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proud supporter


Jan 25, 2006 by andrea123

I am an authorized agent for cellular one and have access to many phones. I have had LG, motorola,kyocera,samsung, and Nokia.
MY nokia 3620 is byfar the best phone I have ever owned.
The pros
The best reception I have ever been able to establish
large screen
Great camera
memory card, just pop in the machine at walmart and great pictures
I have not been able to download ringtones

I would never own another phone that was not a NOKIA

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A great phone with a few annoying shortcomings


Aug 26, 2004 by corporate

I highly recommend this phone but it does have a few annoying shortcomings that keep it from getting a perfect score.

-Amazing screen
-Fantastic RF (I use it on Rogers Wireless in Edmonton, can hold calls in the subway!)
-Very responsive UI
-Expandable memory
-IR, Bluetooth
-Evenly weighted, nice size
-Nice and loud
-Series 60, all you could want from a mobile platform
-Good quality VGA camera

-Not enough RAM. This is what brings the score down .5 - far too often I find I can't run programs because there is 'NOT ENOUGH MEMORY'
-Smudge-loving screen. Fixed this with a screen protector and a Krusell case.
-Prone to random crashes - seems like a firmware issue.. my phone has actually died and needs to be flashed due to this (which is a pain because I live in Canada)
-Keypad is a little too small and I mistyped a lot when I first got the phone
-Battery life isn't what I need in a phone. I can kill the battery in less than a full day and that's just not cool at all. Granted that's with constant GRPS, so maybe I just use it too much.

It's really a great phone but it drives me nuts that I have to send it to bloody Florida (from Edmonton, Alberta) to get it reflashed - and that's still an iffy. The phone should be good and working out of the box, not prone to random issues.

While it _was_ up and running it blew me away. Series 60 is an amazing platform and there's really no limit as to what it can do. The keypad needs work as it's too small (especially with a case on the phone), the huge screen easily makes up for it. Every high-end phone should include Bluetooth and IR, they're amazingly valuable sometimes.

This is by far my favorite phone as of yet but I'm stuck using my T616 (the best backup phone there is) until I can get the funds to ship the 3620 to Florida.

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This is the best phone ever!!!


Jul 14, 2004 by sterfrydude

This phone is very good in just about every aspect! If you are thinking about this phone, just get it! I never saw one in person until I ordered it, but once I got it I realized that it is really smaller than it looks. It is about the same size as a Nokia 3595 except it is proportioned differently so it looks bigger.

-Great volume
-Great reception
-Awsome camera
-Symbian apps
-Large screen
-Bigger size makes it nice to talk on
-Good speaker phone
-Expandable memory
-The screen has a rubber seal around it that keeps out the dust.

-Not a lot of memory built into the phone (virtual memory)
-The vibrate feature is very strong(so strong that the faceplate rattles)
-The keys are a little small especially for a heavy text message user. (Try it before you buy it to get a feel)

Overall, I love this phone! Nokia makes the S60 phones (smart phones) to a higher standard which they should make all by. I won't buy another Nokia unless it is a S60 phone!

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I love my phone


Sep 1, 2004 by vmckennett

I have had my nokia 3620 for about a month I love it At first it was hard to figure out it is different then my nokia 6200. the only thing I do not like is the memory. It has great sound great picures I live in southern california and have att wireless great reception the only place it does not work is in the mountains maybe someday

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I went back from a Nokia 6682


Oct 26, 2005 by crstrepair

After trying out a Nokia 6682 on Cingular "service" I had to go back to my trusty 3620. I had a 3650 and upgraded for a better keyboard and display. After waiting for the 6682 for over 8 months, I switched over to Cingular to get the phone. WAS I DISAPPOINTED! Even if the phone had it's problems (#1 phone log problem), Cingular had more. Which I will write about in another review.
My 3620 is very reliable. It not only is a phone, it is a PDA without a stylus. I was able to download a lot of freebies from Handango as will a buy over $350 worth of programs that DO NOT WORK ON THE 6682! Could not link up to my Tungsten T3 or use my bluetooth keyboard or many other Bluetooth accessories that I have. That makes the newness of the 6682 get old real fast.
My 3620 lacks a bright screen, high res camera with flash, lacks MobiTV, lacks EDGE web service, lacks stereo, the battery goes low fast (extra batteries help).
I can watch movies, I can listen to MP3's, I can browse the internet, read my emails, use Bluetooth AND INFARED, link up to my Tungsten T3 and have fun with my phone.
It is what I want want in a phone and going back to it was not much of a pain. I cannot find another phone that worka in my area that gives me what I get from my 3620.

