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Its alright....Pretty good.


Jan 1, 2005 by jdoge13

I got this phone for my birthday about 6 months ago and have just rescently started to have problems with it. Sometimes when talking on it the frame squeeks and is terribly annoying. The service is alright, it seems to go down as I use it, the minute a call is dropped the service is bumped right back up. I love having the buttons on the outside so I can silence a call/ turn it on silent/ turn it back to normal without even taking it out of my pants.(although sometimes it has a mind of its own and the buttons get pressed causing it to be turned back off of silent) Rescently, though, I've had some trouble with the charger. It only wants to work when it is facing the right. So you have to position the phone with the cord bent off to the side for it to charge at all.

-outside buttons
-easy-access buttons
-mirror on front...lol
-small size
-unit converter
-good volume
-alright service...could be better

-display is hard to see in the light
-cannot assign personal ringtones without assigning people to their own group which there can only be 6
-not many ringtones(easily solved with $5 or $10)
-completely awful text message allert sounds...this I haven't been able to find a solution to.
-battery life(I dont mind charging it every-other night but just letting you know it needs to be charged about every three days)
-no voice recorder
-no speakerphone
-only one terribly boring game

Overall I would recommend this phone if you dont plan on using it much. But I would not recommend this phone for a hard-core phone user.

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Very Pleased So Far


Oct 15, 2004 by 4thtwin

In searching for a phone I looked at a lot of different phones. When I went into the AT&T store the salesman told me that he wouldn't sell me the 4020 due to the battery life and so many complaints with it. I waited a day then went back. I decided to let me decide whether I wanted that phone or not, so I bought it. And I'm pleased. I keep hearing people talking about the battery life and how it sucks. What do you expect? It's a small compact cell phone not a generator. It's not suppose to last forever. I hear one person say they had to charge theirs like every three days or so. My Word! Get a clue. What are people expecting? You charge it up and it lasts a week before you have to plug it up again. Come on! My camcorder does the same thing. If I record looking through the view finder then the battery doesn't drain as fast as it does when you're looking at the little flip out LCD screen. These phone have more things on them now. Color screens, cameras, calendars, games, internet, etc. The battery isn't suppose to last for every. Then I hear people talking about how small the buttons are. Things are getting more and more compact. These phones fit great into your pants or shirt pocket and no one can hardly tell you even have one on you. The only thing I can say as far as a downside is that I'm not sure if I can lock this phone from an unauthorized user. It's great if you don't really care to have a camera phone. I have a 35mm camera and a camcorder that takes digital pictures so that I can do without. I'm not big on downloading ring tones. I'll probably never surf the web with it, I have a computer for that. And I hate speaker phones. I don't want to hear your conversations and I don't want you to hear mine. It's a cell phone not a Swiss Army Knife.

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Good little phone


Oct 3, 2004 by jrbman

When it came time to replace my trusty 4 year old TDMA Nokia, my main concern was getting a small phone with decent battery life and good sound quality. I don't care about cameras, polyphonic ringtones, color displays, games, and the like. Size, battery, and sound quality are the keys for me, and I'm happy with the choice of a G4020.

It can't be beat for size, and it fits comfortably in my jeans. The voice quality on calls is better than my Nokia and I'm quite happy with it. The battery life is decent -- not great but good enough considering the small size. I have to charge it every three days, and I don't talk on it that much. The standby is nothing like what the AT&T website says (up to 12 days). Interestingly the talk time seems to be closer to the AT&T rating of 4 hours typical. In other words, I can talk for 1 hour and I'm only down one battery tick out of 4. These are just observations; I haven't measured my talk and standby time.

The coverage has been just as good as my TDMA Nokia. I've had the phone for four weeks and have only run into a few spots in Austin where I had bad coverage.

The AT&T store showed the G4020 as being $70, but when I told them the website showed it for $20, the rep said she could match that. (And I was getting two for a family plan.)

The wallpaper/background selection is lousy -- there's no solid background option. It's all pictures, most of them busy that obscure the text on the screen. I ended up using the windmill wallpaper because it was the least busy and didn't obscure the text at the top and bottom of the screen.

The ringtones are also bad. My Nokia had a ringtone that started subtly and then each ring got more aggressive, which let me catch calls quickly and without disturbing people, but would escalate if I was in a noiser environment. The ringtones for the G4020 are mainly silly songs.

Those are minor quibbles and overall, I'm quite happy with the LG G4020.

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Small in size and battery life


Sep 20, 2004 by bbman911

I used this phone for three weeks then returned it
-lightweight (lost in front pocket a few times)

-really good reception (NOTE: this was my first GSM phone so can't be sure if the reception increase was entirely because of the phone or due to GSM network)

-no speakerphone

-very small screen (must scroll to view a text message, not to mention the browser)

-battery life was ridiculous, if you get this phone, buy a travel charger, a car charger and stay next to an outlet

-SOS ONLY, phone is extremely slow to connect to the network and when the signal goes low you get SOS ONLY, prepare to wait 3-4 minutes before you can make a call

-terrible ringtone selection, prepare to hunt online to get better ringtones.

