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Nice phone in an unusual package.


May 2, 2005 by ejm

I have to say that I was not expecting much with this phone at just $69.00 (with new activation). This phone has a lot to offer. It does what its supposed to and does it well. No reception problems at all so far. Yeah no bluetooth and and no outstanding ringtones, But it fits well in your hand and I love the voice recognition. Don't be fooled by its looks. If you like Samsung and small phones look no further.

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Geat design..With problems!


Apr 28, 2005 by livenaz

i ordered it online, got it Mon. charged it up, then activated it. then the problems began... voice command prompts were so unaudible that it was a lost cause. what few ring tones/ wallpaper it has is terrible, so i tried to download from ringster/my screenz, but the phone would only heat up or freeze. not once but over 25 times! i must say i like the design, but it needs work and more included ring tones ect. i ended up trading for a lg(vx6100) and luv it.

pros..sound, screen design, speaker phone, size weight, signal.ear/ringer volume.

cons.. very few ring tones/ wallpaper,
it get hot or freezes up during down loads,

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Oct 18, 2005 by Katiek710

This phone exceeded my expectations. I love the unique pop-up display, and the way that everything is designed. The ring tones are a bit to be desired, but what can you expect from verizon? The thing that bothers me the most is that you can't change the phone to vibrate by simply pressing 1 key like LG phones. I loved that feature on my last phone, and was a bit displeased by this. Overall, this phone is great!!! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

*Different from any other phone
*Great color screen

*Hard to understand at first
*Can't put it on vibrate without changing all settings. (if there's a way, I haven't found it yet)
*Can't turn voice memos to ring tones.

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great phone


Aug 5, 2005 by moonkyman

I bought this phone about two monthes ago, and I have had no problems. It has a loud speaker which is great, and though many people say it has bad ringtones, i find that they are not all that bad, I have downloaded many ringtones of the Verizon ringtone service as well as Ringster and all of them work flawlessly, most people in my contact book have individual ringtones, and there has never been a glitch.

the battery life is weak, if there is an extended battery pack, buy it.

i love the samsung phones, especially nifty features such as, when the screen is shut, holding the volume button makes the screen light up temporarily to show the time, its great.

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Jul 9, 2005 by Remedy

I agree with others that the phone in and off itself is SHARP! People oooh and ahhh when you pop up the screen. However, that was not enough to sell me on the phone.

I don't care that it doesn't have a camera, even though it looks like it should. The internal antenna is a great idea, but the bottom line is I need to be able to make and receive calls with clarity. If you touch the antenna area the calls become choppy... and sometimes when you don't. The speaker phone is better than using the phone off speaker mode, but then everyone around you hears your conversation.

The most impressive thing is the pop-up, the speaker phone, the color and the appeal in the tactile quality. Other than that, I turned it in for a V265 which is my old Motorola with a camera (which doesn't matter to me, really).

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small but EXCELLENT


Jul 9, 2005 by fondoo

i was getting sick of my v60s mono green screen and needed a change. i was looking at the e815 but changed my mind at the store. the phone was too damn huge and i hated the design. i doubt i'll use the camera and the bluetooth. the samsung a890 looked attractive, but no speakerphone and i need SPEAKERPHONE. i decided on picking up the n330 cuz i was way cheaper $189.99. this phone is awesome if you dont need the big guns. the pop up screen is cool, color screen, excellent speakerphone, small, and......no frickin antenna. i've been waitin years for verizon to come out with a phone with NO antenna. i've never had any problems with reception, 4 bars always. not sure what would happen if i goto other cities, but i love this phone. highly recommended if you dont need those stupid BT or camera.

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Jun 7, 2005 by stryguy8

I am on my second N330 handset and, just like my first, it has reception issues. Despite having full service, my phone cuts in and out and makes having a conversation unbelieveably annoying. I tried switching from the lg vx8000 to this phone because i had the desire to sort of get back to the basics, unfortunately despite not having even half of the features the vx8000 has, the N330 is incapable of smoothly completing the most basic operation of a cell phone, making and recieving clear calls!!! back to my BIG 8000 I go.

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Samsung Does Well As Usual


May 22, 2005 by samsunguser

This phone is great. Samsung really hit the spot. I have had the a310, A530, and A670. I have to say that of all of those, I liked the 530 best because it did not have all of the complex camera junk that the 670 had but had many more features than the 310.

I am very impressed with this phone because of the compact and cool form factor. The call and speaker quality is great. The only thing I can say that I don't like is that you can't change the time on the screen when it's closed. But that's not really a big deal, so it still gets a 5.


Good feature list
Popup screen
Nice looking screen


Buttons may be a bit small but they are OK

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Terrible phone


May 14, 2005 by dixie_cox

While the design is innovative and very very cool, I am underwhelmed by the practicality and usefulness of this phone. The signal with Verizon in Nashville is great overall, but this phone tends to have very poor quality sound and regularly drops calls. If I were younger, I would totally think this phone rocks, but as a business woman- it is not good equipment for everyday use.

Cool design;

Poor sound quality;
Internal antenna is right where your hand goes when holding the phone- it hard not to cover it up and compromise reception;
No "business" rings- all jazzy little songs;
Vibration hard to detect if it is in a purse and not in a belt clip;
People on the other line have a hard time hearing my voice;
Very few and very poor wallpaper options.

Unless you are a 16 year old hipster that wants to show off the latest design or can use a hands free kit 100% of the time, steer clear of this model.

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Great Phone, Great Design, All around great phone.


Jul 25, 2005 by atinks81

Ok, let me start off saying that i've read everybody else's notes. And to me honestly this a great phone. I'm a person that is all about technology and when a new phone comes out, I GET IT. I see if i like it if i don't i send it back. Ive had this phone for a week now. Its awesome, does exactly what a phone should, ring, and call people. All feature work great, love the internal antenna, great reception, great quality, and to be quite honest probablly the smallest phone on the market... If you hole you phone up to a standard flip phone, your phone is the exact same size as the flip, but what you don't understand is that flip is closed the flip phone doubles in size when open, which this one don't. Because you can answer it without even opening it.


* Reception
* Durability
* Sound
* Size
* No external antenna


* Crappy pre-loaded ring tones
* When you silence your phone you
have to go in manually and adjust
your ring tone for your text/voice
message tone. With pretty much
Every other phone you silence.
Just saves time.
*Crappy pre-loaded wallpapers

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