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Great Phone


Aug 3, 2006 by danc3r4god23

I have a phone like this, which I am about to give to my daddy. Any who... here are the pros and cons I have thought up while having this phone since December of last year.


Ringtones sound great when you download them.

Covers are fairly easy to change.

Loud sounds.

Easy to use menu style and text.

Color screen.


Not a flip so you are constally pushing buttons unless you have it on key lock and then you have to push 123 before you can use it. Very nerve racking.

Real music ringtones and $2.50. It adds up.

Slow loading.

Only can download the ringtones from one site, theirs.

Texts don't go through alot of the time.

So... yeah. Great phone though, I'll miss it so much.



Aug 6, 2005 by harrison_panther2008

This VirginMobile phone has great features! One of the feature that sweeps me off my feet is the all access Internet browsing for the K10-Royale!
-Okay here are the pros and the cons for the K10-Royale.
Pros: -It has VirginXL (downloadable games and wallpapers)
-Full internet Access
-Very Loud Ringtones
-Color screen
-Changable face plates

Cons: -VirginXL costs $0.10 per day even if you don't use it.
-Internet costs $1.00 per day only if used.
-Small screen
Overall the pros outweigh the cons.!

K-7 Rave Great Phone, Fantastic Price!


Jan 29, 2005 by Etude

The K-7 Rave is the third cell phone I've owned and I love it!!!!!
The phone has many fun and handy features but is still simple to use with menus that are easily navigated.
There are a lot of reasons to buy the K-7 Rave such as caller ID, call waiting, voicemail and text messaging services as well as the alarm clock, stopwatch, tip calculator and three fun games that are included with the phone but the best reason to buy this phone is the Virgin Xtras provided by Virgin Mobile. I'm particularly fond of the ringtones which you can buy off the phone or on the internet -I think I'm addicted!! I want all the latest ones and then any old tunes or Christmas ringtones available. Virgin Mobile offers over a thousand ringtones so the song you want is bound to be available.
You can get MTV alerts and vote for your favorite MTV videos . I use the "fun clips" when I'm standing in line somewhere to get updates on soaps or listen to celebrity gossip.
This phone is compact, can fit almost anywhere, in a jeans pocket or small purse; it has a flashlight built which is great for safety purposes or when you need a little bit of light to help find something in your purse!
The K-7 Rave, with a battery that provides over three hours of talk time and a week of standby time, is a durable, reliable phone with fantastic features --and now it's on sale so definitely go out and buy it!



Nov 24, 2003 by xrockerxxboyx

I really like this , I was kind of scared to buy it at first, cause I have heard very scary things about the brand, But I don't think it is that bad, I get great service ( I live in an area where no phones get good reception ) And I love the color screen, It needs more ring tones added to it, and the battery isn't exactly great, But I strongly recommend this phone.

Good Phone for the price


Jul 4, 2004 by FlipMode

This is a very good phone for the price. We have been providing this phone for a couple of months now with Alltel service and have had a very good ratio of satisfied customers.

-Color Screen
-Flashlight (I don't want to hear anyone complain about the light being weak, how many cell phones have a built-in flashlight? Enough said)
-Axcess and Web Capable
-Voice Dialing/Commands
-Built-in Alarm
-Changeable Faces
-Compatible with a Utility Clip
-Programmable Auto Key Guard (with multiple time settings)
-Phone is very durable

-Battery life (Avg user gets about 1-2 days out of the phone before having to recharge it
-Stub Antenna limits the reception that an Extendable Antenna would get
-Ringtones are limited (but you can always download more, depending on your carrier)
-keys are moderately small
-view screen is moderately small

Overall, I think this phone has a lot to offer to the average consumer and at an affordable price. If you are trying to decide on this phone for Alltel service, remember, you always have a 15 day trial period when you sign up with Alltel. Therefore, you can always switch out the model (within that time frame) if you do not like it.

Sturdy, Reliable, and Boring....


Jun 3, 2006 by kfmkfm_99

This was a great first cell phone.There are no camera, games, or really fun stuff like that, but it is a great PHONE. I dropped it many times, and other than a few scratches, it was unharmed! At times, the battery will drain for no apparent reason, but it isn't a hugh inconvience. After charging all night, it's good to go. It got good service almost everywhere! I wish it were flip, but the keygaurd is very easy to engage, so it's not a big deal...I'm getting a new phone soon, I'm thinking about gettting the LG AX5000.I am excited for the flip design and camera feature, but I hope it is as good as this one! buy this phone for your kids!



Jun 1, 2006 by superjade_2010

I see some people giving this phone poor reviews. I disagree! Take it from me, this is a durable little phone. In the 2 years I owned mine previously, it went through the washer and drier twice, and it's been stepped on countless times. I was extremely satisfied with it's quality and durability. The only con is that it is a bit small, and I felt as though I had to move the phone down to my mouth during a conversation. I would highly recommend this as a beginner phone, because of it's ease of use and durability.

Kyocera Royale a favorite


Dec 18, 2009 by narn3049

5.0 for this. I used this phone with the Virgin Mobile service. It has never broken or anything with all the things I've done to it. Needless to say it still works, but it is in poor shapes, have been through 3 keyboard covering thingys because I dropped it in a store once and all the keys like snapped away and I lost 3 or 4 of them and so I got a new one, that one is starting to wear slowly away, but it's not that big of a biggie.

I got the phone in 2004 and it still has SUPERB battery life. The rubber is coming off the side and the phone isn't so pretty anymore, but I have it still as a backup. I man this phone has been tested ultimately. Because I left it outside once all night on the deck and the phone survived. The flashlight proves handy, and helped in many occasions. I hope to you understand that if you can get this phone then it is also a good phone to get.

I also had the Kx433 for a short time on Virgin Mobile service. The battery life sucked with that phone and I ended up selling it on the web because of the problems. But I must say that phone got a 5.0 in durability.

K-10 Royale


Jan 14, 2008 by yb_normal08

If one can live without all the bells and whistles, this phone is tops. For $10 or so you really can't go wrong. For a basic entry level phone it has many features many more expensive phones have. I'm keeping mine as a backup to my VM Cyclops. PROS: Color screen,predictive text,LED flashlight,good battery life,well constructed,non-slip rubber edges and mobile web capability. CONS: small buttons that make texting a bit difficult,small screen,smallish speaker has to positioned right over the ear or you won't hear a thing. Overall, it's hard to beat.



Sep 23, 2007 by ohdang.elizabeth

Free phone with a pre-paid plan! great deal. Great for someone who just wants a basic phone. This could be a everyday or emergency phone. great for both. I love it! :]

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