade over VGA cameras. Pics are a little dark but might just be the conditions I use it in.

MP3 Player - It's no iPod but it does the job. I can fit more or less 20 songs. It's great for me cause with summer around the corner, I won't have the pockets to carry my iPod, camera, and phone. Can also hear songs very clearly over the speaker.

Ringtones - I love being able to upload my favorite MP3's into ringers. Frank Sinatra all day long...

Screen - It's bright and beautiful.

Reception - Sounds clear as day with more bars than a prison cell.

USB Cable - Comes with data cable to connect to PC. Upload/download videos, pics, and MP3's.


Antenna - It's nit picking but I would have liked an internal one.

Menu - Not bad but a little too much to navigate through

Speakerphone - Or lack there of. Would have been a nice feature considering the MP3 player uses it.

EDGE - Sometimes as slow as normal WAP service. Other times its faster than a speeding bullet.


Slider function - Its a cool feature but might not be for everyone. Feels secure and well made with just a tiny bit of wobble.

Bluetooth - I know a lot of you all want that feature but the p777 doesn't have it. I personally could care less.

Well that's about it. I have to say I'm very impressed and happy about this. Not perfect but a worthy purchase. Should last me quite a while...

Good but not Great


Mar 22, 2005 by crazi3lon3r

If you plan to use this phone in other country, wait a bit because it is "too new to unlock"

Facelift, the menu interface is really nice looking, similar to the samsung p730 that my aunt has.
It comes with a USB, so transfering files isn't a problem.
It has a 1.3 megapixel camera with a 0.1 megapixel video, more than the s700! (352*288) and flash
An MP3 player that is really loud (headset included)
Nice screen, it can be seen (kinda) under sun light.
good reception, at least where I live
the middle key can be "okay" but it still goes to WAP at standby

Cons: (They are "little" things that bothers me)
1. there are no ways of manually locking the keypad
2. The antenna (i'm really not bothered, but some ppl dont like it)
3. A bit "heavy" (compare to my old 6620, its not that heavy)
4. no mp3 ringtones (I was kinda hoping that it would be like d500)
5. Cingular Wallpaper and Ringtones, I am limited to basically that because it's impossible to do it via usb
6. Only supports .jpeg for pictures, and they goes into your "my album" I think it would be better if it is in the "My Media" section
7. IrDA, still limited, again I was hoping that it would be like d500
8. My left softkey and middle (cingular key) sometimes doens't work

Camera: if you hold it still, it looks very nice otherwise.I think its pretty bad, it looks nice on the phone, but on the computer, not really. The camera takes a while to take picture at 1.3 megapixels
When you move the camera around, give it sometimes to adjust to the light, otherwise you will be blue. ONe interesting thing, if you save the picture it counts as SPA0001, and even if you delete the picture, it still continues to count, rather than started ovet at SPA0001. shutter sound can't turn off - gets annoying.
The mp3 player is good, very loud, except it's really hard to change the settings.
Video much better than the camera. if it is at 352*288 and super fine.

Forgot to mention, Lots of nice settings for camera&VDO



Jul 6, 2006 by rapkiid

This is the crappiest phone alive.I hate this phone.Its nothing close to the Samsung D807.This phone gets all thumbs and big toes down in every category

p777 ROCKS!


Apr 29, 2005 by littlehottie

This handset is awesome! The video capabilities are killer and it takes great pics. Hey pekkle- you're wrong- Woodfield DOES carry the p777 and I had to go back twice because it was sold out! I love it- the slider is cool and the screen is bright!

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