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Amazing Phone


Oct 11, 2005 by weejai

I got my A780 through a cousin of mine working for Motorola about 10 days ago. I like the phone for all its features. It has almost every feature that I use reguarly and I do not need to access my laptop always.

I manage my daily schedule, tasks, view word and excel docs and while I am traveling to work, listen to MP3 music. What else can you ask for? For a person with craze to shoot pics, it is just a great companion to me. I have shot some wonderful pics through this phone. I shall upload them and give a link next time.

Though it did cost me a good sum of money, I am happy with its performance. The only thing that can be improved is its volume level. In outdoor, it is not audible. Otherwise, it is JUST GREAT! If you are thinking of buying this phone, stop thinking and just pick up one. Everyone that saw my phone, whants to see it properly, wants to know its features.

I am happy with the phone - VJ

Can it get better than this?


Apr 15, 2005 by Bonedatt

I finally got the motorola A780 last week from Cell point after searching everywhere on ebay for it(I was trying to be cheap.)This phone is awesome. It is everything you can think of..from the styling to the connectivity; it is just plain beautiful. The only flaws I've noticed are the high cost of the phone(its worth it thogh)and the position of the camera lens . There isn't a safety measure for it, so one has to be very careful on the surfaces the phone is placed,cuz it is liable to scratch. Also, Infra red doesnt seem to be included but hey, there is Bluetooth and EDGE as supplements. Battery life is great,voice clarity is superb and I love the fact that it is Quad-band(will work anywhere in the world including NIGERIA).The A780 comes with built-in support for the viewing of Microsoft Office based files (i.e. Word/Excel/PowerPoint) and Adobe Acrobat PDF-formatted documents – provided through the Picsel Viewer application. ANother interesting feature about the A780 is the ability to charge the battery without a charger.If you are low on battery and you dont have your charger on you, simply connect the phone to a USB port on a PC or laptop and you're good to go. One more thing before I go... the mini USB port located at the base of the A780 doesn’t just offer syncing and data connectivity with a compatible PC. Once connected, the phone’s file system will appear as a drive icon in Windows (or a removable USB mass storage device on a Mac OS X system) where it can be accessed directly. During this time, users can manage the files (copy, delete, move) that are on the A780, as well as even moving some off or onto the phone. Many of the built-in features, such as the audio and video players, will benefit greatly from this openness.With all these features on the Motorola A780,I kept wondering to myself, "Can it get any better than this"?

98.5% Perfect


Apr 29, 2005 by Emeka

I had to give the Motorola A780 a 4.5 rating because there is no such thing as a perfect phone. The pros of this phone are numerous but I'll list the cons first.
48MB internal memory(too small)
Camera lens needs a sort of protection cover to prevent frequent touching and scratching.
Synchronizing contacts from PC to phone is a little bit off eg: If there are no home addresses in your PC address book, they are synchronized as work addresses.
City and State options on the phone are backwards eg: Elmont, NewYork is displayed as NewYork, Elmont.
Editing Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint isn't possible just viewable.
Front key number buttons require some form of pressure.
I noticed that the specification on here states that the motorola A780 doesn't come with an alarm or vibrate, side keys or a TO-Do list. That information is wrong. It does come with vibrate option,has side keys and is a TO-DO-List not the same as task?? If it is then it does come with a TO-DO-List option. It is also data capable and includes ringer profiles.
Phone can actually read your text messages back to you.
Battery life is great depending on settings(Little advice: leave bluetooth off if you aint using it, adjust screen brightness to about 20%, leave battery save checkmark checked).
Compact Design and not bulky like its competitors.
MP3 player plays crispy clear music.
Camera quality is great.
Comes with in-built Dictionary to help predict words.
EDGE and Bluetooth Capable for faster connections.
Opera Browser for web browsing.
Memory can be expanded by purchasing a TransFlash Card (available up to 256MB).
Voice Dialing doesnt require training of contacts or functions. You can also easily access other functions like your e-mails by simply saying the command "Open e-mail".
So you see that the CONs are not that grave. One can actually live with these little attrocities by Motorola. Overall, the Motorola A780 is a beautiful, compact smart PDA phone!

Great phone, close to perfect


Feb 21, 2005 by jc717

In the past couple of months I used the SX-66 and the MPx220; I like the A780 way more than those other 2 phones.

Firmware version 1.0
1) Good reception
2) Fast Internet surfing with Edge
3) Camera takes much better pics than on the MPx220
4) Works flawlessly with a BlueSpoon NX ear-piece; haven't tried other Bluetooth pieces yet.
5) Good e-mail and contacts management.
6) Ability to assign custom ring-tones to individual contacts or groups of contacts.
7) User independent voice control works well.
8) Fast Java support.

1) The included Opera browser isn't supported by some sites, like my secure banking site.
2) Battery indicator doesn't work correctly: it shows the battery at 100% even after hours of use.
3) Very few 3rd party apps to chose from, when compared with Symbian or Windows.
4) Can't shift the display to landscape.

Moto's best phone yet.


Feb 14, 2005 by raulr

I've played with the V635 which hasn't changed much from the rest of the triplet series. V3 same. The A780 is such a refreshing change. I love this phone. I haven't used any phone that can touch it.


PDA functionality is excellent.

Great MP3 playback. Using the moto stereo headset it has great bass response and overall fullness in the sound.

