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Samsung SGH-E316 / SGH-E317


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a great attractive phone jam packed with features!


Dec 19, 2004 by zach48

i have had the e316 for about 4 months.. and its completely awesome.. jam packed with features with good sound quality... got it for a great price... also the reception is good here where i live

*definitely the small size and design
*great vivid outter lcd color screen unlike alot of other phones
*clear sound clarity
*very bright screen with great color
*better camera than other phones
*picture caller id
*video recording is cool and not bad
*ringtones are nice and loud and the vibration has a good kick to it
*love the service light
*good memory
*easy going menu and user friendly

*no bluetooth or edge.. really sucks for a nice phone
*no speakerphone.. also sucks but im over it
*really bad ringtones are given to you but u can download more

as you can see the cons can be not so big of a deal.. the attractive design with the features and size hooked me.. bottom line great phone for the price.. would have given it a 5 if only samsung provided bluetooth

very, very good


Dec 16, 2004 by jerry beach

i have been a cellular agent for 19 yrs. the 316 has very nice features. very vivid screen, much better receive audio than the 426. features are easy to get to and to use. only 12 seconds of video. call clarity is very good even in low signal areas. i can use any phone for free, and i have chosen the 316 as my personal choice. i like the package better than the new mot razor, and its much, much, less expensive

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great phone, not great service


Dec 15, 2004 by hondaccordex

I love this phone, its small, light and the web is fast. But Cingular is not so great where i live, even with all 6 bars of service the sound quality is not very good. I had Sprint before and im going back, and i just might get the same phone for sprint!

Girly Phone???


Dec 3, 2004 by dasupaman23

I had this phone for only about a week. And here's what I thought.

Nice screens, inner and outer
Volume was good and clear
Ringers were good
Had many games
Light on outside

No speaker phone or blue-tooth
Small size more geared for a female( no offense)

This phone was nice and jam packed with feature but I could not get "comfortable" with carrying this phone around. I felt like using this phone was like holding my girlfriends purse at the mall. It's just not my kind of phone. I will stick with Motorola phones and give this phone to my mom or girlfriend.



Dec 1, 2004 by tkdjrod1323

i love this phone..its small and sturdy..it gets great reception...camera is ok..but what do you except its vga...music tones of this phone is also great too..it does eveything i need it to do..overall its a great phone.

Horrible on AT&T's Network


Nov 28, 2004 by cedmack11

I picked up two of these phones, one for me and one for my wife. I've had it for two weeks and I'm taking it back tomorrow. The reception on this phone is horrible. Constant feedback and echoing whenever I use it. Calls seem to drop for no reason. I'll have 3-4 bars and the call would drop. Can't use it in my house or in my car. Works okay if I'm standing still outside. It also has a problem switching to Cingular's towers when the AT&T signal is weak. I live in Atlanta by the way and I love the phone and the features but what good is it if I can't use it. People don't even want to call me because of how horrible it sounds.

+ Loud volume
+ Sturdy and well built
+ Screen has great resolution

- Reception
- Reception
- Reception

Conclusion: It may work better on Cingular's Allover network but right now on AT&T's network it's horrible in Atlanta.

Just tried the e317


Nov 9, 2004 by KrazyJoe

I work in a cell phone store, so I get to play with all the phones as they come out.

I was checking out the E317 and it seems like a pretty good phone. It feels sturdy, very compact and lightweight, good sound quality and excellent camera quality.

Though, on the negative, I'm not fond of the new headset jack, the lack of speakerphone, or the fact that it doesn't play mp3's for ringtones (though I haven't tested this theory, I haven't found anywhere saying it does).

Overall, I'd say this is a very good phone, but not quite worth trading my V400 in for.

This phone is the best.


Nov 8, 2004 by rbrockport

I got the phone a week ago and absolutely think its the best phone I have had yet. I also have the new Nokia 6620 and I hardly used it because it was so difficult to use. I have Cingular and would say that it was worth the 160 dollar upgrade fee that I paid for it.
The only thing i don't get is the fact that people are talking about video clips and my phone doesn't seem to have the video capabilities. I love the camera and all the effects that you can do with it and the fact that I can use AOL but it does take a few minutes to log on though.
Overall i absolutely wouldn't go anywhere without this phone and think I am going to stick with Samsung from now on.

Samsung Rocks!!


Nov 4, 2004 by Aries_23

I'm a long time AT&T customer and I've never been as happy with them until they started selling Samsung products. Samsung in my opinion, is the best phone manufacturer by far. Not only are their products user friendly but they're also technical savvy. I previously owned the V206 and I must admit it was hard to break free from it. But over a year or so, I banged it up physically and had to upgrade.. I'm so happy to admit that at first I was reluctant to pay around $300 or so for this phone so I stuck to my guts and waited for the price to drop on it. Needless to say I was able to get the phone for $74.99 through AT&T Wireless.


Light Weight
User Friendly
Great Reception
Sleek look
Awesome features to keep ya busy


I have to keep switching it to Cingular (since I get better reception w/ their service) where as once I manually selected Cingular w/ the V206, it automatically stayed on Cingular until I changed it back to AT&T on my own.

Other than that this phone ROCKS!!! ;o)

Samsung E-316


Sep 12, 2004 by emsbflo302

I just bought this phone a week ago and I have to say the 340.00 dollars was worth every penny! It has a lot of neat stuff. The videos recorder is awesome! I wish it had a speaker phone but hey, You can't have your cookies and eat em' too! Overall this phone is awesome...I would tell all my friends to buy it. Very claer screen, loud ring tonezs...and great for poly ring tones. A good site is http://www.polyphonicringtonez.com/wap. Free ring tones and there are many to choose from. If anybody has any other ring tones site please e-mail me at [...] ....Happy shopping!

Ed. note: removed personal contact info

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