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This Phone Sucked!


Jun 20, 2004 by maisuya

I ordered this phone from Sprint and they sent me a defective phone. They kept giving me all sorts of excuses not to sent a replacement. Anytime i used the address book or setting the phone would freeze up and start beeping. I had to take it to a sprint store (who don't carry this same phone in their stores) after a lot of complaint from my end they reluctantly gave me a different phone (Sanyo) as a replacement. I am very disappointed with Sprint and Motorola's service. Don't waste your time with this phone. Get something else.

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V60v - POS


Jul 6, 2004 by jackb

I am on my second V60v, going on the third.
The first one couldn't hold a digital signal
for more than 20 seconds.

Second one has 2 day standby, and the 2.5mm
earbud jack cuts in and out constantly (with
two earbuds that work great with two other

The display is dark and unreadable without
the backlight. It is dark and barely readable
with the backlight.

Looks nice and comes with a free belt clip
though. So I can look stylish and cutting
edge, I just can't make or receive calls.
But really - what is more important, being
able to actually use the phone or just being
stylish while I pretend.

This would be a great phone - if it were 1996.
As it stands, my old LG phone is clearer, more
readable, with a better interface and longer battery

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Great Phone


Jul 3, 2004 by tenacioussk8er

This phone has the best signal quality out of all sprint phones. It also has much better earpeice sound quality than Sanyos.

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May 9, 2012 by xrilander

After switching to Sprint from Verizon in 2011, I initially used a a Rumor Touch, HATED IT! I fondly remembered my V60i from my Verizon days, and was pleasantly surprised when I found some NOS V60v`s for sale on ebay. A Motorola V60 for Sprint? Wow! Signal strength is awesome, just perfect for someone who likes to text and talk. Good solid phone, too bad they don`t make them like this anymore.

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What a shame


Sep 5, 2005 by GuyinLACA

I had a Motorola StarTac when my family first got Sprint and it got great reception and had excellent call quality. When that fell in water I got a Samsung, and after 18 months (4 months of which the phone was practically dead) I was eligible for a new phone with $150 mail-in rebate. I got very excited to see a new Motorola for Sprint. I ordered it online as I had no other choice. I got the phone, and at first things were great. I made calls on it in a strong signal area and voice quality was amazingly clear (much better than Samsung). Over the next few days I noticed i could no longer get signal at my house. After thorough testing my phone was often in roaming where it should not have been, yet in many areas it got signal where other phones could not (not sure why).

Fairly small (although thick)
Excellent Speaker Clarity
Classic Design (different than blah silver)
Metal Housing / sturdy feel
Large well spaced buttons
Cool pre-loaded games

Too Expensive (Moto camera phones on other companies are cheaper)
Reception fluctuates way too much (often in roaming)
Battery life is horrible
Charger is picky and doesn't always work on the 1st try
No speakerphone
Very thick (not pocket friendly)
Screen is small, hard to read in sunlight

If it would just have gotten better reception and battery life it would have been an awesome phone. Bottom line, stay away from this phone unless you live in a strong signal area. Sprint was terrible to deal with on this phone so we switched to Verizon. I got the Motorola V710 and after 6 months it has only dropped 1 call. The V710 also has amazing reception and call quality, a camera, speakerphone, better screen, and it was cheaper! I really like Motorola phones, and Sprint is really lacking in phone selection, coverage, and customer service. I could not be happier with Verizon and their superior Motorola phones. Don't settle for the V60v, Sprint, and/or all the problems that go with each.

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Worthless pile of ........... stuff


Jul 13, 2005 by doper

I would rather try to make a call on a steamy pile of monkey feces than use this phone again.

Pros - It looks nice.

Cons - Aside from the horrible ringtones, bulky size, and lethargic response to button pushing, this phone's reception "problems" are among the most frustrating I have ever had. It started OK out of the box but it has quickly gotten worse after a couple weeks. It takes forever to connect a call even when I am getting good reception (grrrr), I lose calls when I have 2 or 3 bars (grrrrrrrr), and it goes into roaming and wont go back into the Sprint network where I am right frickin next to a tower (GRRRRRRRRR!!!1!!).

I am going buy a new phone that is not Motorola and gladly break this one into little pieces and try to drink the memory of it out of my head.


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Another Dud


Jul 2, 2005 by dcloud

I just got this phone today. It was a replacement for my third defective Samsung PM-A740. Incredible as it sounds this phone was also defective - right out of the box! None of the menu buttons worked, and I could only get the thing to dial a couple of times, pressing the Talk button repeatedly.

Pros: It is a very solid phone, and the reception (on the two phonecalls I could make) was 100% better than the Samsung model.

Cons: None of the menu buttons worked. Could only dial out twice, since the Talk button also seemed defective. The back piece that fits over the battery is a bit loose, could use a couple connectors on both sides to make it more stable.

This is my fourth defective phone from Sprint. I am currently trying to decide what to do next, but I wouldn't mind another Motorola V60 - as long as it worked.

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not so bad


May 4, 2005 by zeseller

I have had this phone for 1 year now (with T-mobile). it works fine, no complaints. I am not sure why the reviews are so negative, it has served me well..
As for buying it from wirelessgalaxy.com as someone suggested: DON'T!! this company has poor customer service, and I would not recommend it to anyone..

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Motorola and Spint have done it again!


Mar 3, 2005 by grgerichter

Do you want a "toy" or do you want a phone? I've had the V60v for almost a month now. The signal I've received has been crystal clear. My last phone was a Samsung when I was with AT&T (now Cingular). Even with all the cool "toys": Polyphonic ring tones, Web browser, etc.., the phone would lose it's signal. I don't know if it was the phone or the service.
I feel that even though this phone does not have a lot of features on it like the many of the Samsung and Sanyo models Sprint currently offers, it does what it supposed to do--Make and receive calls!
So it's a "stripped down" model phone. Weren't a lot of the early V60 models like that? Yes, no Polyphonic Ring tones or Camera or Web Browser function, but how much extra stuff do you need to make and receive a simple phone call?
I do agree with the other reviews on the battery life. It could be improved. And yes, none of the original V60 chargers will fit this phone. I had to order one, but I shopped around and found good deals.

One such website that has an extensive line of accessories for the V60v is www.wirelessgalaxy.com

Again, I have enjoyed using this phone and even outside the few issues, this phone seems to be a tough "workhorse" and one I plan to own for a while!

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4.0 Stars, unless...


Jan 12, 2005 by heunt

This is a nice little phone. Great reception and sound quality. It has a stub antenna, which I like, but it looks like it could snap off at any moment. The only thing missing is a speakerphone.

That being said, I wouldn't recommend this phone to a friend unless he/she was eligible for a rebate. Sprint sells this phone on it's web site for $250. That's superhighway robbery in my book.

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