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This Phone Sucks


Jul 15, 2005 by Ryans424

I had the SE z500a 15 days and in that 15 days the batt life sucked. and i only had it 15 days and the LCD Screen Cracked!!

Could go either way


Jul 14, 2005 by zorrogirl

I've had this phone for about a week so far and its been pretty fun. It has a ton of cool features, but it drops a lot of calls. I tried to call someone though and the screen turned black and started flashing blue. I had to get it repaired and I think a phone shouldn't break after one week.

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Z500a Perfect Phone!


Jun 3, 2005 by Maximus

I will sum up this review in four words: This phone is awesome!

Wonderful phone


Feb 25, 2005 by policechief

No cons whatsoever.
Works better than expected in every way!

The x500a is the BEST phone


Jan 17, 2005 by Element59

This is the best phone ive ever had

This phone has aim clear sound good reception awesome downloads like 3d games, ringtones and graphics.

The only downside is if u use the phone for the games and aim the battery will die quickly

I very much do recommend this phone because the camera is clear during the day and is fun

Best Phone for the price @ Cingular


Sep 14, 2005 by zeebo10

I traded the LG 1400 for this phone and I'm glad I did. I think that it is the best Cingular can do which is more a discredit to Cingular than a credit to the Z500. Overall I'm satisfied with the phone especially the ability to create ringtones.

*Create your own ringtones with the sound recorder. Yeah they're not the best sounding but still free and cool.
*HUGE memory-more than enough room for a great many ringtones, pictures, movies whatever
*Internet is really fast if you ever use it
*Loud ringtones- some have said otherwise but the ringtones are quite loud enough just listen to the LG1400 if you wanna complain about ringtone volume.
*Logical menus- not the best but better than most
*Good Camera- the pictures actually look really good...when you message them out of the phone's crappy LCD screen
*Movies/SOund recorder.

*Inner LCD screen blows big-time. This is my only big problem with the phone.
*Small buttons -not a real problem
*Outer screen not customizable-not a real problem either
*Battery life short
Overall, this phone would be freaking awesome if the inner screen didn't suck, if you can get over that I would reccomend to buy it.

What a Worthless Phone!!


Sep 7, 2005 by Mugen1248

This phone is apiece of junk!!! When I bought this phone, I had high expectations. After a few weeks, I started to realize some of my phones "bad habits" It may just be my phoe, but I've seen it happen to others before. One of its most annoying habits is that it the outside and inside screen turn blue, and you have to take out the battery to get a response! Also,its decieving. When you are recording video on it, it looks alright. BUT, when you play it back it looks like a piece of sh*t! Plus, no Bluetooth! If you want a good, inexpensive camera, then get the LG L1400

Another Great from SE


Feb 4, 2005 by akwash79

The Z500 is a great low cost phone avaliable from cingular wireless. Some would say this phone is rather large but I am 6'1 and it fits perfectly in my hand compared to other flip phones. Has gotten some negative reviews regarding camera but I wonder what they were comparing it against.
z500 vs. other camera phones = good picture quality
z500 vs. digital camera = bad picture quality

Edge (fast internet)
MP3 ringers
SUPER LOUD ringtones
Good camera quality (compared vs. SE T616, Moto V200 and Nokia 3200. Pictures seem clearer and less grainy with z500)
Animated Wallpaper
Color external called ID/picture ID
Excellent signal strength and call quality(compared vs. Moto V180, V220, Nokia 3595, and SE T616. Moto v180 and V220 would cut in and out but z500 would work fine in same areas. always seems to have full signal.)

No bluetooth or IR(not really a con but present on most SE phones)
Speakerphone could be louder
Video format incompatible with some other phones
Cannot read text messages from outer display
Lack of themes available

Overall a great phone that I would recommend to anyone and I've been through quite a few phones.



Jan 26, 2005 by s1lence

This phone is great! I've had it for a few weeks now and couldn't be happier. I've owned and used cell phones from Moto, Nokia, Siemens and none compare to the z500a.

Size/ Yes! A phone that feels comfortable to use. Why does everyone think smaller is better. I hate speaking into cigarette lighter sized phones. And no! This phone is not big at all.

Build/ This phone is built like a tank. Solid buttons, solid flip hinge. Was hesitant to buy a flip phone, until I messed around with this one at the store.

Internal and External display/ Very nice to glance at the external display to see the date, time, batt, signal strength, whos calling, messaging. And you can't beat the external display switching to the viewfinder for your camera. Sure, Motos v551 has a cleaner image, but not by much.

Features/ Everything you want and more. The phone book is awesome. You can attach a picture to each contact, a specific ring tone, 5 phone numbers, notes, address, email address, home page, voice dialing. And that's just the phone book! There's just too many to list.

Easy to use menus/ These menus were designed by someone who cares. Not confusing to get the phone to do your bidding.

Sound quality and reception/ My previous phone, the Siemens s55, couldn't be used in my own home. The reception was so bad, I'd have to go outside to answer calls. Now, I hardly use my land line. All calls are crystal clear on my z500a. The speaker phone is excellent as well.

Camera/ Very nice quality for a phone camera. Yes! A phone camera! Not a digital camera, a phone camera. Did I mention the unlimited video? You aren't limited to 10 seconds, 15 seconds, you're only limit is the memory space you have left on the phone. 1 minute video captures are a breeze.

None so far.

All in all, this phone is a gift from heaven. At $50, how can you beat it? Sure, it doesn't have blue tooth or ir, but plugging a USB cable to your PC doesn't take more than a second to do.

terrible phone


Apr 19, 2005 by f150luvr67

my carrier is cingular and ive had this phone about 2 months
every day after school i will turn it off of silent mode and the phone will freeze. the only way to turn the phone back on is to take out the battery and replace it. today the screen on my phone cracked and i cant read any thing.

lots of memory
dual color screens
u can make your own ringtones

it sucks
screen didnt last
screen graphics reminded me of an old gameboy
you have to wait until after the caller has picked up to turn on speakerphone
speakerphone does not go loud
ringtones are very quiet
vibrate is very soft
constantly dropped calls
battery has no life
very slow
the phone is huge
the factory ringtones are gay (one of the ringones is a baby laughing)

dont waste your money on this phone it is a piece of crap a big waste

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