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The Perfect Ideal Phone


Jul 19, 2008 by jsee

Wow, words can't describe how well this phone works. I have had mine since 2005 and still working well. The reception is really good. The speaker is really good. The external screen is just amazing. I love the camera. Especially since it has a flash. The only time I sent it in for repair was because I had broken it into two pieces. It got fixed. The only con is the easily bent antenna. Doesn't take much to brake it. Overall its a good reliable phone. Looks extremely good. Especially Bell Cellular's Olympic Edition. Wow!!! I love this phone a lot.

Decent Starter Phone


Feb 10, 2008 by kav2001c

The 740 is a rather basic but totally usable starter phone. My experience is based on Bell's special Olympic edition so some of the features are different than the regular one. Signal was good around Toronto area, no problems with dropped calls. My only problem with this phone is I found my battery seemed to discharge too quickly (however we received this phone free from Bell secondhand so that might be partially to blame). I would also have liked the option to upgrade the internal memory.

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Not bad


Oct 28, 2005 by littleb005

I like my A740 a bunch! It has fine camera resolution. What do you expect from a phone? It'll last me a couple of days without charging it again. I work inside a Wal*Mart, and I can recieve phone calls from all over the place. The only problem with reception I have ever had was when I traveled to Carson, which doesn't make too much sense, because it is supposed to be covered (by Sprint/Nextel)(I would switch but i like the phone). It gave me all these wierd roaming signals. Over all it's pretty good for a Samsung.

*lots of cool default ringers

*good resolution download and default screen savers

*lots of awsome features that I use every day (incl: schedueler, calculater, voice-dial, alarm clock, task list, memo pad, ect.)

*camera is lots of fun, you can take pictures of you and your friends at the same time, because you can take your picture with the phone closed! Of course it's just perfect for the "i wish i had a camera right now" moments.

*speed dial is awesome

*internet is easy enough for my mother to use.

* you can throw it and drop it a gazillion time, and it will still work just fine. You can even leave it in the bath room while your taking a hot shower, and it wont get any water damage.


*I wish the external display was brighter, or atleast as bright as the internal one.

*The internet does eat up the battery life.

*You can't send pictures that you have saved then erased off the camera. Like they could be a screen saver, but you can't send them, because they aren't in the camera, and that is the biggest bummer.

*The antena bent on me the first or second time I dared to take it out.

*No speaker phone, so i can't share what the person on the phone is saying, with the person who the are currently talking about.

Other than that, I am quite confident in this little phone. It's perfect for the people who want a grip of features, but don't want to sit down for days trying to figure out how to use them.

Great Phone


May 19, 2006 by Freak4Dell

This phone is great. Samsung did another great job with this phone.

The phone, as a phone, works well. It keeps the signal even where most other phone don't, and calls sound great even with only 1 or 2 bars.

The camera is pretty good, too. It takes quality pictures. The only gripe I have is that I wanted to keep my pictures, but I can't since I am switching phones soon. I saved all the pictures to the phone and I can't send them via picture mail, which sucks.

The ringtones are pretty loud. The vibrate option works just like it's supposed to. It vibrates without making too much noise. It's also strong enough to make the phone go from one end of the table to the other.

The battery life is pretty good, too. I used to be able to go 3 days without a charge, but since I tend to charge it every night, I think the battery lost some of it's power, so I only get about a day and a half. It's even less if I use it a lot, but that's my fault, so I'm not complaining.

The phone is definately durable. I've dropped it tons of times and even thrown it on the floor a couple of times, and aside from many, many scratches and a few dents on the back and sides, the phone is fine. None of the actual features were affected.

Text messaging seems kind of slow on this phone, but I haven't really used another phone to text, so I don't know for sure.

Another small gripe I have is that the screen turns completely off, and the camera button on the side is now used to turn the screen on so I can look at the clock. When the phone is charging, however, the screen doesn't turn off at all, which can be annoying sometimes at night, but I've gotten used to it.