Camera quality is very good in the right lighting.

RF performance good.

Solid Bluetooth Connections.

Voice Dial on phone works great.

Qwerty keyboard (with predictive text) on inner display makes messaging a snap.

Great dual design (can be used candybar or flip).


No voice dial over bluetooth :(

Mobile phone tools synch crashes whenever notes in an appointment are over 256 characters. But this is a problem with the MPT application that I have submitted to BVRP.

Perfect phone after a little blood sweat, and tears.


Apr 15, 2005 by wattsdr

Got mail to work! You need the ACTUAL IP ADDRESS (xx.xxx.xxx.xx), etc. One specific (number) IP address for the "Send"/SMTP setting and one for the "Receive"/POP3 or IMAP setting. Then it works flawlessly!

-Downloaded a browser by Reqwireless.com that looks/works great: Reqwireless Webviewer
-256MB Trans-Flash Card from Tigerdirect.com
-Took one of my extra Palm screen savers and measured and cut it to fit the screen
-Sony Ericsson HBH-600 Bluetooth headset works flawlessly with it
-This thing can read your email to you in voice mode!!!!!
-Got an Java-based Book Reader called Jedi Reader from www.beiks.net that actually displays Palm eBooks; now I can read books on the subway with my phone!
-Several Java-based games (anything Java works with this phone, so options are more extensive than most realize!), and they look great with the phone's 3D graphics capabilities
-Syncs perfectly with Outlook 2003 after a few minor tweaks: easy via sync cable OR Bluetooth.
-Easy to turn off antenna (phone radio) for planes or meetings
-MP3 player runs through the included RealPlayer app, and sounds great! Get an adaptor at Radioshack since your iPod phones won't fit in the smaller headphone jack (no worries...)
-No need to use anything other than the Handwriting recognition software for SMS/email. Perfect!
-Leetle "hydrolic-like" action stylus rocks! it's so cool!
-EVERYONE WHO SEES IT (on the subway, on the street, at cafes, at funerals, etc., etc.) EITHER BLATANTLY STARES AT THIS SEXYY-A$$ PHONE OR ACTUALLY ASKS ABOUT IT. it's the best-looking smartphone ever designed (look at the Treo 650, Moto MPX, SE P910: all FREAKIN' CLUNKY AND UGLY!). I had an important-looking "suit" offer me $1000 for my A780 at a cafe; not sure if he was serious, but after configuring this baby perfectly, it's not leaving my sight!

Email me with any input. I'd like to keep in contact with any who have this phone since there's so few of us. Maybe we can start a user's newsletter of some sort...


Not a bad phone, not what I was looking for...


Apr 18, 2005 by bradspace

Bought this on Ebay to test out. It's a nice phone, but not what I was looking for.

* Nice, clear screen
* Camera better than average
* Touch screen and graphics clear and clean
* Fast navigation
* Speaker phone clear
* Nice 3/4 flip design
* VERY comfy for bigger hands
* Comes with ALL cables and software

* Design seems to discourage traditional dialing
* Although the PDA is nice, not easy to do what you need while driving, etc...
* Speaker clear, but could be a bit louder
* Phone is quite thick in comparison to others

All in all, if you are looking for a robust, PDA/phone other than a Treo or Blackberry, this is a good bet.

Great phone...even for these days...


Feb 29, 2008 by bannoura

I bought this phone in 2008 and after careful research, for the money, this is the best buy on the market for a PDA phone. Stylish, compact, full-featured, and functional are just a few of the descriptive words I have for this phone. Here is my pros and cons:

1. Cool looking. No one has seen this phone and it is a major conversation piece.
2. PDA Sync with phone tools works great.
3. External buttons make this phone work. If this phone only had the touch screen, I would not have bought it.
4. NOT MICROSOFT! I love linux and think this is a great way to make a PDA.

Many more but not enough time...

1. Hard to find accessories.
2. Doesn't have stereo bluetooth.
3. Have to set up this phone for WAP / EDGE and very difficult to find the settings (still have not found them but know its possible.)
4. Could have a better camera 1.3mpxl is a little light but not a major deal.

Over all, I think this is a great phone even though its about 5 years old. I wish Motorola would develop more in this and releae these types of phones in the US. There is a Pebl with linux coming but i think it will flop like other mot phones. Best of luck to motorola, they have the style, the design, and the technical knowledge. Marketing is their weak point. :)


The not so good about A780


Feb 12, 2008 by merican60


I used A780 for already 2 years. At early stage, yes, I admit that A780 is one of the perfect phone out there. You named it, audios, pictures, touch-screen, voice, EDGE...

But when come in few months later, I start to have problem with this phone. Here is the list:-

1. Keypad not working.
2. Speaker not working.
3. Camera's lens scratched.

I asked my relatives and friend who onwed this phone, they all clamimed the same problem.

one of the best


Sep 2, 2006 by wayne2626

I have a treo 650 and have come back to my a780 gives you both candy bar and flip. Never have to reset it. very easy to use good screen and well shaped, blue tooth work better than any phone that I have had the treo you can not change the name of the unit and I have the same hands free in both cars with the a780 you can full change the name. The only bad thing I can say about the phone very hard to set up the Internet but the sound and reception is the best out of the six phone I have had. I love the Idea that in candy mode the main screen is full protected but is still a full phone with hard dial buttons and when flipped you have a touch screen.

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