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Great and Basic


Feb 27, 2007 by lisare239

This phone is very basic, with an exciting screen. My friends are extremely envious of my phone, though it is not a camera phone. It is bulky and getting used to the antenna can be tricky. It is an excellent phone for people who travel often and need to obey hands free laws.
As with many Samsung phones, I have had no problems with durability. This phone has been dropped numerous times and remains in tact. This has been one of my favorite phones of many.

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This phone sucks


Oct 5, 2006 by nellnee

I hate this phone, and am currently talking to Verizon about what I can do to get rid of it. I have had it since May '06, and it's been nothing but a disappointment. People who work at the Verizon customer service center here said its the worst phone currently in their rotation. I got it with my New every 2 plan, because I dropped (on concrete on a cold night) the Kyocera I had (and loved).
I do get compliments from techie people about the pop-up screen, but that feature isn't worth the frustration this phone gives me. I miss calls altogether, drop them constantly (even my dropped phone did a better job than this). The address book is hard to use. I have to scroll back into the contacts list to dial alternative numbers for the same contact. I can't set ringtones for an entire group, and it's too hard to get to my business contacts. The keys are too close together. It keeps on telling me when I switch towers. I don't care. The screensavers are stupid. Heck, I would rather go back to the dropped phone than to keep using this one.

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Great Phone!


Jul 7, 2006 by winterheartfashion

I have had this phone for maybe 6 months now and I still love it. It's small enough to fit into tiny handbags without hogging all the room, but the screen is big enough to display everything with great legibility.

Whenever I pop up the screen, people stop and ask what kind of phone it is - everyone wants to try it out. It's definitely a conversation starter because it's unique and you don't see every other person carrying one.

My favorite feature is the speaker phone which is perfect for a noisy spot or in the car. (The downside of the sound is that it's not quite loud enough on the regular setting, which is why I'm always setting it to speaker phone in a car.)

My only complaint two complaints are that 1.) it's extremely slow when accessing extra features like downloading ringtones, etc. And 2.) the number buttons are making their way to becoming unreadable because they're smudging off. I don't use my cell phone very often so I wouldn't expect this to be a problem on my phone, but it is. I will have to memorize my number positions before the numbers completely rub off.

Other than that, this phone is great. I recommend it to anyone who wants a small phone without all the fancy features!

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Love It.


Jun 14, 2006 by wwarren92

This is only my second cell phone, and my first was so out dated, it wasnt even funny (a Nokia 5185i). I saw this one on the ALLTEL website, and I immediatly knew this was for me. It would give me something different, cool, and besides, who needs a camera? I finally got it for the GREAT deal of .99 since we had a 2 year contract. Here is my view:

-AXCESS enabled, so I can get ringers, etc.
-Very nifty use of space (screen).
-Great compliment getter (cool, wow, etc)
-small/light, great for pockets.
-colors ok
-color screen
-unlimited phone book, it goes forever.
-easy to use

-colors ok (ext)
-keys small
-ok reception

Over all, a wonderful 1st/second phone!

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Best Phone I Have Ever Had


Jun 6, 2006 by geisenw

This phone is amazing. I have had no problemns with this phone whatsoever. I have recently just started at Sprint and will be opening a plan here, though I am hesitant because I love this phone so much and I don't want to give it up for another phone. The sound and reception on this phone is better than any other phone I have had. The only thing that bugs me is how the buttons are so small, but I have grown use to it. Who cares if it doesn't have a camera, the internet is slow, and it doesn't come with a lot of cool backgrounds and ringtones, it's a PHONE. It works just fine, and if you don't like the backfgrounds and ringtones then just download new ones or get a life.

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at first


Mar 29, 2006 by i_luv_mikey

i've had this phone for about 5 months and while i was waiting to get it i though it was great and when i first got it i was thrilled to have it but after that i got over it fast! it doesnt work right and it gets annoying that u cant us it without the screen being up ang it vibrates SO LOUD!!!!
all in all if i were u i wouldnt get it!!!!!

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Water Proof?


Dec 27, 2005 by sameell

Hello. I have been using this phone for about 2 months and i'd just like to say I just got done running the phone underwater will it was on and have had no problems with it. I could do everyting with it will it was under water and I have had no side effects from it being under water for about 5 mins straight. I made calls added contacts and everthing.

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Well... if you...


Dec 8, 2005 by pHoNeXpErT

If you have:

Tiny fingers
Are blind
Perfect hearing
and live in a great signal area

This is a great phone.

The screen sucks, the RF sux0rs, the keys are WAY too dinky. Other than that, it's a good fone. Speaker isn't too good either.

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Cute design, crappy phone.


Nov 22, 2005 by deirdre7

I got this phone for my upgrade with Verizon six days ago. I returned it this evening.
I was really excited about this phone because I wanted to get away from the flip phone, and this seemed like a good alternative. For the last two years I've had the flip phone with the camera and all the options but I never used them, so I thought a nice simple, clean phone would be the way to go....not so!

Pro's of the phone:
-Nice design away from the clamshell.
-Color on the display is good.
-Great speakerphone.
-The ring is pretty loud.

-Poor sound--the loudest setting while in a call isn't very loud. Impossible to hear the person on the other end when in a loud place.
-The screen will pop up with the slightest bump. If hit the right way, it will place a call with out you knowing (mine did this several times while in my handbag).
-The vibrate is very weak.
-Very few wallpaper/ring options come with it.
-Buttons are a bit on the small side, so if you have bigger hands, it may be a bit difficult to use.
-Poor reception.

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Nice, but not that nice!


May 3, 2005 by mywvogue

I've had the pleasure of mine for a little over a week and see nothing awe inspiring about it. Yes the design is admirable, but after the nostalgia wears off, you have a basic entry level phone.I've had problems with the speakerphone causing breakup, because of the feedback(turn the volume down). I watched as I got a out of service warning. While a Kyocera 404 receives full bars in the same spot. Not to mention I have to be near a window at times to use it. Yes,I'm wary at were I place my hands, but still the reception is wanting. I'm hoping this maybe just a lemon, cause I'm getting a replacement. I do enjoy the way it fits in my hands and the voice commands.
The menu is easy to navigate and setup is a breeze. People do look when I answer it, so a attention grabber it is. For the younger genration it's a must, but I would still prefer a Nokia 6015i, which is not pretty, but reception for the "price" is unsurpassed.

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