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Had 2


Sep 5, 2010 by narn3049

First was AWESOME, it worked and always performed as it should. Dropped the poor phone on it's corner at the bottom receiving damage to the corner and having the phone not work right. As soon as placed down the phone would restart and then sometimes just plain shut off. I'm not even sure what I damaged.

So insurance (Cingular) sent off for a new one that happened to come back red. That phone worked for a little before i somehow managed to get it to restart after every SMS i sent. I got the LG F9100 after that and was going to list this 3620 and I dropped it when I was putting it on the table for pictures and the screen simply cracked. So i just smashed it then recylced it.

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Outstanding RF and audio


Dec 8, 2007 by markie_c

Well, first things first. This phone is at least 4 years old and you can't find it even on ebay (cause i bought the last brand new one:-)).

However...the RF performance on this thing is phenomenal. Where my other phones got 2-3 bars inside a building, this phone is getting 6 and 7!!! It grabs a signal and holds on for its dear life.

Outgoing and incoming audio is excellent also. I think this is one of the phones that got 4.5 to 5 out of 5 of one of the best RF performing and great sounding phones ever.

Other features are outdated so I won't go into them because I bought this phone only for messaging and for the RF performance.

Can't recommend that you buy this phone cause you won't be able to find it.

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Great Reception


Jul 22, 2007 by asilva

I have to say it, This is the best Nokia phone I ever got. I live in Puerto Rico and this phone havea great reception here. These nokias never came to this country but I bought it on ebay and I used on Cingular (now AT&T) and I have no problems at all. Not to mention the bluetooth, Memory Card, I downloaded a software to block unwanted phone numbers. I connect to my computer using Infrared. This is a overall phone. It can even access MailBoxes (Yahoo, Etc). I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a great reception and stability.

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A good phone


Dec 3, 2006 by maldrien

I used this phone for a lil more than a year. I just swithed to a HTC SDA last week. Here is my list of pro's and con's

Great smarthpone. never crashed, i never turned off my phone for severals months.
good camera during daylight for a vga.
awesome reception.
great screen
battery. i charge it every 3 days.
MMC card expansion. with only 16 megs, i manage to get over 100 contacts and 200 pictures.

low virtual memory, happened to me 3-5 times so i had to reboot the phone to fix it.
taking a picture in dim light is unthinkable.
Recording a video of 9 sec max. it may be because of my small MMC card.
The biggest con about this phone is how big it is. and it's tick and wieght 4.59 oz.
Buying a screen protector for the phone could be an interesting option. i kept the phone the one pocket alone with nothing else. now it's kinda blurry. but when i remove the case the screen is in perfect condition.

overall it's a good phone for a normal use. + a very strong signal. sometimes you can clearly hear the signal thru speakers. kinda annoying during a conferance.

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3620 deserves its rating


May 2, 2006 by tszefr

I got one of these a while back based on ratings here. Symbian is too "heavy" for my taste but my college kid loves it. Yes in 2006 it is a bit large, heavy, and clunky, the camera is definitely low end by today's standards and the memory is not so wonderful. With a little discretion though you can have a lot of Symbian app fun. It is, after all, a PDA too.

The most outstanding feature is stellar RF. We live "over the hill" and are lucky to see any signal at any time. In today's side-by-side tests, the 3620 blew away just about everything else we compared it with. 6200 and 3220 no signal. 3620 2-4 bars! Also compared a 6340i and found it to get some signal but again it could not match the 3620. All these tests reflect (I presume) a Cingular 850 signal that we thought we never had.

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