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Buy something else.


Aug 17, 2004 by dancingcow

I didn't really enjoy this phone while I had it. In fact, I exchanged it for the Motorola V400 (I use Cingular) and paid an extra $140. The Siemens c61 is an OKAY phone. It performs the basic things that people need a cell phone to do. But that's it.

It looks sharp....but after taking the back cover off to take my SIM card out & putting the cover back on, the phone sounded like it was about to break any second. It squeaked. I guess because of the covers or something. Speaking of covers: nobody has any! Only available online from what I've experienced & I'm in NC.

The phone performance itself was pretty good (surprisingly) and although it is a very small phone, you can hear people clearly & they can hear you. Most of the time, I had about 3 bars of signal and sometimes I'd have them all the way up to full.

The buttons are extremely tiny so if you have big fingers and or hands, then you should definitely reconsider. The backlight is a nice orange color which I like but that's about it.

The phonebook only allows you to store 1 phone number per entry. That kind of sucks because you'd have to make a seperate contact labeled, "John-Cell" or "John-House" and that's just inconvenient. That bothered me.

Another thing that bothered me was that it didn't have a call timer as you were talking on it. You'd have to go to the menu, call log, & look in there. That bugged me the most.

Text msging is a breeze though. I liked it.
I don't like how there's no volume buttons on the side. Instead, you have to adjust it using the keys on the front.

The display is crappy, too. It's like 4k or something. Not that great. My Moto has 65k and is way more customizable than this thing. The icons look disgusting. This is a disgusting phone. Do not buy! No wonder I got it for only $10 bucks. Hah.

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Great Phone


Jun 2, 2004 by denverdawgg

Excellent reception and volume. I have yet to lose a call or been unable to hear people or have them be unable to hear me. I was real concerned about coverage when I got the phone because of switching from AT&T Digital Network to their GSM network, but I have never lost signal. I get reception inside my office building and even inside the elevator. I get a strong signal in Orlando, Las Vegas, Wichita, Kansas City, Dallas, and Memphis.

The only thing preventing me from giving it a higher grade is the phone book. It has plenty of room for numbers, but I can not give one name and then several numbers for that one name. So I have to do like XXX home as one entry, XXX cell as one entry, XXX work as a third entry.

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great phone


Mar 31, 2004 by correa99

This is a great little phone. Better battery that m56 and c56. It gives an extra day of battery. Speaker phone on this is louder then other Siemens phones. This phone also gives good reception

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Nice phone


Apr 3, 2004 by jacobrich

This is a very nice phone from AT&T wireless. It has a highly customizable O.S. which makes it very nice when configuring hotkeys and such. However, the owner's manual is not well written and makes it difficult to access some of the more advanced features. For example, reassigning the hotkeys is not explained well in the book at all, but it is possible. I found out here: www.howardforums.com ---

Quoted from howardforums.com: "To change it press that hotkey briefly and you should see the options to "clear" or "????" (what ever it's set to do) then press the right softkey and then you should have the option to change it by pressing the left softkey."

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This is a great basic cell phone


Aug 27, 2008 by Realist

If one were to scan the reviews on this phone there would be mass confusion: some love it, some hate it - very few in-betweens. The haters don't like it because they want features found on 300.00 phones. This phone is for making and receiving calls! That's it. The plus is that it does this very well. Reception is great - sound quality is excellent - no dropped calls. If you want a cell phone for calls, this is the one. I could go for more expensive phones; but every time I even consider that, I rethink that given the horrible sound quality and reception of the other cells I had before the c61. Siemens seems to be phasing out of cell phones of late - I wish they would stick around and make upgrades to this one.

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Phone From Hell


Jul 16, 2006 by trab4497

This stupid phone would dial numbers itself. I even turned the KeyLock feature ON and the phone would turn the keylock back OFF then dial a number (eg. 47#%&563!75$^64858) and save it in the phonebook and it would even turn itself OFF. I hated this phone. I have recently switched to another brand phone (Flip Type).

At least I could make and receive calls.

One number per entry.
The phone makes calls itself (Phone has mind of its own).
Does not show the time a call was made only the time it was received.
Ringtones are pathetic.
Accessories are hard to find.

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Excellent Entry-Level


Sep 15, 2005 by Panther4255

This phone is a great size, perfect for anyone. The problem with the size en-lies with the navigational buttons. Too small for my thumb. The color in the screen is perfect, very vibrant...but still, the navigational button is a drawback. However, reception is awesome on this phone, which more than makes up for this. If you want an entry-level phone with a great screen, check this one out!

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Jul 8, 2005 by whocares056

This is an okay phone. Not what i expected..that is a bad thing..the reason i got this phone is because of speaker phone(BAD) and the option for singing ringtones(which you couldn't! bad cingular website bad!)

orange backlighting
about the size of my lg c1300 closed..

Little buttons
pixy screen
speakerphone- talkin through a tin can sound like.
no singing ringtones
only 2 colors
crappy games
limeted graphics..and i tried to download one and it didn't work.
battery life is poor

might want to rethink on this one

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Great Phone


May 15, 2005 by bratleyj

I work for Cingular and I have had this phone for about four months and it is the best phone for what it is. It's not fancy and doesn't have a camera (all though you can get the attachment if you want). What it does have is great call quality and the best signal(Cingular). I also have a LG VX10 that won't keep a signal for anything(US Cellular). Over all this is a great phone if that's all you want is a phone.

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Apr 17, 2005 by cokeacola644

This was the worst phone ever put on the market! I am giving it .5 because of the cool orange backlight. That is all i liked about this hunk of junk

orange backlighting

little buttons
battery was terrible
froze up
no singing ringtones
games sucked
almost NO FACEPLATES had to look ALL OVER!
took about 5 years to get to something on the menu you have to go through about 10 things to get to what you want.

stay away from this one.. boo!

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