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Has its Flaws.


Sep 10, 2005 by aries5823

The t237 is an ok phone but it has many flaws.

Awesome battery life, lasts for days, takes just a couple of minutes to charge.

Has a great voice recorder, all you have to do is record your fav song and set it to your ringer.

You can't see the screen during daylight,

For those of us who like to keep our phones in your pocket, be sure to include a lint roller, lint fuzz and anything else you can imaging can get in the screen and stay there, witch makes it alot harder to see during day.

Green key lights make this phone look cheap.

Camera attachment sucks, it takes alot of light to just to get a semi clear picture. and it totally drains the battery.

Overall ii gave this phone a 1 out of five. If your looking for a cheap nice little phone. And you don't like taking pictures because you live in a dark cave, then this phone is perfect for you.

Highly reccomended, Great little phone


Aug 9, 2005 by anthony1831

I got this phone in july of 2005 and have had no major issues with it. Its a great starter phone!

The pros,
- small size
- recordable ringtones
- USB connection (optional)
- easy to hear speaker phone
- great reception

The cons,
- Green keypad
- only 4,096 colors
- camera should be built in not an accessory!
- Keys are set off easily if not locked.
- Faceplates are a pain taking off and putting on!

In all this phone is really good for someone wanting a phone with bells and whistles but is on a budget. Sadly, i'm switching to an LG C1300 because flip phones are what people like now!

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Best Ericsson Yet


Jun 17, 2005 by bradplant

This is my 4th Sony and 3rd model I have owned in the past 2 years. My biggest problem I had with the Ericsson phones is their speed. This phone is much faster than the others in general menu and phone book navigation and the command queuing is great. Load time from the SIM card and load graphics/games take a while but for Sony this is a major improvement. The speaker phone is AWESOME, one of the best I've ever seen. Battery life is better than average but not as good as advertised. The screen is good but the phone's internal graphics suck and make the screen look like it belongs on my alarm clock. RF is great, I live in Canada and my old Z200 and T200 phones had good receptions on the Fido GSM network but switching to the Rogers GSM usually lost a few bars. This phone always has 4-5 bars of reception. GPRS navigation is very slow but it may just be my provider. With the voice memo recorder I can now select custom recorded ring tones for each person in my phone book. Now my ring tones are my caller IDs and will verbally tell me who's calling with my own voice! Really cool! As far as menu setup, its a Sony and once you get used to them they are fairly easy to use. Quick options button on this phone makes it easy to block your number or switch to silent

Reception at its Finest
Speaker phone is crystal
Custom ring tones from voice recorder
Extremely light and compact

Still not as fast as most other brands
Graphics need a lot of work
Buttons are small and easy to click but don't always take your command unless you press extra firm which can sometimes force other buttons down

Cool Phone


May 9, 2005 by sjohnson

i just got it but I'm already in love with it.

colorful display
camera (acssesory)
ringtones composer
cool games

keys too small (but wont mahter)

Less than ir appears to be


Mar 17, 2005 by doctorsangres

Good RF quality Long battery life.
Small and compact.
Looks Nice.
Battery life.

Slow reaction in menus.
Low screen resolutions pictures come out pixely.
Limited amount of RAM.

It's okay...


Feb 20, 2005 by GSGeek

That cute little one came free with my Fido/Rogers 2Y subscription. From the adverts, it seems to be targeted to teenage consumers (boasting big fun features and accessories). I have tried many flavors of Nokia phones in the past and this one is the smallest I ever saw: the biggest part being the battery, smallest one, well, its keyboard. Very stiff keys indeed, hard to use with one hand. Screen could have had more pixels. Its internal memory seems a bit limited (1Mb?) and so is the choice of default images, tones, user profiles and games. Must be related to its ultra-compact size. On the plus side, good sound and it can switch swiftly between networks (Fido-Rogers in my case) to get the best signal. Its small size makes it an ideal companion for urban treks, cycle touring trips, etc. as it would fit in the tiniest packs. Lack of built-in camera turns to be an advantage if you bring it in a banned cam-phone environment.

In a nutshell, I like:
- small size
- good look
- incredible autonomy
- good balance of features in a small package

I don't like:
- its small, stiff keyboard
- low screen resolution
- limited amount of RAM

This phone is da bomb


Feb 6, 2005 by seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This phone is very nice!Got it today for only $100 at Futureshop!(canada) This phone is for people who cant spend alot of money and want most things in a phone.

-Color Screen
-Nice sleek design
-Very small and very light
-Downlaodable games
-Able to download YOUR mixed songs from sonyericsson.com/fun


-Games could be better
-Keys on the small side




Nov 30, 2004 by solly97

Me and my spouse LOVE this little phone! We each have one.

It's small, compact, streamlined, quite useful.

Before we got these phones, I thought I wanted a flip-phone, but we wouldn't trade these for ANY flip-phone.

We had the Nokia 1261, so, these are a BIG upgrade.

I can't say enough good things about it. I smile everytime I look at! LOL!

PROS: awesome color screen; more wonderful features than we will EVER use; fun ring-tones and games.

CONS: lots of menus and sub-menus, but nothing to complain about.



Nov 11, 2005 by pgargaro

I have had this phone for about 11 months, and i cant wait for my contract to expire, the phone has a 4 second delay between when i push a button and when the number comes up.
Do not buy this phone


Crappy charger connecter
no memory
no camera

This Phone Sucks!!!!


Oct 18, 2004 by Ericcsonhater

Let me just first start off that this phone is not a very good phone. Not even for people that just need a phone.

Before I list the pros and cons I just want to say that I returned this phone because it would freeze in the middle of a menu and i could not even turn off the phone. I would have to take out the battery and put it back in in order for it to work. So i returned it to cingular. I have also noticed that there is very slow response times in the menus and games.

Lots of features
Speakerphone is the best I've ever seen
Voice dialing seems to work ok except when theres noise around

The buttons are too small, I keep pressing two buttons instead of one and it makes it impossible to do anything.
Freezing like I said before
Slow response times
Voice dialing dosen't work when theres noise around.
Screen is hardly good enough to view pictures. The pictures come out pixely,
The ok button is too hard to press
Could never figure out how to get speed dial(not sure if this phone even has it)
The yes and no buttons are really hard to press down which is really annoying.
Lack of animation
The screen sucks

Generally I would very much not recommend this phone to anyone. Its just to much of a pain to use and maybe you'll get a defect and have to return it like me.

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