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LG AX-5000 / UX-5000


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Great Phone


Nov 27, 2006 by yusleepin

I have had this phone for about 2 months now and absolutely love it. I had had a LG5550 prior to this and had to get a new phone because the ear piece speaker had died on me. I had already had the phone replaced once and was not willing to just get it replaced again. The thing I liked most about the 5550 had been the volume level of both the ear piece speaker and the ringer. I am hearing impaired and therefore had to find a phone that would be loud enough for me to hear over background noise such as road noise, my kids talking, etc. Since the 5550 was loud enough for my husband to hear halfway across the room with my ear pressed to it (LOL), and I hadn't been able to find another phone that was loud enough, I figured that another LG was what I needed. They seemed to have worked out the ear piece speaker kinks out before making this model, as I have not had any problems with this phone cutting out on me, or dying as the previous one had.

1. Loud ear piece speaker and ringer
2. Slim, sleek, and easy to hold design
3. Easy to use LG interface
4. Sturdily Built
5. Very easy to use calculator
6. Easy to Text message someone
7. Separate easy to read front time display
8. Easy to use camera and camcorder

1. US Cellular does not have this in Red :(
2. Short timespan on camcorder, 15 seconds even though you can save up to 60 videos.
3. Speaker phone volume is not very loud.


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That the ticket


Apr 2, 2006 by Mark11

This is the perfect phone for me. I just love it.

1. Reception is very good
2. Exterior display is of the old design (not sure what it is called) You can see it better in most lighting than on a fancy color display.
3. Internal display Rocks
4. Love the Red
5. Alltel has it and I love alltel
6. LG user interface is the best out there (in my humble opinion)
6. Driving mode is sweet
7. I like that it will read the name in the phone book and you can set the phone to announce the names as the ringer
8. Speaker phone is very good
9. The ringer in the phone are more the best I have seen on a phone
10. I like the internal pictures
11. Camera is good for a cell phone
12. Ringers are loud


1. I would like the ability to leave it in drive mode with the phone closed and no headset attached and still be asked if I would like to answer the call (it will ask if the flip is open)

2. I would like to change the color of the smiley who winks at me when I change a setting... lol...I know but I would

3. One free game wouldn't be too much to ask...would it?

4. Would have been extra sweet to be able to assign voice tags to each name and hear that instead of the computerized voice's guess at what the name sound like.

I gave this phone a 5 because, at least for me, it has all the features that I want and none that I don't. I don't think it is perfect, but I do think it is just about as close as you can get with the current technology.

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I Saw Red


Feb 28, 2006 by GravityFails

I should probably be slapped for including a Warrant reference in the title, but I'll take my chances.

The AX5000 is everything I'm looking for in a phone. It's got crystal-clear voice quality (even out in the sticks), good battery life (even out in the sticks), and a VGA camera. The speakerphone is also a bonus, but it wasn't paramount in my search for a new handset. And boy did I search.

The AX5000 does not have an MP3 player. I don't care. The AX5000 does not have Bluetooth, but if my week-long disappointing experience with the Razr's Bluetooth capabilities is indicative of Bluetooth's overall quality, I don't care about that either. The AX5000 has a stubby little antenna that pokes me in the Niagaras every time I slip the phone into my pocket; okay, I care about that a little, but not enough to lower my rating of this spiffy little device. So I use a belt clip, big deal, and the boys are happy.

In other words, it's not a Razr, but that's okay. I had a Razr. I traded it in for the LG and haven't regretted it for a minute. After test driving both the V710 and the V3C with Alltel, I found myself constantly bemoaning the lack of one feature or another on each of those higher-priced gadgets, and once I saw the AX5000 in action, I knew I'd made the wrong (and needlessly expensive) decision.

Low battery life on the Razr, plus a dim external screen and no way to shut off the painfully annoying battery warning (more of an issue than you'd think) made me reconsider my purchase of Motorola's flashy flagship. The AX5000 does everything that I want it to do, including silencing the battery warning, and it does so in a sleek, touchable package with none of the V710's creaks and groans. (Closing the V710 was like lowering the gate at Warwick, for cryin' out loud.)