I like the blue face of the phone and the way the keypad lights up in blue instead of the normal white.

So, to sum it up, this phone works great and looks great, and it also seems like it doesn't break easily, which is good. I'm switching to an a900 next week, but if I don't like it, I'm coming right back to this one.

Good Phone


Mar 6, 2006 by RodneyDill

This phone seems to have some bad reviews on sound quality, but I am very satisfied with it. The battery lasts 2-3 days with still bars left if I leave the display in power save mode.

I can use BitPim.org and a datacable to sync to MSOutlook, save my phone book and move my own ringtones to the phone.

The camera quality is good for a camera phone, though you have to be pretty steady.

The only Knock that I have is the keypad does seem to heat up too much during a call.

this phone is worth every dollar!


Mar 17, 2005 by nomedeplume

I'll start with the con... the antenna is flimsy. now that we have the con out of the way I'll tell you what a GREAT phone this is! if you're looking for good picture quality and a real flash that works, then this camera phone is for you. with Sprint's Vision package, this phone breezes thru the mobile web. the "real" instant messaging is a blast! you can check your yahoo and aol e-mail...how convenient is that?! overall this phone feels very durable and solid. there's no need for a leather case. but of course the thing that i like the most about this phone is the text messaging!!!!! if you knew me you'd understand. i average about 2500 text messages each month, and it is so easy from this phone. you can set what the center navigation key can do; all i do is open the phone and press down. then I'm sending a message! i just love it! and this phone is totally worth ever dollar!

Great little phone!


Mar 10, 2007 by Emento

This is my second phone I have ever had and I would have to say it was a really reliable phone. I used this thing everywhere - including the rain and it always worked. The phone itself is full of neat features; the camera is alright for a phone, but thats ok if you only want a phone. The only things I didn't like about the phone is the battery life.

Display is great
Durable phone
Audio quality is alright and loud enough
reception is average

Battery life is too low
Vibrate is too low
Processor for games is slow

If you need a phone to keep in contact and still have style get this phone. If you need a phone with a camera and lots of space then stay away from this phone...

This phone is pretty good


Aug 27, 2006 by sheeley14

This phone is really good. Good Camera
Nice Screen
Color outside display
Vibrate is good
Downloads Rocked
Fast Internet Capability
menu's rock

No Speakerphone
Neaded Software Upgrade (Carrier Problem)

The only Reason I Don't Still have this Phone is Cause i Got pissed One time and Threw it on the ground and it broke in half.
They gave Which is A840 And i still wished i had the 740

I have had this phone tWiCe..


Jul 29, 2006 by ihaveaphone139

The first time I owned this phone it was great. It worked perfectly. After having it for about 6 months.. I got it wet and it wouldn't not turn off. I got it replaced and one year later I got it wet again (you can tell.. I'm not very coordinated). This time, six buttons didn't work and when I tried to use them the phone went crazy, then the camera turned funky. After all this.. suprisingly it still works. :-)

Overall though..

*Good Camera
*Easy to use buttons and menu
*EXTREMELY durable, you can drop it a million times, and get it wet, and it will still work. (others who have owned the phone have told me the same)
*Exceptional battery life

-Reception is sometimes bad
-Antenna doesn't help very much
-buttons can be loud.

**this is really a good phone if its your first phone or if your looking for a durable phone. i would reccommend this phone to teenagers or adults who tend to drop their phone like i do..
**trust me when i say this. it is a very VERY durable phone.
**TIP!! try not to get this wet, if you do i would reccomend getting it replaced before it goes crazy.

Fairly good little phone


Mar 29, 2006 by Lukehstreet

The Samsung A740 is a fairly good little phone. One of the only cons I could see with this phone is that after a short time of talking on the phone, it can get rather hot. The pictures are not too impressive, but this is a phone, not a camera. Other than that, this is an excellent phone. Samsung has made another winner.

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