-buttons are very small

If you need a cheap phone that you won't use for text messaging/WAP browsing and you have easy access to a charger, this is a good choice. If battery life were improved, I might have given this phone a 4 and probably would have kept it, but battery life is essential for me.

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Don't bother getting this phone


Sep 24, 2004 by ashleymarie

I was really excited to get this phone since I had never had a flip phone. What a waste of time and money. The phone is cute and compact and thats about it for the pros. I upgraded to GSM and had this phone for 3 weeks before I returned it. I also had to exchange this phone once before because the reception was terrible. The phone sounded like a long distance phone call made on a land line phone where all you hear is static. So I exchanged it for the same thing and then 2 weeks later my phone stopped working. I could not make calls, my phone wouldn't ring, I couldn't receive or send messages and I would have to turn the phone completely off and back on in order to get it to work. This happened every day!!! Imagine every 12 hours your phone stopped working and you didn't realize it wasn't working until you went to make a call. I blame LG. The phone just seems to be poorly made. The other bad features about the phone are the battery life (short), the reception poor (hard to hear unless you are in a quiet room), the ring tones (terrible), and the wallpaper (limited and ugly selection). Other than all that the phone is decently priced if you want an inexpensive flip phone.

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very satisfied


Sep 5, 2004 by jkinosian

I have had this phone for 3 weeks now and I really have no complaints. I had to switch over to AT&T's GSM service but I really could not be happier. I get better coverage then before with this phone.(San Francisco Bay Area) With my old Nokia people used to tell me it sounded like I was shouting but now they say I sound crystal clear. It's a cute little flip phone that is reasonably priced. I did have to download a couple ringtones from the AT&T site because the one's on the phone are pretty boring. Other than that it's great. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted a cute little phone but didn't need a camera etc.

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pretty good phone


Jan 10, 2006 by tara_jackson

this was the very first plan that i purchased...i'm a student so i can't be paying for expensive phones, this one came for free with signing up...it was a pretty nice little phone...nothing much to it, but it lasted me....i had it for a year and dropped it maaaany times, if you see it, it's all scratched up...and not until then, did it start acting up, it would go on SOS mode all the time and it would drop my calls left and right...when I would have to turn it off and back on, it would take forever fro the SIM card to get all booted up...but as I said, that was after a year of dropping it all the time...the features are cool, not really any cool games, but the calendar was great, alarm clock great, it even had a time zome clock, so i could see what time it was back home when i was in italy, i like this phone a lot actually....unlike my samsung p207 that i got after it...but if you want to read my review on that one read it under the phone...i'm getting the nokia 6102 now, so hopefully that works for me :)

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Mixed Emotions...


Nov 12, 2005 by nicole_a_martin

I am not really sure if I would consider this a good or bad phone. The price I paid was ridiculous, my previous phone was ruined w/o insurance so I had to pay $137 for this phone. A new contract would probably make it very cheap.

Pros- This phone is really small
Durable (dropped really hard SEVERAL times)
Good battery life
EXCELLENT signal at times
can see screen even in the sun really well.
Front cover has caller id and date and time

Cons- Don't like ring tones
Horrible wallpapers
signal good and bad at different times
sos mode and emergency mode- only 911 calls
not extremely dependable- mechanical defects numerous times.

I have had this phone for about a year, and no joke, Warranty exchange has had to replace it about 6-7 times because it would not hold a charge. I would charge it all night and wake up and unplug it and it would go COMPLETELY dead in about 5 minutes!! The good news is that after the 6th 7th replacement it was a pretty good phone. I am getting a replacement now because I dropped the phone and the screen broke.

In the long run, I guess I would say this is a good phone for someone who uses it lightly.

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biggest mistake ever


Feb 3, 2005 by xlesx

I wont even give a rating because honestly their is nothing to rate it was and is a horrible phone. This was my first flip phone and it will be my last.

it is always dropping my calls,always static, always constantly going into SOS mode. Then my phone permanently went into SOS mode and I could'nt use it. After a week of waiting and wondering I got on the phone with at&t about a week later after harassing them and threatening to get rid of their service they finally helped me. They sent me a new phone same model and guess what this one was a piece of garbage to.Charged battery for as long as manual told me to the battery wont even stay charged for a whole day and thats only making 2 or 3 phone calls it wont even hold a charge half the time.Horrible ringtones and crappy themes. Isn't even good for a paper weight!

I just recently upgraded my service and phone which should be here anytime now. when it gets here I'm taking my old one and smashing it open with a sledge hammer!

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Very Satisfied


Jan 15, 2005 by Felburg

I just got this phone two months ago and I am very satisfied. Everything works great. Service is pretty good.

I only have to charge the phone about every two and half days. Basically, I can go the whole weekend without having to charge it. I think this is because I don't talk much on the phone everyday. This is a big improvement from my last phone where I was forced to charge it every night.

The downside is I am having a hard time trying to locate more games that are compatible for my phone. While I would like one or two more games, it's not critical that I find games.

Overall, I would recommend this phone if it is still available for purchase.

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