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Never Buying LG Again


Dec 1, 2004 by JonnyD226

I'm not sure if I got one of these from the bad lot, because I see a ton of good reviews here, but I can't find something with this phone that I don't have a problem with.

-Nice Displays
-Shortcut buttons for almost everything

-Wallpapers are plastered with Cingular logos
-Can't personalize external display wallpaper
-Ring tone volume too quiet, even on max
-Speaker didn't work for 2 days when I played a loud tone on full volume by accident
-Locks up if I try to do things too fast
-I have full service everywhere, but manage to drop almost every call I make (Cingular - Downtown Boston, MA)
-Camera has to be held at perfect angle to take a good picture
-Not enough memory for pictures
-Says it can hold 117 text messages, but tells me the memory is full after 17 and rejects the rest.
-Battery is almost dead if I talk for more than an hour a day.
-Infrared Actively rejects pictures.

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good phone


Jul 30, 2005 by yostothose

I have had this phone for about 2 months and so far I have had no problems. It is a good phone. I have reception in places where both of my parent's phones do not have reception. It has a great screen and a good camera. I am glad I bought this phone.

•Great reception
•Voice dial
•Bright colorful screen
•Large buttons
•Good standby time
•Very light

•No speakerphone
•Come with only one game which is boring
•Bad ringtones
•The phone is not loud enough

This is overall a great phone and I am happy that I bought it.

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I've had better


Sep 24, 2004 by marklea

I like a lot about this phone. My only gripes are pretty major though. You can't see if you missed a call or have a message waiting unless you hit a button. Also, the headset volume isn't loud enough. The side buttons are flush and positioned next to the headset jack, so they are difficult to push if a headset is plugged in. I haven't had the phone long enough to find more problems, but these are what I immediately noticed.

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Good. Some cons


Aug 11, 2006 by moh_smiles

This phone is prety good for its price.
- Camera
- design
- seems strong (tuff)
- nice big buttons
- outside lcd screen is amazing.


- Very LOW ringing sound...i had it on the table and i cant hear it...that is because teh speaker where the ringtone sound comes out is located in the earpiece...hmm..the phone rings when its closed...so the speaker is inside the flip...prety stupid..tehy should of put the speaker outside so when the phone is closed the speaker wont go inside and get covered up.

Anyhow...if you are thinkin of buyin this phone...go for it...however...i'm stickiinng with my NOKIA 6682!! :D now thats a phone!

Igghttyy PeAcE

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Jul 19, 2006 by jck80586

I work for a wireless phone company that carries the LG 1400. For anyone interested in buying this phone you may want to keep looking. I have sold many of these phones and regret doing so now. The majority of the phones come back with the complaint, "It doesn't ring and I can't hear people talking on the other end." what is happening here is the negative wire to the speaker somehow disconnects itself from the phone, which disables it. I have been able to fix this for most customers by soldering the cable back to the phone. Most customers wont be that lucky, they will have their phone sent out for repair and after taking a couple months to get it back will only face the same problem again in the near future. So becuase of this problem, I recommend not getting this phone...it will only be a hastle.

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Not happy


Jun 15, 2006 by southernteach

I have had 4 other phones, and this one is definitely the worst. It's got a nice package, but doesn't follow through. The biggest issues that I have:

No speaker phone
Poor reception
Horrible quality on calls
Very low ring tone volume, even at highest setting
led lights go off too quickly at any setting
battery life

The camera is fine, I don't use it often. It is just not a great phone.

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Im going to miss it.


Feb 23, 2006 by Hillaryb

I have to get a different phone but im going to miss this little slugger seroiusly I love that you can put dif pics on the inside and outside screen. I love the big buttons for texting . One bad thing is the battery life but I still love it

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Very disappointing phone


Jan 14, 2006 by bldalager

After having Nokias and Motorolas I find this phone very disappointing. It looks attractive and the front display screen is nice but the over all quality of the phone is very disappointing and I will never get another LG phone.
The biggest problem I have with the phone is the lack of battery life. Even when in standby mode and not used the battery only lasts 2 1/2 days. I charged the phone last night and today after not using the phone I have gone from 4 bars to 3, in 15 hours. The documentation on the Cingular, LG and even this web sites list the battery life as 9 plus days, I would settle for 5 to 7 days like the other phones I have had. The ringtones are hollowing sounding and the few choices it comes with sound bad. There is only one speaker so the ringer shares the speaker you listen with, this means it is covered with the phone is closed, also there is no speaker phone.
Overall this is a bad phone and I can't wait to replace it.

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Very Reliable(ive had this phone for a year!)


Dec 10, 2005 by Koolio

Well I have had this phone for almost a year now! amazing i know. This is the only phone Ive actually ever owned but im probably just as experienced or knowledged as anyone else since everyone i know has a cellular device. This phone has almost every detail i can think of except for video but i think thats more of a personal need rather than neccesity.

vibrate and ring
excellent pic takeing(although a little slow in the process)
games are fun
original ringtones are nice
quick and easy keys
very bright!!! almost a flashlight
connection is great, travel anywhere and be able to use it
download almost anything
picture id is nice
icons and group numbers
lots of memory
long battery life(often deceiving)
images can be on front display
different size images
charges quickly
get email(aol, hotmail, msn, yahoo)
text messages are great
ringtones and key tones can be diff. vol. levels
so many options!!
has like 6 different entries per number(home, cell, email address, work...ect.)

its bulky and big and i realize there are smaller phones out there
media extremely slow
cant have
calender too simple
loud noises when sometimes not wanted...!??!
front display scroll may get annoying
camera slow, pretty much the whole phone is slow
if your using your phone you can see the time or date or something at the same time, you would have to close out of whatever you are doing.
no changing face plates! you cant personalize!
scratches easily!

most cons are simple pet peeves of a phone. This phone is great, but personally after a year you want to upgrade and get a smaller and better one. Overal this phone is great for every need and has excellent service. I use Cingular and im in Seattle and ive always had great people to work with.

im going to miss this phone ;[

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Good Buy


Nov 24, 2005 by AMavec

I like this phone. I have had LG products in the past and have never been dissatisfied.

The vibe + ring feature
Multiple entries for each contact
Ease of use

smooth out the camera options like zoom, brightness, etc. Sometimes, there just isn't time to make these changes without missing the shot

I have recommended this phone to friends

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