I don't need to be the king of the world; for those of you who do, stick with the Razr or the A900. For those who simply want a great phone at a great price, give LG a try.

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This phone is hot (red hot)!


Mar 7, 2006 by diakonos

This phone is hot (red hot)!

The only feature this phone doesn’t have that would make it the perfect phone is bluetooth capability. Other than that, this phone is phenomenal.

- very good reception/strong signal (in Alltel network
- great battery life.
- great speaker phone.
- sturdy build (the phone doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart in my hand every time I press a button or open the flip).
- camera takes great pictures/video clips.
- voice command features for the phone are terrific (especially when in driving mode). If you receive a phone call in this mode, the phone tells you the name of the person calling you and will ask you if you want to answer the call or not).

- no bluetooth (Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything).

This phone definitely gives you the best bang for your buck.

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My best Phone EVER!!


Dec 20, 2005 by Big Boy

This is my first camera phone. I have had it for three month now, its been great! I had a LG 5550 and a Motorola V260 before, but they never had the good features as this one. The picture and text messaging is great!(No need to buy Christmas cards this year!) My friends think the red is cool and they ae jealous of it. This is a GREAT phone for me!

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Sep 30, 2006 by lostangel0712

I work for a local cell phone company and play with all the cute little phones but the moment i saw this one i was in love! It has great reception I along with many others LOVE driving mode its the coolest thing about the phone!

small enough to fit nicely in ur hand
great reception
nice ring tones
loud speaker phone
when dropped doesnt scuff up easily
i love the camcorder
i like the camera but i feel it could take better quality pictures
i also wish it had at least one game

other than those two things i really love this phone and recommend it to all!

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Great Phone


Mar 27, 2006 by sillyness

The LG5000 makes up for some of their prior models that that have had problems (5550, 6100). I would rate this an excellent phone overall. Like every current LG I have used, it has the best menu system on the market. It is so intuitive that it makes operating it a pleasure and not a challenge. It also has nice loud ringers as well. One thing I don't care for is that in order to use the speaker phone, you have to be on a call. The outside LCD display is nice and large so you can get a quick glance to get the current time or caller ID. The camera is good, although VGA cameras don't seem to be as clear as the older CMOS cameras. The 5000 gets excellent reception as well. The 5550 and 6100 seemed to have reception problems, but this phone works very well. Finally, the small size makes it a big plus. You can carry it in your pocket just fine. This is one of LG's best phones to date and brings LG back to their good old days when the LG 4400 and 6000 were quality phones to buy. The 5000 is no exception.

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Great Phone!!


Dec 20, 2005 by allteldude

Pros: Red, Great sound quality, great features, everything!

Cons: Driving Mode gets activated easily with some cases which push on button causing driving mode to be activated, but no other cons luckily!!


Overview/ Summary: All in all this is a great phone for the Alltel network. Great job LG!

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Nov 18, 2005 by mtn_bikerdr

I recently purchased this phone with my wife and i have been mucho impressed from day one. An avid LG user, I expected it to be as good as my 4400 I had with Verizon. It's actually better than that one! Pros would be a very loud ringer and speakerphone, good camera resolution, and most importantly the phone holds a great signal. Not one dropped call and caller scannot tell when I am on the speakerphone. The only con would be at times I have trouble connecting to the web. Overall a top notch phone that we both highly recommend!

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Great Camera Phone


Aug 31, 2005 by cgilley

I rate this one of LG's best phone yet! It is like the 5450 and 5550 but a smaller and lighter version. Ive had all three phones now and so far, the 5000 beats the other two. Camera options let you zoom in with not much resolution loss and has more options to a better picture. Speakerphone sounds good, but could be better if it was louder. No antenna to worry about getting bent, and with an internal battery, no worries about battery getting scratched up! Would've like to seen this phone have a color screen on the secondary display though. You can use the camera without opening the phone and has a dot matrix display letting you know if you are capturing the picture you want without wandering if you have it angled right. The light for the camera is a LED which is lit up as long as camera is on if enabled. Also does video with sound! Excellent phone from Alltel.

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