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Try This One If Jumping Over From Nokia


Apr 6, 2005 by taines

I have had this phone for 2 weeks now, after having been a strictly AT&T Nokia user (various models) for the past 10 years. I spent 4 hours on this site, and another hour on the phone with the Cingular rep to figure out which phone was right for me. In the end, I chose the T637. I admit up front I'm a big believer in bar phones. They're solid, have no moving parts to break and generally, in my experience, are almost indestructible compared to the flip-flaps. This phone is well built and feels like quality right out of the box. It is smaller in real life than in the pictures, so be prepared. It is about 1/3 smaller than my old trusty Nokia 6360, which got me through 2 years of unexpected wartime service after 9/11. The T637 looks to be, so far, of similar caliber. This phone is about at the limit of smallness any adult male would want. Any smaller, and the phone would be unusable, however it fits anywhere. This phone has a great screen and display that feels like a small TV or color computer monitor. It is very easy to read compared to my old Nokia green monochrome screen. There are more features than you will ever use in the T637; it's almost endless. If you can comfortably use every feature in this phone, then you need to get out more. It took 2 days of cross-country flights to master the basics and get the phone configured the way I wanted. Nervous flight attendants eyed me shooting IR business cards from the Nokia 6360 directory to the T637 directory one at a time, and I'm quite sure thought I was building a cell phone bomb. If you're long-term Nokia, be prepared to learn all new button sequences and menus that are logical, but different. I couldn't answer calls fast enough the first couple of days because my muscle memory was pressing the wrong buttons out of habit. In the end, the I think the phone needs a green "call" button and a red "end" button, and the clock display when in idle mode needs to go. Overall, the phone is a next-generation winner though.

AWESOME...took back V600


Jul 15, 2004 by kingfrog77

I though the V600 was the phone to have until i tried out the T637. I am over clamshells after having this phone now for a few weeks.

The features are extreme and easily navigated.
Beautiful LCD. Sound is clear and loud enough.
The voice commands are great. The phone-book is extremely well though out and useful with many ID options. The ringers were sparse but thank God they were not all of the "Cheezy musical song variety" I downloaded many more free from SonyEricsson website. LOVE the old phone ring!!

Use IR to port numbers from Palm. BT headphone works well Jabra 250.

Many complain about th ascending ring-tone. I like it as it will not annoy someone next to me if I answer quickly or forget to put in silent mode when it should be silent!!!

CONS- Well since i do not use or like the "midi filed songs" I wish it could playback MP3 ring-tones. but I found enough generic, yet fun tones free from Sony.

Keys are a bit small but I'm getting used to it.

I HATE the adapter jacking ports for headsets and especially charging

Other than that a great phone at a great price!!!!!.

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I Like It!


Aug 27, 2004 by jpaulrice

I wanted a phone that could upload pictures to my PC. I use a Kensington Blue-tooth USB adapter, and with the help of the Sony Ericsson support staff it works. Kensington support was not very helpful.

Pros: Size, easy of use, reception, menues, camera, AND great support from Sony Ericsson, and they will stay with you until the problem(s) are resolved.

Cons: It appears that the battery life may not be as good as other phones I have had. Turning Blue-tooth off will help, I hope.
Options are not a user friendly as some Nokia phones. Example- on the Nokia I could set a time limit for the "Silent" mode, and it would automatically return to normal after a preset time, etc.

What's There not to Like!!!!!!


Sep 25, 2004 by glick2

I have owned several siemens, nokias( including the 6200) and SEs( including the t616).
I must say the RF on this phone tops them all. It holds calls in places all the other phones failed. The bluetooth with the proper devices work beautifully, and the screen it equally fantastic , even in the sun. Unlike the nokias, ear volume is great!
This is the best phone available for GSM in the U.S.. I say this with no reservation.
build quality
did I mention RF
battery life
camera (lots of fun!)

does pick up some background noise

T637 is a good phone


Aug 15, 2004 by storm99

This phone has lots of great features, is small and user friendly. The Java software is very good and works with almost all of the mmmode sites, with downloading of graphics. Overall, I recommend this phone, it's smooth operation is in sync with today's technology...true the best is yet to come, but with what's now available in mind, this is one of the best.

wonderful reception
clear colors, crisp screen
small size
feature packed
unique keypad layout

below average battery life
menu system can be slow
no flash on camera



Jun 21, 2004 by abwolf13

I'll start with the one thing I don't like. The number keys are raised and glossy and your finger or nails can slide off of them making them a little hard to press. I prefer the flat, matte, indented buttons on my old Samsung flip phone.

That being said, this phone is one of the best I've ever had. It's small, light, great looking, has great RF, loud rings, loud earpiece. I really like the one touch, quiet ability to switch to vibrate.
The screen is bright and colorful and is easier to see in sunlight than my last phone.

The Bluetooth works perfectly. I sinced it to my car in less than a minute. Now, every time I get into my Acura TL, the phone automatically sincs up and gives me signal strength, battery and caller id on my dash.

I'm in Southern California and have ATT service.

neat little phone


Jun 22, 2004 by romcdon

I've had the phone for about a week and I totally love it. It is so much faster than the phone I had before (Nokia 3650). The blue tooth works great. My only complaint so far is the battery life. I have to recharge about every two days. Not sure why, I thought it was supposed to have a 5 day battery life. Anyone have any suggestions.



Jun 23, 2004 by brandy9743

I've had a lot of phones from from a Nokia 8265 to a Motorola V60 and V600. I exchanged my Motorola V600 for this Sony Ericsson T637. It's the BEST move I've made great phone and easy to work. Reception is great and I have no problems hearing people and they have no problems hearing me. Camera takes great pics and it's cystal clear.
I'd recommend this phone to every one.
Sony has out done themselves on this phone!

Reliable, Easy to Use. Great Phone


Jan 16, 2006 by wraith_dracon

First off I have to say that this was my first cell phone and that I LOVE it and still have it as my backup phone.

Easy to use camera
Multiple numbers per contact
Numbers can be saved on the SIM and phone
without multiple entries of the same contact
Great sound quality
Decent screen size for a small phone
Very customizable
Extremely durable (ran it over with a truck
and it still works)
Easy to use Key Lock

Battery life is too short
Menus sometimes confusing
Easy to lock yourself out of
Charger and Earbud headset were a bit touchy
on the bottom of the phone
No Speakerphone

this phone is awesome


Aug 3, 2004 by doolz

this phone is much better than the old nokia 6360. it would be nice to have a bigger variety of ring tones but it isn't that big of a deal.

pros: great reception, very small, nice display, bluetooth capable, and easy to use

cons: the internet button on the side gets pressed by accident sometimes, and yesterday my power button got stuck when i turned it off so i couldn't turn it back on. it finally popped back up but it shouldn't do that.

overall a great phone.

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