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Dream mariiage


Feb 2, 2002 by Lee Dye

Usability: 5 out of 5
A perfect blend of a PALM and a Cel Phone
I now carry this one unit vs. my previous Palm VIIx and Nokia phone.Speakerphone makes using the PDA and talking on the phone a breeze.
Screen: 4.5 out 5
Nice 8 bit color that can store/biew GIF's nicely. A little light in bright direct sunlight. Still, outstanding display.
Upgrades: 5 out of 5
Software availability is massive. Obvious considering it runs he Palm 3.5 os.
Quality: 5 out of 5
Solid with no defects so far. Everything works perfectly. A solid and well constructed unit. Kudos to Samsung.
4.5 out of 5
I paid 449.99. They can be had for a little less. Suggested retail is $499.99. Well worth the money. If you can afford it......not to mention the stares from others around you.

Highly recommended phone.

Samsung i300


Jan 18, 2002 by Henry Eisenson

There's nothing else quite like this remarkable convergence product. It's a small M505 (color) with brilliant backlight, and a competent Samsung CDMA cellphone, all in a very convenient package.

I moved from the Kyocera 6035 (itself a fine phone, but larger and monochrome) - a great decision.

Color makes a huge difference. It's bright enough to find your way in a dark passageway!!! My 8MB is nearly full of applications ranging from epocrates (a mini-PDR), to ebooks, to QuickOffice (spreadsheet, word processing, etc.), and much more.

After 10 days I have yet to drop a call or crash the unit - that tells the whole tale. I would love to learn which chipset is in this phone - it holds calls where others fail with great regularity.

All in all, this is a fine widget.

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Sep 12, 2002 by Lee Rogers

I previously owned a Kyocera 6035 with SprintPCS but after it stopped working, I switched to the Samsung SPH-i300. Although the SPH-i300 has some wonderful features that are better than the 6035; like a color screen, better reception, better volume on both the earpiece, speakerphone, and headset, I still would prefer the 6035. I like convergence devices to play well with each component. The cell phone portion of the i300 works great and the Palm works great, but they don't play as well with each other as the 6035 did.

On the 6035, the phone application was an "applet" which could be opened on top of the other applications, and then when you were done, you could close it and be right where you left off on the Palm.
Also, if you selected phone number in any application (like a number you wrote in Datebook) and then press the Phone button, it would dial the number (even numbers like 1-800-I-FLY-SWA). The 6035 even could track calls that should be expensed like calls make for clients and your employer. It would create records in the Expense app for any incoming and outgoing calls for a particular Addressbook category. Overall, some really great and well-thought-out features. But it is mono-chrome and it seems that the processor is slower that what is used on the i300.

Both are great phones but the 6035 has the features I want and would look forward to seeing the Kyocera 7135 (the replacement). But, I will probably be jumping ship to the Pocket PC platform with the Samsung SPH-i700 when it is released. Since MS is taking care of the OS and phone app, it should have better integration.

Great Concept, Poor Execution


Sep 15, 2003 by Lukecha Jackson-Lay

I gave this phone a 3 only because the idea of migrating a color phone with a palm pilot was a good plan. However, the phone was very limited as far as a real palm pilot really is supposed to do. The phone had too little memory for a palm, it was heavy and clunky, and the phone got really hot if your conversation was more than 10 minutes. The screen was totally not visible in daylight, and did it have to be with Sprint PCS? Such torture!! The screen also had a tendency to lock up frequently, so I couldn't make calls or do anything, unless I shut the phone off and back on. I dropped calls frequently. Oh, wait! That was due to Sprint's poor reception. So, lets recap! Big and heavy, not a real palm pilot, gets really hot in a short time, little memory, drops calls frequently, and expensive for what you're getting. If you want a conversational piece, buy this phone. If you want a real PDA, go to Comp USA.

Great Phone


Aug 18, 2003 by ericranks

I bought this phone off Ebay for $60.00 and I love how it has the caller id on the top so I can wear it on my side and just glance down to see who is calling before answering it.

I am a little disappointed in the PDA/Phone integration but overall for $60.00 it was a good buy.

I-300 Great Phone!


Aug 4, 2002 by beechaviator

This is the greatest phone I've ever owned. The only thing that needs improvement is the amount of memory - it needs a memory card slot. A better LCD with better color would be helpful too.

I hope the new-models incorporate higher speed data as while the phone works great now - it would be even better with 3G data speed.

The best phone ever made period.


Jun 27, 2002 by hdtravel

This is a wonderful phone/pda combination. I take it everwhere I go. Thousands of software titles to choose from, many are freeware. The phone has rock solid, loud and clear reception. Virtually never a dropped call. The screen is nice and clear and colors are solid. Throw out your old obsolete PDA and cell phone and buy this product. Definitely very, very cool. Thanks Samsung !



May 18, 2002 by Tony DiMascio

A Little to big, out of 25-30 phones this has the best service, no cover for the screen, top only lights up with a incoming call, need some feather's like the sanyo 5150 for voice mail and call screening, and a ringer setting for each number that the phone won't ring.



Sep 21, 2002 by Edgar hughes

Good phone a little small and resolution on the screen is funcional. I would not know the difference was if I had not compared it to other color PDAs.
Samsung don't change this phone.
I connect it to my CPU and use it to power the Internet it is slow but very functional.

samsung you need 3G speed and more toys to attach to it like a key board.

Watch out Bill Gates if this phone goes 3G and gets a key board and monitor attachment your history.

But I guess Microsoft knows that and is trying to do something to get into the Cell Phone/PDA biz.
Bill you will not make it with T mobile and windows CE.

Oh I forgot to warn dell Hp, Intel's, and all the rest or the laptops manufactures in the world.

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