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This Phone is The BEST


Feb 20, 2005 by SuperChargedLV

This phone is the lead of the market if you ask me, the price is great the phone concept is great, and the durability is great.... I haven't yet to find anything on this phone that i can complain about, the voice recognition is awesome, and so is the user interface, love the SD memory card got me a 1G SD card can pretty much watch a whole movie on the thing. sound is awesome and so is the screen, if you can afford this phone i suggest buying this one!

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This phone is awsome.


Nov 21, 2004 by PimpInDaHouse

This phone is awsome. I have had this phone for a week now and all I can say is wow. I love the Voice Recognition, you can ask it about the battery status and it will tell you the percentage with this computer voice. The real player works perfectly with my mp3s and it plays videos real well. I also found a very good HTML browser for $20 at http://www.reqwireless.com that works perfectly with the E680. I am so glad I bought this phone from ebay. There is only one thing I don't like, and that is the headphone jack has the stereo bands at the top instead of the bottom. So you will have to let the jack hang out a bit if you are using a 2.5 adapter. Other than that tis phone rocks.

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Love this phone, can't live without it


Nov 17, 2006 by johnamit

I had it for almost 20 months now.
Its a great piece, best of all its very good at basic phone features, and tons of extra features. I use it regularly as phone, camera, pda, FM radio, MP3/MP4 player, flash drive, for reminders.... its my buddy.
Speaker phone is good for music etc, but for conversations voice is not that clear as with earpiece.
Stylish stylus which folds and fits right under.
I love its buzzer, its different than all I have seen.

I have 2GB card and I use .5 for songs and rest for data, thats plenty of storage.

You can easily transfer you audio/video files from phone's memory to SD.

Still there are tons of features that I have not discovered yet.

Don't forget to buy rubber cover it cost $5 but saves your investment. My phone still looks brand new.

.small size,
.Linux OS (never fails)
.easy navigation
.Record your conversation while on phone
.Read word/excel/acrobat files
.Wonderful Bluetooth, I commute everyday for 3 hrs roundtrip and bluetooth has made my life easier with file transfer and headset

.Razr has better reception
.battery (you have to charge daily)
.factory battery lasts about 1 yr but ebay has $5 ones which works great.

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"THE" Phone, I LOVE it...


Nov 29, 2005 by rice45acp

Wow, Motorola, what a phone! I LOVE it!
Loaded 17 CD's of music on the SD card along with several e-books and still have approx. 200Meg left (1G SD card).

It came with a CD that has Moto EzX Video Producer. Convert .MPEG, .MOV or AVI files to a .RM and download that to your phone. Don't try to run a non-RM... it won't work.

Ok, here's the GREAT:
I like the speakerphone feature... keeps me from having to press my ear up against the phone while talking. Bluetooth allows the freedom to move about, too.

The movie mode is nice. I was at a Judo tournament recently, and took an 11 minute clip of my newphew winning his match with this 680i. There's no limit on the time length (other than your memory limit...).

I'm a Linux advocate, and I love the OS.
The Java interface is slick. Very nice multi-level menu-ing. I just wish Cingular offered this phone. I bought it on e-bay and got Cingular's sim card installed.

FM Radio: Good reception. The FM antenna is the stereo ear-phones. The only improvement I'd offer: allow a Blue-tooth single ear-piece (like the HD850) to receive radio (I like talk radio, and stereo isn't needed... but that's a minor gripe).

You can view files and do other things while talking on the phone... it isn't a single-task cellphone.

The not-so-great: The touchscreen really chews battery power! I have to re-charge everyday, but I use it alot everyday. Living near several computers (recharge via the supplied USB cable) it's not a problem for me. Still, I've thought about buying an extra battery to carry (for backup when I'm stranded). Motorola's 2nd gen. phone (E895) won't have the touchscreen, thus saving power.

The building I work in is a tin-can with metal everywhere. If it had the 850 band, it might operate where I work. But it has the 900 and 1800 (non-USA) cell bands and the 1900 (USA).

The cell coverage isn't the best in my small town, but the 1900 band seems to do just fine (while I'm away from work...). I'm keeping this phone!!

