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If you are using T-Mobile, DO NOT use this phone


Mar 1, 2005 by jers

Frankly, I'm really been disappointed with this phone and with Sony. I bought this phone in December, and I had been really careful with it -- keeping it in its container. Despite that, the internal LCD screen broke about 3 weeks after I had purchased it. I took it out of the protective container in my pocket, and the screen was all messed up. I sent it to Sony for warranty repair, but they claimed that I had to pay $200 for repairs because the damage was my fault. This was obviously a problem in the product, because I had no scratches, bends or nicks on the phone exterior (the exterior glass was impeccable) and I had been ultra-careful with this fragile phone. In fact, Sony's suggestion to me was, "Don't keep your phone in your pocket." which is ridiculous,

Sony-Ericsson basically said this was my fault, their warranty did not cover this, blah blah... It really frustrated me, particularly since I had purchased many Sony products in the past -- a DVD player, surround sound system, digital camera, printer, ... and many more, but because Sony-Ericsson is set up as a separate JV, they didn't really care what sort of damage they were causing in pissing off customers who had always been loyal to the Sony brand. It seems particularly short sighted of Sony USA.

This incident really stressed the idea of just going with a carrier's supported phones and their insurance plan. I've lost or damaged phones before, and the worry-free $30 replacement cost is really not a big deal. I don't know why T-Mobile does not support this phone, but honestly, at this point, I'm pretty happy with my T-Mobile service, and extremely unhappy with Sony-Ericsson, so I guess the reason doesn't matter.

my sentimental phone


Feb 2, 2005 by pestrebillo

the phone i had for the longest time... i got this phone as a present last december 2003 and i still have it until now, i couldnt find another phone that can match its features and functions...it really makes all other phones look primitive!!! however, there are things which the p900 needs to improve on such as having excel, word and powerpoint... until such time, id have to be contented with 2 phones, my sentimental p900 and my new Nokia 9500.. they compliment each other very well... if only they can have a marriage of sorts (interesting if they merge, competition would be sent bank to the middle ages!!! )

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not as i thought it was


Dec 17, 2004 by HTS

its not a phone with everything....if u owned a colorful phone before it like a samsung or a phone full of options like the 6600 trust me u wont like this one

i bought it with a real expensive price like 230 kd...wich iz 750 dollars

when u first buy it ull love it but later ull hate the bulky size and the menu really sucks im looking for a smaller phone and i think im taking the samsung d500

it has everything but later ul regret that u bought it

What can I say it's a P900


Feb 19, 2004 by got15psi

I been using the phone for about a week and a half now. I must say it's everything I wanted in a smartphone. Camera is very good as long as it's a still pic. Speaker volume is very good, speaker phone or not. Display is way nicer then the p800. Battery life is not bad.... But what do you expect with a phone that has a big display, colour, and touch screen.... RF is better then I though it would be. The only thing I really wish the phone would have is WIFI and quad band.


I did have some problems with the hbh 65 I paired... It crashed the phone once. Since then I have upgraded the firmware so I'll have to do a little more testing to find out if SE fix the bug.

Phone is almost perfect in my eyes... Well worth it's money

P900 Worth waiting for


Mar 16, 2004 by jaymasonwi

I have been waiting for this phone for a long time and finally got one. Having had it one month I can say that I am very pleased with it.


The mmode/internet functions works great. It did take a lot of work with AT&T but we finally got the confutations right.

The sync manager is a breeze. I can leave the office with everything with me.

The camera actually takes really good pictures.

I removed the face plate for one day and decided that I liked having it as an attached option better.

The blue-tooth works great except with Motorola headsets.

Battery life is really good. I rarely have to worry about running out of juice.


Support with carriers is sparse.

The memory stick is short on memory and is not compatible with other media types. I think this is a big mistake. With more memory this is almost the perfect phone.

Next month I am traveling internationally with all my emails following me on this phone. That will be a big test.

I will let you know how it goes.

best phone ever by far


Apr 27, 2004 by GDX_32

i have owned this phone since december & i gotta say that there is nuttin wrong with it! its easy 2 use, i like the fact that its my phone, my oraganiser, my camera, my mp3 player & my internet broswer in 1! the only 2 draw backs is that the camera is rubbish in the dark & the internet is not the fastest that i have seen on a mobile (SPV E200) i still love it & its the best on the market by far & the only thing that can test it is the Nokia 9500!! i wud give it 100/100 if i cud with out doubt!

Expensive Mistake


May 14, 2004 by dhawk

This phone finally convinced me there is no such thing as a good phone/PDA combination. If you want a PDA, buy one. If you want a GSM phone, get a quad band. This phone is marginal, at best. Placing the Sony in front of Ericcson has besmirched the Sony name, not enhanced the Ericcson name.

So far So good...


Jan 28, 2004 by Damion

Just got the phone so I'm only going to leave my first impressions here. Camera image is OK with good light and no movement (but small movements create a blur). Appointments, reminders, tasks and contacts transfer pretty seamlessly from my Outlook. Caller photo ID is a nice feature (as is ring tone ID). Ring tone and alarm selections are limitless. MP3 player is terrific (with my 128K M-stick I have about 40 songs on it; enough to carry me through when I don't have my Ipod handy but leaving enough room for pics, etc.). Computer chess game is surprisingly good. Blue Tooth headset is incredibly clear (much better than my friend's Nokia). Jog dial is very useful. E-mail over the internet works well (if not quite as speedy as a Blackberry). Browser is surprisingly usable though still mostly for emergency Googling, etc.

I bought this phone mainly to combine a number of items I was dragging around with me. It is NOT my main phone (my Mercedes Motorola using Verizon is because it gets the best reception from my car). But it does allow me to have instant (and small) access to all my calendar appointments, all my contacts, my to-do's, e-mail, voice notation, and emergency internet and camera. That replaces about 3-4 items (Ipaq, camera, voice recorder, and when I need to, phone). Since I already have a great reception on my Merc phone I was able to sign up with T-mobile which gives me the best plan for europe and with their group small biz rate I'm able to share minutes with 2 other employees so as not to waste my 'limited' usage.

As I use the phone more I'm sure I'll have a few more beefs, but right now it's impressing the hell out of my friends...

The best phone


Jan 15, 2006 by Ikram Nagdawala

I've used many fones, including most of s60 fones, but this smart fone is simply d best.
Using this one is just a gr8 experience.
It has brilliant 65k colour wide touch screen so it's easy to access the menus and to read text, word, powerpoint, web sites and so on.
It has a large internal and expandable external memory card so you can use it not only for mail and documents but also for storing mp3, 3gp and various other audio and video files.
The loud streo speakers are just d best.
Never forget, it has Symbian 7.0 OS, so you cant just get bored..
"This Phone is almost perfect... Well worth it's money"

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