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i know where you can get one


Sep 7, 2005 by lungsifu

if you want one you can contact me at lungsifu@gmail.com. i can basically get any phone you want. and let you know where to get it. well i like the phone E680i but i can't seem to get the video to play on it. can someone let me know how and where to get the software to convert them to work on the phone. thanx


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My favorite phone so far.


Jul 14, 2005 by xaffer

I like gadgets. Before I got this phone I used to carry an MP3 player (Dell DJ), a PDA (Palm m505) and a phone (SE T610, and lately the Motorola A630). Now, it's just one, really cool phone that does it all for me. I've had it for less than a week, but i'm certain it's gonna stay with me for a while.

1. RECEPTION. This phone has better reception than any i've used before ( SE T610, Nokia 3550, Motorola A630 etc )

2. Bright color screen. Display is stunningly beautiful.

2. PDA functionalities. you can take notes, scribble a 'to do' list, mark your calender etc. I couldnt find an application to track finances yet.

3. MP3 player. good quality no-frills MP3 player. The recorder and Radio are added bonuses.

4. Mpeg4 player. I've not tested much of that yet.

5. Built-in speakers are great. those little technological marvels not only sound great, I think its the speakers that vibrate when you switch to vibrate mode.

6. Linux. :). 'nuff said.

7. 3D games. Good for cutting time.

8. Standard connectors. Finally. The Mini USB connector for charging and syncing.

9. Design, Size, Shape: all very optimum. Its not as awkward to operate as the Treo 630. It looks slightly bigger than SE P900.

1. Why's the radio antenna inside hands- free?

2. some applications that should've been there, like I mentioned finance keeper.

3. Screen could've been slightly larger, or the overall size could've been slightly smaller. Design clue Sony Ericcson P900.

4. I'm not a big fan of the multicolor LED thingie under that white M mark on top.

5. navigation and buttons are a little confusing at first.

6. I have not been able to make the voice command function yet.

Overall, I really like it. I've not been able to configure the internet browser thingie, the GPRS, and some other goodies on it yet. I'll toss out another note in here.. or would appreciate any help from t-mobile guys.

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Disappointment So Far


Jul 10, 2005 by worldwideguy

Good: Concept, camera, radio, speakers, size

Bad: Linux, RealPlayer, video playback, headphone jack

I bought my e680i about three weeks ago and haven't yet had a chance to use it as a phone or explore all the features. However I have been checking out the multimedia features and found them to be disappointing.

What a great concept for a phone! The touch screen works well with the stylus, a pen or even a finger. Also it seems pretty rugged -- I've been carrying it in my pocket with no cover and haven't seemed to do it any harm. The camera delivers surprisingly good-quality snapshots, though Motorola should definitely upgrade it to a Megapixel version for the next model. The stereo speakers are too weak to be heard in a busy public place but in a quiet hotel room should be fine. The FM radio works well, though the program shuts down when you unplug the headphones. The whole unit is conveniently small.

Now the bad parts. First, Linux. I know computer geeks love Linux, but having tried it on my PC and now on this phone I can tell you that for most users, performing almost any task with Linux is much more frustrating and inefficient than with Windows.

Second, the unlovable RealPlayer is the only player that comes with the phone. MP3's play OK, but the Player will not automatically play all your tracks from a folder -- you have to set up a playlist and manually select each track you want to play, which is time-consuming and frustrating. The real issue seems to be video playback -- I haven't been able to get RealPlayer to play any of my mpeg, wmv or avi files. The Player just gives me a dialog box that says "Error!" with no explanation (thanks a lot, programmers). And when I finally downloaded some sample Real video files, the audio played but no video. Finally, the small headphone jack means you can't use regular stereo headphones.

If I'm doing something wrong or if I can download a different Player, I'd appreciate someone clueing me in!

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I want this phone


Dec 30, 2004 by sinimin

i am interested on getting this phone, how much does it cost to get this phone... Can someone let me know....

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Review Coming Monday


Nov 18, 2004 by MobilePatrick

Just bought a new e680 from eBay today! So Gadgetcited, can't wait till Monday!

I couldn't find much in the way of user reviews so tune-in next week if your interested. My company does mobile content delivery so I'm really excited to see the display sharpness, quality and processing capabilities. I'll be using the phone for business traveling, ditching my laptop if possible. LYK.


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